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OOOOPs.... Rapture Failed (Again) Christians Proven as Liars (Again)

Saturday, May 21 2011 @ 11:28 PM CDT

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Don't get on buses, planes, cabs, subways, trains, that have Christian drivers or pilots

Harold Camping of Family Radio predicts that the rapture will take
place on May 21 2011

That means that believers will literally lift off from the earth and meet Jesus
in the air.

This is not Harold Campings first prophecy of this kind. His last one came and
went in 1994.

Here is why I have serious problems with this.

1. Rapture and rising up is one of the 10 worlds of Shakyamuni Buddha.
In Buddhic teachings it is called piti.

This is how it is defined.
P?ti in Pali (Sanskrit: Pr?ti) is a mental factor (Pali:cetasika, Sanskrit: chaitasika) associated with the concentrative absorption (Sanskrit: dhyana; Pali: jhana) of Buddhist meditation. Piti is a very specific joy associated with a state of deep tranquillity. It is often translated with the English words "joy" or "rapture" and is distinguished from the longer-lasting meditative "pleasure" or "happiness" (Pali, Sanskrit: sukha) that arises along with p?ti.

The Buddhic rapture has been misinterpreted by Christians who treat scripture literally.

The word rapture does not appear anywhere in the Bible.

It has been taken from the Buddhists by Christians who really believe that it means
flying up into the sky.

The rapture does not mean people flying up into the sky like Superman.

It means rising in consciousness to a higher mind state. That is rapture which Christians

2. What about rising to meet Jesus in the air.

The New Testament of the Bible was written in Greek by Greek Hellenists in Alexandria Egypt.

They taught consciousness that was described in 5 states.

1. Earth was the physical body
2. Water was the 2nd level of consciousness as we begin to rise in meditation
3. Air was the 3rd stage of consciousness where we separate from thought
4. Fire was the 4th stage of consciousness where we begin to receive the higher energy
5. The new mind, Christ or Krishna consciousness.

The Greek Hellenists who wrote the scripture had Iseous (translated into English as Jesus)
deeply involved in the meditation process.

They had him walking on the water which meant as you begin to rise in meditation you interact with Jesus walking on water in the 2nd level.

The next level is where Christians misunderstand the Buddhic rapture.
The Bible says we shall rise and meet Jesus in the air.
It does not mean we fly up into the sky.
It means we separate from thought and rise to the 3rd level of meditative consciousness which is air.

We know that this is a correct interpretation of the intent of scripture because the text has Jesus saying the kingdom of God is within you.

It has Jesus saying take no thought, and also it has Jesus saying we should stimulate the single eye which is the pineal gland.

These are meditative techniques which align with the 5 conscious levels.

Jesus also says, you take away the key of knowledge when you do not enter within yourself.

Finally in a wonderful Buddhist connection, Jesus says take my yoke upon you.

Let us look as the dictionary defines YOKE


Now let us define Yoke:

A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together.

6. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie.

Important derivatives are: yoke, jugular, subjugate, joust, adjust, juxtapose, join, junction, juncture, junta, conjugal, injunction, yoga.

To join. from Greek zugon, yoke, and zugoun, to join; d. YUGA, from Sanskrit yugam, yoke. Suffixed form *yeug-mö. ZEUGMA, from Greek zeugma, a bond. III. Suffixed o-grade form *youg-o-. YOGA, from Sanskrit yoga¡, union. [Pokorny 2. ðeu- 508.]

Now let us look at the word Yoga


Let us first define Yoga:

Yoga: A Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity. Important derivatives :

Important derivatives are: yoke, jugular, subjugate, joust, adjust, juxtapose, join, junction, juncture, junta, conjugal, injunction, yoga.

When Jesus speaks of the single eye, take no thought, entering within onesself by using the word that connects to Yoga, it is obvious what the intent was.

Given the above, one should not be concerned with the findings of those who have misinterpreted scripture in such a way that they describe the raising of consciousness in meditation as a superman type of up up and away.

And also those who have completely neglected to interpret the instructions of Jesus concerning the inner change and the goodness of Yoga.

Bill http://www.hiddenmeanings.com

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OOOOPs.... Rapture Failed (Again) Christians Proven as Liars (Again)

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