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Christianity Today: No Abortion - We need more children to terrorize, abuse, rape, and torture

Friday, March 07 2008 @ 07:06 AM CST

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Mother Abuses Child with Pressure Washer (enforcing the 10 commandments?)

Investigators are searching for a woman on Thursday who was videotaped while spraying a girl with a pressured water hose at an Orlando car wash.

Surveillance cameras captured the woman holding the girl with one hand and holding the hose in the other hand at an arm's length distance.

Marlene Diaz, a manager at Magical Car Wash, said she has never seen this type of abuse before. "You don't do that to a kid," Diaz said. "No child deserves that."

The video showed the woman dousing the girl, spraying her in the face and down her legs. The woman continued to grab the girl as she tried to flee. Investigators said they believe the child is 3 years old.

The driver of a white Hyundai Sonata shown in the video watched the woman spray the child for a moment before walking away.

The video showed the child trying to hide her face while the woman pinned her to a wall and sprayed her at close range.

"Disgusted," Diaz said. "I'm mad, infuriated as to how someone could do that to a little child."

Investigators said they believe the woman is the child's mother and used the pressure hose as punishment.

"The girl probably had some kind of accident in the back seat of the car, maybe urinated or spilled a drink," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Cmdr. Matt Irwin. "God knows what kind of punishment she gets elsewhere."

Officials said the water shoots out of the hoses with a force of about 1,200 pounds per square inch, powerful enough to create the type of friction and sting from a rug burn.

"Your skin gets red and at times it could peel," Diaz said.

Diaz didn't see what happened until she checked the surveillance tapes, but said she heard the girl crying after the mother stopped spraying her.

Diaz said she also heard the mother say, "You're going to learn to respect me. You don't treat me bad. You don't mistreat me; I'm your mother."

Surveillance cameras showed the women stripped the girl, leaving her standing in the car wash bay naked, while they grabbed a towel and put her back in the car.

Once investigators locate the women, they said the mother will likely face child abuse charges.


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Christianity Today: No Abortion - We need more children to terrorize, abuse, rape, and torture

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