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Jerry Falwell Has Died and Gone To Hell

Thursday, May 17 2007 @ 03:14 PM CDT

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Mark Glenn

Don’t…don’t even ‘go there’, as the saying operates. Not now. Let me–no, LET US ALL–have our 5 minutes. Considering what he has done, I would say that it is a more-than-reasonable request. Gloating?

No, I would not classify it as gloating per se. It’s more of what I would call savoring, like what happens when you haven’t eaten for days and then someone shoves a giant cheeseburger in front of you and you just can’t keep your comments to yourself as you are wolfing it all down. There is something natural, something organic about it. It’s something programmed into our hardwiring as human beings.

And likewise when it comes to biting into that delicious cheeseburger known as justice–there is something about finally tasting it after a prolonged period of fasting that elicits that moan of pleasure. And with that in mind, the thought that he has finally gone to meet his maker and–more importantly–that God is indeed a just God and that by default this means that he is getting what he deserves, this is what has got a certain number of us feeling a little bit less distressed these days.

Oh, don’t give me that ‘Christians are supposed to hate the sin but love the sinner’ business, as well as the obligatory ‘Let those of us without sin cast the first stone’. You and the rest of your cohorts don’t know what the hell you are talking about. If it were YOUR kids being gunned down, YOUR wives, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, being blown to bits and he played a primary role in bringing this dose of hell into YOUR lives, you would not be wasting your breath on such platitudes.

So let us just say it plainly and savor our 5 minutes–Jerry Falwell has died and gone to hell where he belongs.

I have to give my good friend Mike Piper the credit for putting it into words plainly, as he always does. The great thing about him is that he is the ‘right kind of Christian’–meaning that he does not allow his love righteousness to cloud the concept of justice because of some passage of the Gospels where Jesus has been poorly-interpreted by people who have a definite agenda to push.

And neither should we. When we consider what this man has done–Jerry Falwell, one of the false prophets predicted to arrive at the end of time when the Jews would come back into the power that they crave like vampires, it is only fitting that a man such as this goes to hell. When we consider what it was Jesus himself had to say about those who lead others astray into darkness–that ‘a millstone should be tied around their necks and be cast into the sea’ we should take heed. Falwell, by his lying, thieving, murderous words was personally responsible for mobilizing tens of millions of American Christians into launching the present war in Iraq that has resulted in the deaths of 2 million innocent people, not to mention the Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their own lives. For decades he sold the Christians of America, his very own ‘Moral Majority’ on the idea that the Jews were God’s chosen people and that it was part of the divine plan that they seize and occupy the land from whence they had been driven 2,000 years ago by the hand of a just and merciful God. As a result of that barbarous invasion and occupation, millions have suffered. MILLIONS. For decades he railed against all the moral ills that have all but destroyed Western Christian Civilization and yet, he refused to put a name and a face on who the individual was responsible for it, which was organized Jewry. During the time that he preached the abomination that the Jews are the apple of God’s eye, at the same time he has run cover for what the religion of Judaism truly teaches, with all its vile characteristics of Jesus as a pervert and a sorcerer and the bastard son of a Roman centurion and his mother a prostitute. At the same time, in lockstep with his Jewish overlords he barked like the vile dog he is all the lies concerning the religion of Islam and its followers so as to obliterate what remains of the conscience amongst American Christians so as to make the business of murdering over a billion people all the more easier.

What’s that you say, fellow Christian? ‘Judge not…Turn the other cheek… God is a God of love…’

Well, while we are tossing out words of wisdom, how about these as well.. ‘You shall answer for everything, including every idle word.’

Not my words, the words of Jesus himself, so if you don’t like them, take it up with him.

Just like Judas, Falwell and all the rest of his gang have pretended to befriend the person and message of Jesus while all along they worked in the service of those who were the enemies of the Prince of Peace and Righteousness. With a kiss and a greeting he spent decades as a televangelist and during which time he betrayed Jesus on a daily basis in helping to raise from the dead and sustain through artificial and unnatural means this creature known as Israel that was destroyed by God’s judgment some 20 centuries past. He helped bring to power the very antiChrist that he spent so much of his career discussing, and for this he is supposed to be strolling through the pearly gates? If Falwell receives a pass for what he has done, then God does not exist, period.

Lest we forget, Jesus was clear in the account of his passion about what would happen to his betrayers, something that the good reverend should have spent more time pondering…

‘Woe to the one who betrays the son of man...it would be better for him had he never been born.’


© 2007 Mark Glenn


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Jerry Falwell Has Died and Gone To Hell

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