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FOX Sleeze: You're a Nazi!

Monday, March 19 2007 @ 09:41 AM CDT

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You're Either With Us, Or You're An "N" Word. The Last Vestige Of Decency Has Flown O'Reilly's Coop

by Steve Young

This past week, the cable embodiment of Joe McCarthy went off the deep end. Spending 24/7 teetering on the precipitous edge of decency makes the fall into a vile swamp of your own making inevitable. When you're Bill O'Reilly, you wonder what took so long.

Last week, running out of blustering hyperbole with which to brand his regular scapegoats, Bill went to the Nazi card. Loons, morons, pinheads, ones who want America to lose, and worst of all, secular progressives™, no longer held the necessary acidity to paint a grim picture of his hated antagonists. Hazarding a bit of amateur psychoanalysis, the picture may be less a picture of an adversary than a portrait of Bill's own soul, sold long ago to the highest and darkest bidder.

Today, it would seem the worst name you can call anyone is "Nazi." In the fifties, it was "Communist." Before that, it was a close call between "Redcoat" and "fatso." Calling someone a "Nazi" is meant to cheapen one's sense of American values, political or otherwise. The sordid baggage collecting with the N-word smear is anti-Semitism to the point of exterminating a race. Fuhrer-like book burner and rights-denier follows closely.

So not to misunderstand his blatant bile, Bill will go on to explain that when he calls you a Nazi, he doesn't mean you are actually a Nazi; only that you use Nazi tactics. You know. Like when you call someone a rapist, you don't mean they're a rapist; only that they use rapist's tactics. That's so, when he's holding a knife to your throat while he forces you to have sex, you don't think he's that bad a guy.

Oh, Bill's used the Nazi name-calling before, but this past week it seemed like he had nothing else left in his quiver of sophomoric blasphemes. Of the many on the hit list were George Soros, Mediamatters.org, The New York Times and Peter Lewis. The nazification of Soros, a Hungarian Jew who himself escaped the real Nazi killing camps is probably the most shameful of them all. Vomit-inducing, really.

Still, based on Bill's history, one has to believe he's capable of far worse.

You wonder if Bill would spend less time persuading his mirror that he is the prettiest in all the kingdom, he might recognize the reflection of a man who trumpets his claim to be the main guy responsible to look out all for the "Folks;" a power hungry narcissist who demeans, scapegoats and aspires to eliminate secular-progressives™; a man whose own personal call to Volksgemeinschaft is detailed in his best-selling "Mein Kultur Kriegers."

Above all, it makes one wonder if Bill started out his illustrious career as a house painter.

Still, with all his success, you've got to give Bill credit for getting so many to believe in him.

All together now. Sig heil. Sig heil. Sig heil.


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FOX Sleeze: You're a Nazi!

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