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Bush is Pissin' in the Wind and on Texas!

Friday, December 14 2007 @ 05:30 AM CST

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The latest bullshit from the feds is the billion dollar bandaid to stop illegal immigration. The fence Bush is trying to build through Texas is a waste of time, money and effort and will fix absolutely nothing.

If a 'national' fence would have cured the woes of illegal immigration then Texans would have built one over a hundred years ago! Ranchers, farmers, and homeowners along the southern border of Texas have fences along their properties and those fences do not stop illegal aliens from trespassing their properties!

Even Bush's allies, such as Texas Governor Perry, says the fence will not work! So why is the Federal Government insisting on building one anyway? The U.S. has only ONE legitimate claim to property in Texas along the southern border, and that is the line between Mexico and Texas -- It is in the middle of the Rio Grande river.

Has the Texas Legislature sold us out and given jurisdiction by law to the Feds on property along the border? The U.S. cannot 'assume' land in Texas by any means other than a Texas Legislative act. How and when did the Feds get emminent domain power over private Texan's property without the Texas Legislature giving permission first and enacting such laws to allow such acts on a case by case basis?

Something STINKS in Washington D.C. about this whole deal, and you can bet it is Texas that will come up holding the short end of the stick!

A Texas President and many Texas governors of the past would have already sent the Texas Rangers to stop the Feds from trespassing on private lands and Texas lands. Some would have immediately raised a Texas Army to stop the Federal Government from trespassing into Texas.

The U.S. Government has not addressed the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California in over 150 years in any postive, effective, or meaningful way!

Now they PISS in the wind and on Texas, insulting us, by building a fence they KNOW will stop nothing!

Texas has more in common with Mexico than it does Washington D.C.! The fence, if built, should be along the Texas northern borders! Mexico is part of Texas history, culture, and heritage.

The immigration problem, if any, as it exists today, could be amicably solved between two Good Neighbors, Texas and Mexico. Northern Mexico's economies depends on Texas tourist traffic and Texas businesses in those northern states. Some Texas industries, primarily agricultural, depend upon the migrant, itinerant worker for seasonal harvests. Anyone that denies the natural, historical, and cultural ties between Mexico and Texas is an ignorant racist and liar!

These economic relationships have been ongoing for a hundred years!

All border, immigration problems could have been settled between Mexico and Texas decades ago if not for the alleged US border jurisdiction. The only CONTROL of the border the U.S. has enforced in a 150+ years has been to COLLECT TAXES from Texans returning from touring Mexico. SOME 'FREE" TRADE!

The borders problems and the immigration problems are not problems between Mexico and Texas. They are problems created by stupid acts and laws of the United States of America and their arrogant attitude towards Central and South America. The U.S. has shit upon Mexico time and time again, forcing the Mexican population into economic despair. Just ask the 'one-time' Mexican farmers what happened when the USA salted their farm lands!

If we had our own Texas President, I'm sure that Calderon and Texas would join together to clean up the Rio Grande River then build the needed damns along the river for power, water, and tourism. This was suggested and recommended by several South Texas mayors, who are obviously far more intelligent than the entire illiterate farce in Washington D.C.

Join the Texas Nationalist Movement Today! Begin the process to Independence in your personal lives and for Texas!

L. Savage

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Bush is Pissin' in the Wind and on Texas!

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