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'Yes' if Texas could Secede

Sunday, November 01 2009 @ 10:09 PM CST

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Robert Singer

More than 130 years of government propaganda hid the fact that our beloved President Abraham Lincoln slaughtered 620,000 Americans and destroyed the principle that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

In 1860 Southerners no longer consented to being governed by Washington, D.C. but Lincoln put an end to that idea by fomenting the civil war when he threatened the South, "It is my duty to collect all the duties and revenues and tariffs and save so that there will be no invasion."

Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was little more than a political gimmick, and he admitted so in a letter to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase: "The original proclamation has no—legal justification, except as a military measure."

Secession and a 47% Tariff
The right to secession was popularly held and newspaper after Northern newspaper printed editorials arguing the right of the south to secede (secession) until Lincoln ordered the Postmaster General to cease mail delivery of those papers.

The South was forced into a secession posture with the Whig and the Republican Party agenda. "The tariff was the keystone of the Republican Party platform of 1860," and the so-called "internal improvements a euphemism for welfare dished out to Northern corporations.

Almost every historian writing about the Civil War ignores the obvious.

The tariff was the main source of federal revenue, and since the South was dependent on imports – they were paying about 80 percent or more of all federal tariff revenue. For decades they complained that most of the money was being spent in the North, and that's when the rate was 15 percent.

When Lincoln came into office he secured that the Civil War was imminent when he tripled the rate to 47 percent.

Our most beloved president, a mythical humanitarian, forced the South to secede then intentionally waged a cruel and bloody war on civilians as well as soldiers.

In his memoirs General William Tecumseh Sherman wrote that when he met with the “gentle” Lincoln after his March to the Sea, Lincoln laughed almost uncontrollably when Sherman told stories of how thousands of Southern civilians, mostly women, children, and old men, were plundered, sometimes murdered, and rendered homeless.

Crushing states rights was critical to us becoming a consumer society. The United States in its first decades was a land of small farms and nearby towns with few cities of any consequence, and the young nation seemed far more interested in becoming a successful experiment in democracy rather than an economic power.



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'Yes' if Texas could Secede

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