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How Much More Can this Impotent Kongress & the NeoKON RepubliKONs Destroy?

Wednesday, October 24 2007 @ 03:40 AM CDT

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Nixon was more Jesus-like than this Hypocrite faith-spouting warmongering buSHITe administration!

Nixon has been demonized for decades - some justified - some outlandish. Nixon for all his faults was a 'good' president. He made his gaffs, remember the Price Freeze? but he also made some wise decisions, that went against the grain of the military and business power brokers. He was not a pawn of Israel nor was he a mere puppet of the GOP.

His 'loyalty' to the GOP was his eventual downfall and disgrace.

History has judged him unfairly due to the disgrace the GOP brought on his presidency.

Nixon inherited a nightmare of a quagmire in Vietnam. It was a war going nowhere, a virtual standoff between China and the US. It was no-win for either side. How we, the US, ended up in a French created problem in Vietnam is still a mystery. It was not a planned decision to be in a war there, but something where US involvement began during the Eisenhower presidency.

John F. Kennedy had decided to remove the US and our soldiers from Vietnam. He was assassinated shortly after that decision. You can connect the dots. Lyndon Johnson in fear of the military industrial complex (and assassination?) plunged the US into full scale war operations in Vietnam, a decision that solved nothing, and killed hundreds of thousands of people. He too had inherited a quagmire of a no-win war.

Nixon at first, like the others, thought he could change directions, with new managment, and win the unwinnable war. Nixon was intelligent, he finally saw and recognized that Kennedy was right, and the US had to get out of Vietnam. He did an about-face and ended the US involvement in Vietnam.

Nixon authored and brokered a withdrawal to end the war in Vietnam. It was not an easy task for any president. Declaring peace seems to take years, when it only takes seconds to declare war. Ending involvement in a undeclared war must have been an even greater nightmare for Nixon.

All these self-righteous hypocrites, religious wingnuts, and neoKon warmongers like to say that the US can't lose Iraq like we lost the Vietnam War.

The US did not lose the Vietnam war. There was no declared war to lose. It was an unwinnable war or conflict. Being Un-winnable, also means it was impossible to lose too. It was a stand-off. Nobody won, nobody lost. There was no face to save. There was no face to lose. It was however, a wise and intelligent decision to get the US out of a conflict that was serving no foreseeable purpose or gain, only the loss of lives of American soldiers and Vietnamese people.

The Chinese government was just as tired and disatisfied with their involvement in Vietnam. They too, like the USA were guilty of war crimes in Vietnam.

The meeting of the minds to end this war was a credit to Nixon. It led to peace with China that has lasted to this day, even though Bush and his neoKons are trying to end that peace, too.

President Carter has also been villainized, demonized and victimized by history. He definately made some mistakes, such as sanctions against Russia, which only served to harm US businesses. It didn't hurt or bother Russia, they just spent their money with other countries. He was blamed for the gas shortages, but he was not responsible for that situation, that was out of his direct control, though he did influence it to a minor degree. The Iranian overthrow of the Shah was not his fault, nor the hostages held by Iran. His mistake was not to have 'valid intelligence' delivered to him from the incompetent CIA warning of the coming coup against a monarchy.

The Shah was a 'beneficial' dictator-king. Good for Iran for many decades, but installed and supported by the UK and the US. He overstepped what he thought was his 'right' to rule by blood, and the Iranians installed a democratic theocracy.

Carter will be remembered for brokering a peace between Egypt and Israel at Camp David. A remarkable piece of diplomacy that nobody thought possible. That peace too has lasted to this day, though threatened now by the incompetent Bushite NeoKons.

Reagan was one of the worst presidents the US has had. History, however, has heroized and glamorized him, in spite of his failures and his crimes. He was a popular president and spoke with a flair that endeared him to people in general. Reagan was a anamoly because he had been both Democrat and Republican. He should have been able to mend many fences, but he took advice from incompetent Republicans. He supported and in part financed the war between Iraq and Iran. He was indirectly guilty of war crimes and genocide of Iranians by Iraq.

His involvement in Nicaraguan affairs was disastrous, illegal, and in violation of US and International law.

Yet despite these crimes, his flair of speech led to what was one of the greatest achievements since WW2. He, with the wise Gorbachev ended the Cold War, brought down the Berlin Wall, that resulted in the reunification of Germany. That Peace has lasted through today, but it too is threatened by the Bushite NeoKons.

Poppy Bush was the 2nd worse president since WW2. He set up his own ally, Saddam Hussein to bring about a war between Kuwait and Iraq - leading to a war between Iraq and the US. Though the US, on paper anyway, won that conflict, the win was done with honor, not the destruction of a nation and people. This Bush was responsible for the 2nd worst economics since the Hoover days, and incredible since most economies thrive on war industries during wars. The worst economics since Hoover is under his son, the madman Bush Jr.

