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Missing White Girl- FOX is all over it! Black Nation Destroyed= FOX Missing

Saturday, January 16 2010 @ 09:32 AM CST

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AS we've said before: FOX is NOT a NEWS agency - It is a propaganda machine for the White GOP--

FOX tortured America with the missing white girl story for months, Haiti was merely a mention at the bottom of the screen.



I never forget atrocities, liars or hypocrites!

After CNN shamed nearly all other news agencies with its on the ground, and participatory coverage, FOX finally had to interrupt its Obama bashing for a few minutes every hour to re-hash what they were getting from CNN.. they re-hashed it so it would not appear to be plagarism.

Days after the tragedy began, FOX sent in its traveling ass pimple, Geraldo Rivera, for its on the ground coverage of 5 minutes. While he's faking journalism on the air, FOX is showing clips of Haitians struggling to get some water, making it appear that Haitians are rioting, that they are in some way sub-human.

At the same time CNN is reporting on the bravery of the Haitians and how they jumped into relief and aid mode as individuals and groups, without 'central' organization of government, without tools, without supplies, and so forth.

FOX fake journalism is telling how Obama has done little for the Haitian relief, CNN is reporting on why NO nation or relief effort is able to get into the area with the needed tools, food, water, medical supplies, due to the devastation of the earthquake.

CNN reported that many nations are sending in relief workers and aid. Political enemies are turning their swords into ploughshares and working together to help the Haitians. FOX reports this as a sinister move by enemies to destroy America!

CNN's medical reporters have taken off their suits and have been treating people with emergencies, in the hospitals, on the street. FOX was tooo busy inciting hate towards Obama to bother with real reporting.

CNN is helping direct donations to 'legal' and good charities, while FOX used an asswiper Goesell to bash Obama for alleged cronyism in the 'green' stimulus agenda. FOX of course ignored reminding America that the worst disaster response in American history was due to Bush cronyism, in the form of 'Heckava Job Brownie'.

America's heart went out to the relatives and loved ones of Natalie Holloway, a young white blonde girl that went missing in Aruba, probably murdered.

FOX covered that story round the clock for Months.. Long after the story was newsworthy FOX tortured America and Natalies' loved ones with a story that was going nowhere. FOX fake investigative reporter, the one that talks out the side of her mouth, promised America that she would stay in Aruba till the missing white blond girl was found. --Torturer Greta Van Susteren LIED, FOX LIED. After they could wring all the money they could out of the story, FOX's Fake Reporter LEFT ARUBA.

Missing white woman syndrome (MWWS) is a vernacular term for the disproportionately greater degree of coverage in television, radio, and print news reporting of a missing person case involving a young, attractive, middle or upper middle class white woman, compared with cases concerning a missing male, or missing persons of other races or classes. The essential features of a missing person said to give rise to Missing White Woman Syndrome are sex, race or ethnicity, social class, (relative) beauty, and age.

Missing white blonde girl-- FOX is all over it..
Black people suffering the largest tragedy, the destruction of their entire nation.. FOX IS MISSING IN ACTION.

Real News Agencies were on the ground in Haiti, bringing America the tragedy live, having great difficulty with phones, electricity, communication, etc. - but the real news agencies got the job done. FOX was sucking hind tit in some GOP brothel.

The world's most famous Republican, George Bush, supports Obama's efforts in Haiti. But he's the ONLY Republican of stature that has spoken out for Haiti and the relief efforts. The mulitude of the GOP mafia has been too busy trying to destroy Obama, simply because he's competent, he's black, and he's proving GOP incompetence.

While CNN was giving us 'real' news about the suffering, the tragedy, the relentless hope and faith of the Haitian people... FOX was featuring GOP prostitute 'Dumber than a Rock' to bash Obama with her never-ending lies and stupidity. Hypocrite Palin was stabbling the president in the back with lies on FOX for FOOLS News, while continued aftershocks and destruction in Haiti were ignored.

FOX contributors, lard ass Rush Limbaugh, false prophet and moron Pancake Robertson have delivered the most insane remarks about the Haitian people, embarrasing all Americans with their HATRED for people suffering from circumstances beyond anyone's control --- FOX, their Fake Reporters, and their Hate mongering contributors have shown the world their INHUMANITY, their hatred of black people, their disgusting selfish nature... all traits of the Reich Wingers in America.

Obama should immediately ban Insane Robertson and his fake charity from any the relief efforts anywhere in the world. Hate Mongering and stupidity and false history with false prophecies are not something the USA should be supporting .... Cut this self-righteous son of Satan Robertson from receiving ANY tax dollars from any source, and once and for all STOP giving this blubber head tax breaks. CBN and all its subsidiaries and affilliates should be brought to court and end their non-profit status for their incessant interference in the secular politcal arena.

At 12:30 Central Time: CNN reporting that people are STILL alive and trapped in the rubble. Shows Haitians men and women, with laundry baskets, scraping out the rubble by hand.. FOX with Neil Cadoodoo is too busy bashing the ONLY health care plan on the table..and bashing Democrats..(SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Humanity and InHumanity!)

FOX has shown its true colors and inhuman nature...
Isn't it time you TURNED OFF FOX!




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Missing White Girl- FOX is all over it! Black Nation Destroyed= FOX Missing

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