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Scientists Begin To Whisper The Unthinkable: Complete Annihilation

Saturday, April 11 2009 @ 10:10 AM CDT

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By: Sorcha Faal

“First, the frogs began disappearing, with as many as 122 species becoming extinct worldwide since 1980. Then honeybee colonies began to collapse. Scientists fear that bats might be next”, begins the Washington Post News Services’ shocking report that the mysterious disease killing bats in the United States has, for the first time, hit in their Southern regions where between the States of Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama are held some of the largest populations of hibernating bats on Earth.

This dire report further states that scientists are beginning to whisper the unthinkable: complete annihilation of some species, such as Dr. Thomas Kunz, an ecologist and bat expert at Boston University, who warns that “If this continues to spread, we are talking about extinctions. I've studied bats for 44 years. This is unprecedented in my lifetime. It's not alarmist. These are just the facts.”

To the greatest danger, though, of this latest catastrophe to befall our World is its occurring at the exact same time as the near wholesale extinction of honey bees due to what is being called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and that is currently sweeping the Globe with Japan being the latest Nation to report being hit by this mysterious disease.

Not being understood by the Western peoples about these mass extinctions is that they are hitting our Earths major pollinator and insect eating species, and which without their being a part of our environment, would radically alter our entire World’s ecosystem leading to cataclysmic loss of life on a scale unprecedented in human history.

Most shocking, however, of these latest events, is how long they have been occurring, and their true causes, without the Western governments either informing their citizens of the dangers they are facing, or even worse, taking those actions needed to avert the deaths of billions of human beings.

As we had reported last year in our March 26, 2008 report “Fears Grow Over ‘Catastrophic’ US Biosphere Collapse”, and wherein we had stated:

“Scientists from the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS) are reporting in the Kremlin today of the ‘imminent and catastrophic’ collapse of the United States agriculture sector due to the rampant, and unforeseen, consequences relating to rapidly mutating genetically modified strains of crops inundating their biosphere.

These reports detail that the first casualties of mass biosphere genetic poisoning will always occur first in plant pollinators, and which has been confirmed as occurring in the United States, and as we can read as reported by the BBC News Service:

"A mystery illness that has scientists baffled is wiping out tens of thousands of bats across the north-east of the US."

"The pollination of crops by bees is responsible for a third of the food produced in the US. One in every three mouthfuls has been touched by their tiny feet; but our six-legged friends are in trouble.

They are getting sick and leaving their hives. Without bees, food gets more expensive - some products could disappear altogether. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) emerged last year, and by spring 2007 bees were dying in huge numbers - over the year as a whole the total bee population fell by 30%.

Some beekeepers lost closer to 90%, and the fear is it will get worse. Beekeeper Gilly Sherman says: "It's worse than last year, and last year was worse than the year before, so it's bad, and there are a lot of good big beekeepers that are having a lot of problems.

"I think we're coming in for a big train wreck."

Even more disturbing, these reports continue, is that this genetic poisoning appears to have now hit mammal populations in the US, with their State of Minnesota, one of America’s leading agriculture States, and the third largest planters of genetically modified crops in America, now reporting that the moose population in their northeastern regions are dying in record numbers and nearing extinction, and which is the area of that State most concentrated with these mutant crops.

How critical this situation in the United States has become is stated in a report by US Center for Food Safety, and which says, "It has been estimated that 70-75 percent of processed foods on supermarket shelves--from soda to soup, crackers to condiments--contain genetically engineered ingredients."

One could reasonably expect that a Nation facing such a catastrophe as the United States with the destruction of its biosphere would begin to rapidly eliminate such a disaster from devastating their own citizens, except to note that these Western Nations are becoming so vile that this very week, in the United Nations, they actually declared ‘victory’ when a resolution declaring water as a ‘human right’ was defeated.”

Even more insidious about this catastrophe are the many memes [a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, gets transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena] created by Western intelligence agencies, and propagated through their citizenry by their propaganda media organs, specifically designed to mute within these peoples the outrage they should normally feel as their elite classes literally destroy our entire Earth.

One such meme devised by the CIA and MI6 was a quote attributed to the 20th Century physicist Albert Einstein that purported to have had him said “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”, and which after its being released became viral and can still be found in numerous otherwise factual reports on this growing catastrophe, but by its inclusion fatally taints the truest information needed to be known.

After a generation of destroying their educational system in order to create a docile population unable to ascertain the validity of sound arguments, or even to know the truth when it lies right before their eyes, the American people of today have become nothing more than laboratory specimens in the most insidious plot ever devised by man against himself and his World, and for reasons which if known by these people could not even be comprehended, let alone believed, because of how monstrous it is.

But, to the consequences in store for a World intent upon its own brutal destruction a most interesting theory was postulated this week by the former US intelligence officer and retired US Army Officer, Major Ed Dames, who on a Nationwide broadcast of the Coast To Coast AM radio programme in America stated that our Earth was not only a living entity, but because of its being killed by one of its species, human beings, has sent out a ‘distress signal’ into the Universe and which he states the Sun is preparing to answer in what he describes as a ‘kill shot’ which will annihilate from our Earth all human beings.

