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The Venezuela Elections

Sunday, December 02 2007 @ 06:02 PM CST

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Here at HiddenMysteries.net, we have not commented one way or the other about the Venezuela elections and their proposed constitutional changes. There is a reason for this.

The articles we have posted only relate to the interference of BUSH and the USA in Venezuela's sovereignty and Venezuelans' rights.

Before ANYONE decides to put words into my mouth or thoughts, I do support all the goals that Chavez is proposing! He is one of the few 'real' humans left in leadership in this world today.

Why didn't we put our two cents worth in about Venezuela's elections?

I don't necessarily agree with all the constitutional changes the people of Venezuela are voting on, but my views are jaded, as are ANY USAmerican's thoughts on this subject. My personal opposition to any particular item being voted on would be from 'MY' experiences in this world. My views would be jaded by the lifestyle I am afforded in the USA. My views would be jaded by the constitution and laws I have lived under in Texas and the USA.

Therefore, MY views and thoughts are worthless to Venezuelans and the predicaments they face.

Items that I may disagree with are because I don't think they would achieve the goal, but that view is based upon the fact that it probably would not work in Texas! That item may be a perfect fit and solution for Venezuelans.

My only advice for any Venezuelan that might read this is to VOTE for VENEZUELA and the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people. Vote your conscience, vote YOUR facts and situation, vote YOUR opinions. Don't let the US or the US media or the US CIA or any of the BUSH crime syndicate influence YOUR right to think for yourselves and vote for what is best for your nation.

You Venezuelans have one of the most 'caring' leaders in the world today. And you have one that is bluntly honest - He calls a spade - a spade and the devil the devil.

The world is not used to that kind of pure honesty, and it reacts violently to TRUTH.

Bush has interfered in your nation's sovereign rights. He has spent over 8 million dollars of US tax dollars to buy and bribe Chavez friends and supporters, to advertise ruthlessly and illegally falsehoods about the election and the constitutional reforms, to create and instigate armed chaos during the election and campaigning process, to brainwash you with psychological warfare against your president. All of this is IMMORAL, if not ILLEGAL.

Venezuela should now take a page out of the BUSH USA playbook and seek SANCTIONS against the USA at the UN, OPEC, OAS, WTO, and with your Allies. I am amazed at the restraint your nation, Iran, Russia and others have shown in light of the criminal activities of the Bush/GOP mafia.

Don't allow the BUSH-GOP mafia to determine your future like the Reagan/GOP mafia did in Nicaragua and after many many years have the Nicaraguans realized they were lied to by the GOP mafia.

What the BUSH/GOP mafia want for your country is another lap dog country, like England, Colombia, and others bowing down to the Mafia's demands. The poorest peoples in the world are in the Shadow of the USA... and the USA has done nothing whatsoever to relieve that suffering, but rather exploit that suffering to the GOP mafia's advantage.

What I see from my jaded view in Texas, is that, YOUR country is doing more to stop poverty, create peace with its neighbors, secure stable energy policies, by taking back your national resources once under control of the US and other foreign agents (that are under control of the US)

Venezuela is a breath of fresh air in this horrible world today. It has under Chavez stood for and stood UP for simply what is right.

Venezuela is one of very few nations leading the charge for sanity and common sense in the world.

My only regret is that Venezuela under Chavez has done it first. Texas should have seceded and lead the charge...The BUSH-GOP mafia has control of Texas affairs.. DON'T LET THEM HAVE CONTROL OF YOURS!

L. Savage
copyleft HiddenMysteries.net


Bush Spends 8 Million of YOUR Tax Dollars in November To Interfere in Venezuela's Elections and Fund Terrorism in Venezuela

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The Venezuela Elections

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