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F**king and Fish, on a Collision Course!

Monday, August 04 2008 @ 08:17 AM CDT

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She said it, that's what she said ...

K-Lo, in a special guest appearance at Clown Hall, offers her forty-seventh reason why the birth control pill is bad and should be banned: It turns male fish into girly-men fish.

You’ve already heard about the pregnant man. But what about the she-man fish? “Intersex” freshwater fish are all the rage.

Apparently you can’t have a liberal cocktail party these days without having a few “intersex” freshwater fish as guests.

Estrogen pollution from contraceptive and abortion pills could be the culprit behind these piscine switcheroos. And thus the two holiest of holies for the left …

(The left’s two holiest of holies are, apparently, in no particular order, fish and fucking.)

… may be on a collision course. It promises to be quite the show.

Because, of course, none of the other chemical pollutants that are also found in in the nation’s waterways could possibly be responsible for this. So, I suppose the pill “could be” the cause. Of course, in that sense, gay marriage in California also “could be” the cause that the surge has allegedly succeeded in Iraq.

And because [the pill's] introduction came 40 years ago, at a time when American culture was enamored with Woodstock, feminism and free love, prescient warnings and cautions — most notably from Pope Paul VI in his encyclical “Humanae Vitae” in the summer of 1968 — went unheeded.

Holy shit. You mean the pope predicted transgendered fish forty years ago? I really should start going to church more often since it’s obviously a source of extremely useful predictions.

For the first time, … the left may be forced to take a look at the side effects of oral contraceptives. Never mind the women, of course. Never mind the men and children affected in various emotional and other ways.

Didya notice K-Lo slip in reason number 48 that the birth control pill is bad? Think of the children, she says, who are affected in “various emotional and other ways” by the pill. It’s not clear how the children are affected, although I guess K-Lo imagines that children are being neglected because Mommy and Daddy, thanks to the pill, can spend all their spare hours fucking, rather than once a month and for conception purposes only.

Apparently K-Lo has picked up this fish story from global-warming denialist Iain Murray, who, according to K-Lo, predicts how the left will respond to revelations that the birth control pill has led to gender-confused trout:

So what does that mean for us and the fish? Nothing straight away, Murray tells me. There’s more than pollution at stake here for the left, so, expect “outright denial at there being a problem, obfuscation of the science when strong arguments are presented, attempts to deflect attention onto much rarer and less harmful [causes]

Doesn’t that sound oddly familiar? Outright denial that global warming exists. Check. Obfuscation of the science when strong arguments for anthropogenic global warming are presented. Check. Attempts to deflect attention onto much rarer and less harmful causes such as sunspots and breathing. Check.

How these people find their way home at night is really a mystery to me. Breadcrumbs, I suppose.


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F**king and Fish, on a Collision Course!

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