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Thursday, February 18 2010 @ 11:40 PM CST

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Youth Minister Charged With Sex Abuse

Victim, age 10, Says Christian Rape Attacks Began 4 Years Ago

An Omaha youth minister who works with children as a martial arts instructor, band leader and choir director is charged with sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl.

The alleged victim said she was sexually assaulted by Stewart Newman for four years. Newman appeared in a county courtroom for his first hearing on a first-degree sexual assault of a child charge. He waived his preliminary hearing, so the case now moves to district court.

The original police report states Newman, 38, first assaulted the girl in March 2005, when she was 6. The alleged abuse continued until last December, the document said.

Newman was released after posting $7,500 bond.

When asked to respond to the allegations on Wednesday, Newman said, "I honestly cannot comment at this time. I need to let it takes its course and make sure it gets handled correctly."

He said he is still working to get a lawyer and doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize the case.

The police report lists Newman as working in the children's ministry of King of Kings Lutheran Church, but Newman said he doesn't work there.

He said that he and his wife are directors of a youth ministry called Presenting Arts through Him that meets at King of Kings.

The church's director of ministry operations, Ken Jaspersen, said Newman's involvement with the church was indirect.

"His wife led the ministry and every once in a while, he would show up to carry things in," Jaspersen said.

He also said the Newman's other group involving children, a martial arts school called Street Basics, is also not affiliated with the church.

No one involved with the Street Basics group had any comment about Newman on Wednesday.
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