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Guilty of Being Mexican or Damnable CONservative GOP-COPs of Dallas, Texas

Monday, October 26 2009 @ 10:42 PM CDT

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Dallas cops ticketed drivers for not speaking English


(These knuckle dragging COPS should spend 10 years behind bars for abusing citizens and trampling on their civil rights - The City Attorney and JUDGES that prosecuted and fined these people should get 25 YEARS behind bars)

(This is the same sick conservative city that sent many innocent people to prison because the knuckle dragging cops planted sheetrock dust on innocent victims, and charged them with cocaine possession-- and the District Attorneys from Hell prosecuted them KNOWING the faked white powder was merely gypsum)

(This is the same city where a gay constable raped an underage boy after getting him drunk, and the cops and judges and District Attorneys NEVER prosecuted 'one of their own')

Criticism of the Dallas Police Department has sharpened after an internal investigation revealed that officers ticketed drivers on 38 occasions for not speaking English or not speaking it well.

Chief David Kunkle apologized to the public and acknowledged that DPD officers should not give anyone a ticket for not speaking English, because that is not part of municipal regulations or of Texas traffic laws.

"We don't have abilities to determine proficiency in any language, and we shouldn't be doing it in the first place. I apologize to the Spanish-speaking Hispanic community," he said last Friday at a press conference.

The chief said that only drivers of city buses and commercial trucks were required to have proficiency in English.

The case that brought this injustice to light was that of Mexican-born Ernestina Mondragon, a permanent legal resident in the United States since 1980, who was stopped by a Dallas police officer Oct. 2 for making an illegal U-turn.

Besides the U-turn, she was cited for not speaking English and for not having her driver's license with her.

"When I tried to tell the officer that my 11-year-old daughter who was with me would translate, he refused. He treated me badly, I felt humiliated. I have a valid license, but that day I was late getting my daughter to school and I forgot it," Mondragon said.


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Guilty of Being Mexican or Damnable CONservative GOP-COPs of Dallas, Texas

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