Poppy will be remembered for his puking up his sushi on television during a diplomatic meeting in Japan. There's not much good to say about his four years of incompetency, other than he did know when to exit his war in Iraq to come home with a win, though what we won is still under debate. It put Kuwait in the US's hip pocket. He was respectable though not an impressive president.

Clinton was an intelligent man and should have been one of the best presidents. Yet, he too was war hungry and destroyed Yugoslavia, a war and area the US has no business in. He followed the same bad decisions from previous presidencies and continued eroding peace and friendship in Latin and South America countries. His murderous campaign against innocent people in a church in Waco, Texas will never be forgotten by people in Texas. His economic policies, except for NAFTA, were really good within the US. People for the most part were happy with the economics during his eight years. Like Nixon, his lying to Congress, and the people, are the smear on his presidency that will never be forgotten.

The current administration, Dubya, is possibly the worst in all US history. This Bush with his hypocrite faith-based nonsense, has made peace NO PLACE in the world in seven years. Long lasting peace with nations made by his predecesors are in jeopardy, threatened by this total incompetent failure. South Korea and Japan want the US out of their affairs with this Bush. Asia has turned its back on this administration time and time again. The peace with Russia has been threatened by Bush Incompetents, the peace in the Middle East has been destroyed by this Bush. US allies in the Middle East, except for Israel, are merely neutral to this Bush, not his allies. Egypt has tolerated his imbecilic actions and policies, but they're coming to the end of their rope with Bush incompetency. Under this Bush the whole world no longer suspects that the US is a hypocrite 2 faced nation, now they Know it for a FACT.

With all the examples of history of good and bad decisions by any presidency, this Bush has chosen all the bad examples, and made all the bad decisions. Even in the nations that are the most staunch US allies, Bush is laughed at, condemned, and ridiculed daily. He has threatened the peace of the entire world. The China peace of Nixon is in jeopardy, the Russian peace of Reagan is in jeopardy, the Carter brokered peace between Israel and Egypt is in jeopardy. Add to this-- Bush has threatened Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, both Koreas, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Libya, Peru, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, and more. He has insulted nearly every nation, people, government, and leader in the world. He is ridiculed at every South American conference or trade meetings.

Add to this-- Bush has the US suffering the worst economics since the Depression, and if he continues a new Depression will be born.

Bush has LIED to Congress and the American people since his inauguration. He has double, tripled, and quadrupled every mistake of all previous presidents. He refuses to admit or even recognize his own mistakes, much less try to correct them.

Add to this we have a Congress that is so impotent that it will not stop this madman from destroying America. Party loyalty in the GOP is more important than this country, and that loyalty is destroying the USA. Congress has been blindly following a fool - a madman in office who has lied to congress repeatedly, yet they show no statemanship, nor loyalty to their nation or the constitution. Their oaths of office have been violated everday they allow this madman to destroy peace in the world.

Bush has put the American soldiers back into a bloodbath and quagmire in Iraq, and has no end in sight. Congress allows it and pays for it.

Everthing this moron president has done has been damaging to the people in the US, to US diplomacy, to US image, to US trade. Congress allows it.

Bush has trampled on promises, treaties, and peace. He has made the US a two-faced hypocrite nation. Congress allows it. We the People suffer for it.

Bush's butthead Vice President defends spending trillions on another unwinnable undeclared war by saying 'deficits don't matter.' BUT when it comes to spending money on children's health in the USA, then SUDDENLY deficits matter! Bush is the most two-faced president to his own people too. He may be the only president to hold this honor and title. The Hypocrite Two Face President. Congress allows it.

It party loyalty worth all of this? Wake up Republicans! You are being destroyed by your own president. Wake up Democrats, Grow a SPINE and erase the yellow one you now have on your backs.

Wake UP people -- you hold the power to end every atrocity of the Bushites and the Spineless Congress. A few million snail mails daily to every congress person and the white house would be a good start. A few million emails daily to them would be a good start. Be sure to add key words that the NSA will want to read. Keep them busy reading your disgust about this failure president and congress. Continued demonstrations of our total, and utter disgust of their incompetency would be a start.

Republicans need to march in DC against REPUBLICANS! Democrats need to march in DC against DEMOCRATS!

Yellow-Striped-Backed Pelosi should be quoted in millions of snail mails and emails of her 'pre-election' statements on impeachment. A liar is a liar regardless of party! A Bush liar is no worse than a Democrat liar!

Quote the Bible and Jesus words about PEACE to every Republican! Quote Kennedy and Jefferson to every Democrat.

Become the Bitch Nation to end this tyranny of Bush and this tyrannical Congress. Bitch about it consistently, constantly, daily. Raise hell without arms. Bitch till they listen, then Bitch till they hear, then Bitch till they understand, then Bitch till they act responsibly.

One soldier quoted Jesus words on Peace, and got an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector. Make this faith-based president eat his own religion and words. Make him live and act by those words of peace.

L. Savage

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How Much More Can this Impotent Kongress & the NeoKON RepubliKONs Destroy?

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