It goes without our saying, of course, that the theories and predictions of Major Dames, and all such others like him around the World, will not be reported by the mainstream propaganda US media, in fact, if mentioned at all, they would be ridiculed and put up for scorn. It must be remembered, though, that this is the same propaganda media that still tells the American people that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on their country, an outright fabrication that even this past week was shown for the lie it really is:

“A Dutch TV jury has found Osama bin Laden not guilty of the Sept. 11 attacks. In the conclusion Wednesday night to the show "Devil's Advocate" on Dutch public broadcaster Nederland 2, the jury of two men and three women, along with the studio audience, ruled there was no proof bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001.”

There are probably less than 1 out of a 1,000 Americans that even know that their own FBI does not even claim Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, as even though offering a $25 million reward for his capture state that he is only wanted for “Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.”

Sadly, however, these drugged, genetically food poisoned, and most deluded of all Earths peoples called Americans, will continue to believe their propaganda media organs and government/corporate leaders over all else, even their own common sense. And nowhere can this be seen in its brutal totality more than in a little known (because the mainstream US news never reported it) UPI story from 2 years ago that began:

“It's a far piece from the horse-and-buggies of Lancaster County, Pa., to the cars and freeways of Cook County, Ill. But thousands of children cared for by Homefirst Health Services in metropolitan Chicago have at least two things in common with thousands of Amish children in rural Lancaster: They have never been vaccinated. And they don't have autism.”

By our pointing out stunning obvious facts, such as no vaccines=no autism and genetically modified crops and pesticides=catastrophic die off of species, among many others, these Americans don’t even realize how their World has become exactly like the one depicted in George Orwell’s famous book 1984 by their depicting those messengers like us as the distorters of truth instead of the true liars, their own media, corporations and government.

And by listening, even worse believing, the lies being told to them, Orwell warned them of the World they would make….

“Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain.”

© April 11, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved


World’s Elite Prepare For End As Earth Said Ready To Hit ‘Reset’ Once Again

By: Sorcha Faal

A disturbing FSB report on the G-20, NATO and US-EU meetings in Europe involving the leaders of the Western Nations this past week states that on the evening of April 3rd, over 500 of our World’s most elite citizens attended a ‘Black Mass’ at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg presided over by Pope Benedict XVI who was secretly flown into France to preside over this most unusual ceremony.

According to these reports, those attending this Black Mass included President Obama and his wife, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, nearly all senior members of Europe’s Royal Houses and the top American and European bankers and corporate leaders. Interesting to note too about those attending this ceremony was the presence of former US Congressional leader Newt Gingrich, who like former Prime Minister Blair made a surprise conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Choosing the location of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg for the holding of this Black Mass provides clues as to greater meaning of this ceremony as this majestic edifice was built upon the much older foundations of a temple whose beginnings stretch back into our Earth’s pre-history and dedicated to the ancient goddess Cybele, meaning ‘Mountain Mother’, or in the Greek language, Gaia (the Earth).

During the 7th Century the worship of the Mountain Mother was changed to that of the Virgin Mary of the Christian religion at this ancient location and between the years of 1176-1439 the great cathedral was built and which remained the World’s tallest structure until 1874 and today remains the 6th tallest church of any kind on the whole Earth.

Though ancient in origin, the history of the Black Mass, said in these reports to have been preformed by Pope Benedict XVI in Strasbourg, has its modern beginnings in France beginning during the 16th Century by The Queen of France Catherine de' Medici, and which to this day is known to be the ‘official’ mass of the Vatican and its elite rulers. Important to note is that the signature emblem of the Black Mass is the inverted (upside down) Christian Cross said to mock the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and which has been carved into every Papal Throne since the late 4th Century. [See bottom photo left]

Though the exact rituals preformed by Pope Benedict XVI for these elite leaders remain shrouded in mystery, the reasons for them being done now is not as evidence continues to emerge that our Earth is undergoing the most profound changes in nearly 10,000 years, and which our most ancient myths state are but the beginning of the ending of our present age.

In this past week alone, NASA has reported we are experiencing the “quietest sun we've seen in almost a century”, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has warned that the breakaway of a Jamaica-sized ice shelf from the Antarctic peninsula could accelerate global warming, and Australian astronomers are warning that the Death Star Wolf-Rayet 104 could go supernova and wipe out all life on Earth.

While Western scientists continue to view these accelerating events as separate events and occurrences, Russian scientists have long viewed them as homogenous, meaning that one cannot be separated from another but all belong to a greater whole.

Nowhere is this more evident then the West’s refusal to warn their peoples of the findings reported in Russian scientist Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev’s 1997 scientific treatise PlanetoPhysical State of the Earth and Life, and which in its summary paragraph states:

“Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System.

This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago.

The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes.”

But, not to protecting their peoples are these Western leaders about as, instead, they seek only to protect and save themselves, and as new reports from the United States and Japan are showing that many of their elite are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building underground bomb-type shelters to protect them from the many catastrophes that lie ahead of us all, and which was foretold in the Christian Bibles New Testament Book of Luke [23:30], and which says of these End Times these elites would “Then they will begin to say to the mountains, fall on us, and to the hills, cover us.”

To the greatest meaning, however, of all of these events it is this…to each many alone will their survival have to be found as those who rule over them care not at all of the billions soon to die, only themselves. And, in the search for that which may help them survive, those left alone by their leaders must seek above all else the truest information they can find, and which their elite rulers continually deny to these peoples who remain for the greater part totally lost, and even more confused.

© April 9, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved


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Scientists Begin To Whisper The Unthinkable: Complete Annihilation

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