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Christianity Today: Still Sacrificing to Moloch - Bush: Onward Christian Soldiers

Wednesday, March 05 2008 @ 06:28 AM CST

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Neo-Cons Scramble To Downplay Shameful Puppy Video

While others sickeningly lament that it was just a puppy and not an Iraqi baby

Paul Joseph Watson

Emotionally castrated Neo-Cons are doing everything in their power to downplay shameful scenes of U.S. Marines throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq, while others are openly and sickeningly lamenting the fact that the poor victim was just a puppy and not an Iraqi baby.

Shocking video shows two Marines talking on the edge of a cliff as one holds up a puppy by the scruff of its neck. The soldier then tosses the dog over the side of the cliff as it yelps in panic.

Neo-Cons have reacted by claiming the video is fake or that the puppy is already dead before it is thrown off the cliff.

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Michelle Malkin's Hot Air blog attempts to analyze what a puppy would sound like when thrown off a cliff (how on earth would they know?) and makes out that the yelping noises are edited in to the video. The post also claims that the puppy is motionless and therefore probably already dead before it is tossed over the side of the cliff.

As one of the respondents points out, "When you hold a puppy, or a kitten for that matter, by the nape of it’s neck…much the way it’s mother would pick it up, the legs go limp, and there is usually no struggle. It kinda puts the young animal in a catatonic, relaxed state."

Having previously worked closely with a vetanarian, Alex Jones confirms that such behavior would be expected for a puppy when picked up by the scruff of its neck.

The Neo-Con's attempt to deny the reality of the shocking video, even after one of the Marines in the clip was identified by his Marine corps base in Hawaii, again highlights the childish nature of how they stick their heads in the sand and pretend something doesn't exist when it completely contradicts the mythical pretense of the sanctity of the war in Iraq.

The Marines have publicly deplored the video and made it clear that they know who the Marine in the clip is - a lance corporal who returned to Hawaii in October from Iraq - so to still claim it's a fake video is beyond twilight zone levels of delusion.

The fact that some can't entertain the notion that troops could bring themselves do to this underscores the myopic nature of their world view.

When a government sets the standard that torture is justified this is what happens, people become dehumanized to the point where they treat humans as animals and are fully prepared to torture and kill animals for the purposes of a sick joke.

In addition, despite the admitted atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib and other torture camps, including raping children and beating people to death, the fact that a puppy causes more outrage reflects on how the rest of society has also been dehumanized.

Even more disturbing is the fact that comments by Neo-Cons on the original You Tube clip which has now been pulled expressed sickening lament that the puppy was not in actual fact an Iraqi baby. Routinely. when we trace these comments back they lead to MySpace pages belonging to people who had served in Iraq.

These are the kind of people who, when we write an article detailing the building of concentration camps in America, will simultaneously deny the existence of those camps while calling for us to be incarcerated and tortured within them.

"Would it still be funny if he threw a 3 month old baby off a cliff?" asked a user called 'ehs332'.

"YES it would be funny but only if it was an IRAQI baby," he answers his own question.

The frightening thing is that these monsters are coming back and becoming cops, which is partly why we have seen an explosion in cases of extreme police brutality since 2003.

There is a steady legacy of abuses and atrocities coming out of Iraq that we have had the displeasure of watching online for years, so to learn of a puppy being thrown off a cliff is almost standard fare.

This is how troops treat Iraqis who are accused of stealing wood.


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Christianity Today: Still Sacrificing to Moloch - Bush: Onward Christian Soldiers

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