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Khristian Pedophile Child Molesting Rapists - Why go to church?

Thursday, May 24 2007 @ 03:15 AM CDT

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A schoolgirl who was allegedly sexually molested by a Roslea priest and his paedophile friend told the jury in Liverpool Crown Court how the men had abused her.

In a DVD of her taped police interviews the girl, who was then 12, claimed Father Jeremiah McGrath molested her while driving her home and that the priest knew his friend, William Adams sexually abused her.

In the taped interview, the girl, who is now 13, said she first met McGrath when he arrived while she was on a three week holiday in Blackpool with Adams, her brother and mother.

It is claimed the holiday was paid for out of £23,500 which had largely been deposited by McGrath in McGrath and Adams' joint bank account and Adams' own account.

In November 2005, she met Adams at a service station on the M6 in Lancashire, and McGrath was also present.

By that time, family concern had been raised about her relationship with Adams who knew they were not supposed to be seen together, so McGrath agreed to drive the girl, who was in her school uniform, back home to Liverpool.

On the journey back, "he (McGrath) got his hand from the steering wheel and put his hand where he shouldn't," she claimed.

Further questioned, she explained he put his hand up her skirt, and touched her. She asked what he was doing and he said, "I'm doing that". She told him to get off and he asked why and he put his hand back on the steering wheel.

The girl said he had not done that before but she had spoken to him on the phone when Adams was at McGrath's home and he had used the same phrase that Adams used, 'slip your hand down'.


The girl, who cannot be identified, also told the officer in her interview that, during a three week holiday in Blackpool earlier that year, Adams threw a glass of coke over her so she got McGrath's gin and tonic and threw it over Adams. "Gerry (McGrath) got up and smacked me," she said. Further quizzed, she said he had slapped her across the face and the hotel boss shouted at him.

She was staying in the same room as the two men and, while McGrath was pretending to be asleep, she reached under his pillow to get the room keys as she did not want to be alone with him, but he grabbed hold of her hand.

She jumped on the bed and started banging on the ceiling knowing her mother's room was upstairs. Her mother came down and she went up to her room as did McGrath and Adams.

Adams asked her to return to their room and left, but McGrath stayed and while her mother was in the toilet he deliberately slammed the door shut, trapping her finger. She screamed and told her mother that McGrath had done it. She then went back to the men's bedroom and Adams again raped her.

She also told how McGrath had been present in Adams' car when Adams reached his hand round and sexually molested her until she moved out of his reach.

Asked if she thought that McGrath knew what was happening between her and Adams she said, 'yes. The teenager said Adams had used his mobile phone to take pictures of her when she naked despite her objecting.

Sixty two-year-old McGrath, whose address was given Parochial House, Church Road, Roslea, is pleading not guilty to three offences of arranging or facilitating the commission of a sexual offence and one of sexual assault.


McGrath 'lied' to victim's family

Fr Jeremiah McGrath lied when confronted by the grandmother of the young girl he is accused of molesting, Liverpool Crown Court heard on the second day of the trial of the Roslea Priest. And when quizzed about his paedophile friend, McGrath also told her not to believe anyone, 'particularly the police.

Sixty-two-year-old McGrath denies one offence of sexual assault and three offences of arranging or facilitating the commission by his co-accused, William Adams of a sexual offence.

The court heard the offences, which spanned seven months, came to light after the girl failed to arrive as expected at her grandmother's Merseyside home on November 9, 2005. Her family, who had been alerted by social services about Adams' past, had warned Adams not to see the child.

But, unknown to them, McGrath had collected her by car from her friend's home and drove her to Bootle where they met Adams. Adams took over the driving and McGrath sat in the front seat. En route, it is alleged, Adams put his hand up her skirt and touched her genital area before taking her back to her friend's home.

The girl told the court the car was not moving at the time and McGrath 'must have known' what was going on.


The girl's grandmother told the jury when the girl did not arrive and she found she was not with her mother, she suspected she was with Adams in Blackpool, as she had been there with him before.

She said that she had met Adams, with whom her grand-daughter was 'obsessed', and McGrath on earlier occasions when they came to her home.
'Gerry (McGrath) said, 'I'm his uncle',' she said.

She told the Court the family had learnt about Adams' conviction from social services the previous month and that, when the girl did not come home, her mum rang the police.

After phone calls and text messages to Adams, he sent a text message saying he had not seen her at all that day. Her grand-daughter rang and claimed she was at a friend's home and came back about 11.30 pm. Before she arrived, her grandmother said she had made contact with McGrath, who told her, "I have not seen her all day".

The grand-mother told the priest they knew about Adams' conviction and accused him of telling lies by claiming to be his uncle. She said her cousin had found out on the internet about Adams being jailed in Ireland for child abuse.

"His reaction", she told the Court, "was, 'don't believe anything anybody tells you, especially the police, because it is all lies".

The court had previously heard McGrath allegedly gave Adams, thousands of pounds to lavish on the girl, including three holidays in Blackpool. A total of £23,500 was deposited by McGrath in Adams' own bank account and their joint bank account and all but £2,000 was spent.


Cross-examined by McGrath's barrister, Trevor Parry-Jones the girl agreed with his suggestion McGrath was 'essentially addicted to gambling.' The girl, who is now 13, said McGrath, who Adams incorrectly described as 'my uncle', always had a newspaper with him about horse racing. "He was obsessed with that, wasn't he?" asked Mr Parry-Jones. "Yes," the girl replied.

She told the Court her holiday was spoilt after McGrath turned up as he and Adams spent their time talking about horses and going to the betting shop and how she and her brother used to tag along. The two men, she said, sometimes argued and got upset when they lost a lot of money.

