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Vesta: The Earthborn Venusian

Monday, August 06 2007 @ 02:22 PM CDT

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Flying saucers, alien beings, Venusians, inner earth, master adepts, colors, teleportation, vibration, and much more are woven together in this strange story, but woven like a fine fabric. Though written in the 1950s, change the dates to the 2000s and the story and its values and morals would be applicable in today's world.

This rare book is a mixture of themes. It is science fiction, but it is also a romantic love story, along with being a thought provoking challenge to Earth's war mindedness, and a book that promotes the Goddess power of women and the feminine wisdom and intellect.

Dana Howard presents the power of woman while staying in the feminine role. Howard does not denigrate the man of the human race but indeed points out the error of masculine thinking and goals.

The main character of the book, Vesta, will have you looking through different eyes at the political problems and chaos of Earth today, …through eyes of 'love' in a unique style, a style I've never seen or read before.

Written through the pen of Vesta's fiancée, Kim, it adds the masculine touch of understanding, that the current way, that the powers on Earth approach things are wrong --- so very wrong.

While chastising Earth for using nuclear technology for war making and threats, it 'claims' there are better and safer technologies than what nuclear offers for the planet for peaceful applications.

While the book is all of the above it is admittedly a book of prophecy, and I'm afraid a prophecy soon to be experienced by mankind for his sins against the planet itself.

Great care and a lot of time was invested in getting this manuscript to print, for the original was yellowed and a previous reader was so enthralled with the book, they had marked up nearly every page with underlines and brackets, making a scan of the book impossible.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did in reassembling it for the reader's market of hidden mysteries.

Softcover, 6.75 x 8.25", 280+ pages


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Vesta: The Earthborn Venusian

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