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Those Demented Krazy Khristian Krazies

Thursday, May 24 2007 @ 03:45 PM CDT

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One of Falwell's Khristian Terrorists brought bombs to protect Falwell from other Khristian Terrorists.

Liberty University Student Arrested for Making Bombs For God

Angela Hatcher

19-year-old Mark Uhl poses after climbing Liberty Mountain in a photo on his MySpace page. It's a much different from the picture we have of the Liberty University student now, a mugshot.

Deputies say Uhl drove from Northern Virginia to a family member's home in Campbell County with five homemade bombs in the trunk of his car.

Campbell County Sheriff Terry Gaddy says the bombs were made of a napalm like mixture of gasoline, styrofoam and other ingredients.

Investigators tell us the family member heard Uhl say he was attending Falwell's funeral and called police.

Uhl's relative drove the car to the parking lot of a Timberlake Road tanning salon to meet deputies. There, deputies searched the car and found the bombs in the trunk.

Uhl never made it to Falwell's funeral. He was sitting in jail.

"I do not believe he was there with the intention of disrupting the funeral service.", says Sheriff Gaddy.

Sheriff Gaddy tells us protestors outside Falwell's church might have been Uhl's target based on what Uhl told them during questioning.

"There were going to be some people there protesting the funeral itself and maybe Dr. Falwell and he felt he maybe needed to protect somebody.", says Gaddy.

Police have questioned two others for their possible involvement. One is a Northern Virginia high school student. The other is a soldier at Ft. Benning in Georgia. Neither has been arrested. They were both in ROTC in high school with Uhl, according to police.

Uhl is being held in the Campbell County jail without bond.

Sheriff Gaddy says he does not believe the Falwell family was aware of the incident but the security team with the family was.

Officers at the funeral were given pictures of the other two people investigators questioned, in case they showed up there.

The case could be handed over to federal investigators.


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