She told the Court McGrath again joined them in a later two week holiday in Blackpool and the two men again spent their time in betting shops.

Further questioned, she agreed that she had had 'a bit of a crush' on Adams.

The court has heard he was jailed for 12 years in 1998 for raping an eight-year-old girl and served six years. After his release, he moved to Bootle, Merseyside and got to know the girl and her family.


'I would have loved him' - McGrath

Fr Jeremiah McGrath, the Parish Priest of Roslea took the stand on Monday this week during his trial at Liverpool Crown Court to deny the allegations against him.

McGrath told a jury he had been unaware his co-accused William Adams was sexually molesting and raping the 12-year-old.

But, he did confess he had had a close relationship with Adams and was emotionally involved with him. "I was probably looking for a special relationship but it did not materialise," he said.

Asked by his barrister, Trevor Parry-Jones, if there was any form of physical or sexual relationship with 38-year-old Adams, the accused replied that in 1989 "there was a little. Billy wasn't interested.

"I would have loved him. I don't think he loved me. I think he was using me."


Liverpool Crown Court has heard police discovered sexually explicit text messages between the two men and, when interviewed by police, McGrath admitted that if pressed about his sexual preferences, it would be adult males.

McGrath denies three charges of facilitating the commission of a sexual offence by Adams and one charge of sexually assaulting the girl himself.

Further questioned, McGrath said until he had heard Adams plead guilty to raping the child he had had "very strong feelings" for him. "I was very hurt, shattered, devastated. I felt I had been betrayed.

"I have spent all my life in the protection of the young and the old and this was someone who had been very close to me and he betrayed me," he said.

"Did you in any way touch the girl inappropriately in a sexual manner?" asked Mr Parry-Jones. "No, I never did," replied McGrath.

"Did you ever see William Adams do that to her?" asked Mr Parry-Jones. "No," he replied.

He said if he had been aware what Adams was doing, he would not have tolerated it and would have contacted social services and police. He denied facilitating or arranging in any way for Adams to abuse the girl. He explained they had a joint bank account because of their interest in gambling.

McGrath said he had been interested in gambling since the age of five and, although horse racing was his main interest, "basically I would gamble on anything."


He told the Court , while he was in Blackpool on two holidays in the summer of 2005 with Adams and the girl and her family, he and Adams went to the betting shop each day and put their winnings in the bank account and financed further bets from it.

The court has heard £23,500 went into the account and all but £2,000 was spent. The prosecution claim McGrath put the cash in and that, in order to please, gave it to Adams who used it to groom the girl.

McGrath said Adams had "outrageous anger" and they had rows on holiday.

He agreed he had visited Adams while Adams was serving 12 years in Ireland for raping an eight-year-old girl and had repeatedly urged him to get psychiatric help.

He denied on November 9, 2005 he told the girl's grandmother it was untrue Adams had served that sentence and that it had only been a ten month term. The court has heard the offences, which spanned seven months, came to light later that month.


Lisnaskea Rector faces 10 indecent image charges

A Church of Ireland rector has gone on trial at Fermanagh Court charged on 10 separate counts concerning the use of indecent images of children contrary to the Protection of Children Act 1978.

The trial held before Resident Magistrate, Paul Copeland, heard how on 6th December, 2005, Rev. Stephen Alfred Crowther (47), from Castlebalfour Road, Lisnaskea, allegedly made four indecent photographs of children. He also faces eight similar charges of having indecent pictures of children in his possession. These were recovered on the 5th July, 2005, and a final charge of attempting to have in his possession a further indecent image on a DVD namely, 'Sandy Hill' on a date unknown between the 16th May and the 6th July.

Crowther accepted that the material found was in his possession, but denies that the images were indecent.

The case was adjourned to allow the RM time to examine nine hours of recovered DVD footage.

Prosecuting, Charles McKay outlined how the first charge related to four separate images of children having been found on Crowther's laptop.

The next eight charges were related to the possession of DVDs including, among others, images of naked teenage boys. Such videos were entitled, 'Genesis Children', 'Gymboys', 'Fast Feet', 'Romanian Mountain Getaway', 'Back Flip', 'Cool Dudes', 'Soccer Boys' and 'Winter Dudes'.

Mr McKay read out in court a number of statements from PSNI officers who were involved in the search of Crowther's Lisnaskea rectory, as well as from Custom and Excise officials in both London and Belfast.

It was the tenth charge of 'attempting to have in his possession' an indecent video entitled, 'Sandy Hill' that sparked off the investigation.

Mr Copeland heard how on the 16th June, 2005, a package was intercepted before it arrived at the accused's house. The DVD, sent from a Californian company and addressed to Crowther, was suspected by Colin Fermoy, a custom official in London to be indecent. He put the material in a secure locker and alerted the police who later searched his home.

From there, the accused's computer was searched and four indecent images were found and a separate eight DVDs were also recovered.

These related to boys in their early teens who were naked, in the shower, playing games and involved in outdoor pursuits. Police statements also revealed how, during the search, they seized other evidence, including an Irish passport, a laptop, numerous letters, and bank statements.

After relaying the statements, Mr McKay said they had reached the stage where the house had been searched and the items were found. The next stage involved the viewing of the material.

Mr McKay submitted that the issue for Mr Copeland to consider was whether or not the pictures depicted erotic posing, and whether or not they were indecent. If not, Crowther would not have committed a crime.

Defending, Paul Bacon, BL submitted that in reviewing the material, the RM should consider the images in context of the videos and the fact that there was a similar theme that ran throughout each of them. The case was adjourned until the 7th June.


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