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The Christian CONspiracy to Overthrow the U.S. Republic

Tuesday, February 16 2010 @ 03:12 PM CST

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Thomas Jefferson warned the US about this conspiracy in his lifetime... and thought he put an end to it.. but here those traitors are again... trying to recreate the US in their images, including inquisitions, torture, star chambers, state and church murders of non-believers and those they deem heretics!

The Family

Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

By Northwestrain

The FAMILY, by Jeff Sharlet, sounds rather like the tile to a book about the Mafia. And in a way this book is about a religious fundamentalist mafia. The problem is that the very people who should read this book and be warned probably won’t be bothered to take the time. The Genealogy of American Protestant Fundamentalism goes back to the early history of this country, and further back to England and Europe, Lutherans and the wars among the Christians, Catholics and Protestants. Sharlet explores the early history and traces where the “Experimental” Fundamentalists breaks away from the traveling preachers or revival preachers – the Evangelical brand that is closely identified with the American Frontier.

Missionaries are part of many religions. The need to convert others, to save others, to offer salvation to the world, the heathen world has been a driving force behind the colonization of the globe by European Nations – oh that and the allure of Gold and other high values commodities. Set this concept of Missionary aside and think of the one very special class in need of salvation. Then set this aside and think of an even more exclusive class, the ruling class and even despot dictators.

The goal of the Secret Fundamentalist cult is to turn the US into a Theocracy followed by the whole world. Just a simply little goal – and as usual with cultist only the supreme leader is able to speak directly with their God. Democracy is messy. This Fundamentalist cult has a history of seeking the powerful politically and corporate leaders. Their idea of creating Christ’s heaven on earth is using the existing power structure.

Jeff Sharlet takes us from his first encounter with the Family and then backward in time to the roots of this Dominionist religion. If you were raised in one of the many American Christian Fundamentalists sects you will no doubt be familiar with much of the religion-speak. But forget about the Jesus of the New Testament and his beatitudes, of caring for those less fortunate than ourselves. The very wealthy corporatists aren’t interested in welfare and social security. Their version of God smiles on the rulers and leaders. The reason people are poor it is God’s will and it is the fault of the poor, they have been bad and are evil. The gilded era of America is when the missionaries to the top tier of the wealthiest began their form of American Fundamentalism. These missionaries are not interested in spreading democracy. The reign of Jesus on earth will not be through democracy in the view of the founders of this brand of Christians.

The problem is that this Dominion over the world brand of fundamentalist has a vision of their perfect world. There are several different versions of God’s Kingdom on earth according to the different evangelical fundamentalist sects, each has their own path to their perfect world. Free will or choice doesn’t enter into their perfect world. Independent women, or women’s view equal human rights to those of men isn’t part of the perfect world of the Dominionist’s world view. Women can and have been used a soldiers to further the goals of these Secret Fundamentalists.

It wasn’t Sharlet’s goal to write about the Domination of women by men, but that thread runs through his book. This is not surprising since ALL fundamentalist religions have as a foundation belief that women are evil and must be controlled or dominated. In some fundamentalist religions women who do not comply with the patriarchal rulers demands are eliminated. Wealthy women, especially widows who willingly fund the spread of the Dominionist fundamentalism are promised a special place in the new kingdom of Jesus on earth. These women have fallen for the oldest con in the world – the promise of heaven and “life everlasting.” This is one of the code words that fundamentalists use, which others who are believes, recognize instantly. These code words are spoken by politicians to let voters know that these politicians are working for goals specific to the Fundamentalist movement. GW Bush used code words, as have other politicians.

The wall between church and state have been breached; the Constitution is becoming a meaningless document filled with meaningless words that have no relationship to the Nation of God that the Secret Fundamentalists want for America. Many of the so call liberal blogs have been taken over by moles who do their best to block any discussion of the Dominionists efforts to take over the US. Anyone who brings this up is branded crazy.

Sharlet’s book is a must read, it is not an easy book to read because of the world view, the point of view of the Dominionist Fundamentalists so far from Democracy and Free will that most people simply won’t believe that such a thing could happen in America. To understand the Secret Fundamentalists means that you need to understand the history and the philosophy of Narcissistic personalities who founded this ministry to the despots and Corporatist of the world.







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The Christian CONspiracy to Overthrow the U.S. Republic

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