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Prostate Massage

Tuesday, July 19 2011 @ 10:43 AM CDT

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How To Do It & Why It Is Good For You
Increases Ejaculate & Pleasure
Proven Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

There is a great deal of interest in prostate massage these days as it has been revealed that doing so can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. However, beyond that there is a better understanding of the sexual pleasure that it provides without the sexual identity issues that can accompany it.

Getting Concerns Out Of The Way-

We respect anyone's sexual orientation whether you are heterosexual or homosexual. Diversity is a natural part of who we are and is something that we embrace. That being said, for those men who are heterosexual and have concerns that prostate massage may lead to homosexual feelings or that someone will think they are... think again. It has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

Think of the male prostate much as you would the gspot in a female as that is essentially what it is. The head of a male's penis is like the clitoris and when you combine stimulation of both it can lead to earth shattering orgasms.

You can access the prostate in two ways. Through the perineum (often referred to the 'taint') and through the rectum (butt). The stimulation through the rectum is the more intense and is why many men are getting prostate massagers to stimulate it. More and more men are having their partner stimulate it and with amazing results. We have gotten so many emails from men thanking us for the information contained in our site and the prostate sex toys that we sell as it has made their sex lives reach a level that they had never thought possible. They have often described themselves as barely able to stand afterward as their legs are still shaking from the intensity of the orgasms they experience. This has to have any man wondering what he has been missing if he has never tried it.

Dealing with Bacteria

Prostate massage when done through the rectum is accessing an area that harbors a great deal of bacteria. So we suggest that if you use a prostate massager you do not use a material that is porous such as Cyberskin. Silicone on the other hand is fast becoming the material of choice when it comes to prostate massagers because if it is 100% medical grade silicone than it is non porous, can be bleached, boiled and even run through a dishwasher to completely sterilize it.

Increases Ejaculate- Amounts & Distance

Prostate massage can increase your ejaculate levels as well as make your cum harder and further than you ever have. The reason for this is the intense pressure that builds up in the prostate from sexual stimulation to it.

One of the prostate massagers that we recommend is the Hitachi Magic Wand with Gspot/Prostate Attachment. The reason for this is because it has a long handle on it and produces some of the most deep and powerful vibrations that a vibrator can offer. It is available with food grade vinyl and silicone removable attachments which makes clean up very easy. The Hitachi is a plug in type of vibrator and tends to be on the loud side, so we have some other suggestions show to the left. The Hitachi in action is show below-

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

In the past it was not uncommon for doctors to massage the prostate of a male to cure and prevent disease. However, this is not as common and a physician is certainly not required to do prostate massage.

Many men do find it a pleasurable experience to include their partner in prostate massage. It is one reason that strap-on sex in heterosexual couples has become increasingly popular.

Locating The Prostate

To locate the prostate insert a finger inside your rectum. Stimulation this will often cause sexual arousal and ejaculatory fluid will come out whether an orgasm is achieved or not. During the aroused state, the fluid builds up in the prostate to the point where it will come out. The muscular contractions will be that of a reflexive orgasm.

When engorged, the prostate gland can be felt through the perineum (just behind the scrotum a.k.a.- balls). It is a round bump and is approximately the size of a marble. It can also be accessed through the rectum (butt) and can be felt as a soft marble that rests toward the front of the body. It is about a 2 - 2.5 inches inside the rectum.

You can achieve prostate massage by simply inserting a lubricated finger or anal sex toy (prostate massager) and pushing up against it and rubbing it. Pressure against it will intensify the pleasurable sensation. If at anytime it feels painful, you should not do it. If the pain continues you should seek the advice of a physician.

Medical Bonus

Regardless of whether you opt to do prostate massage, it is a good idea to check the prostate for changes. If the prostate feels harder than usual, becomes sore or tender or swollen it is a good idea to have that checked out by a physician. Difficulty in urinating is one indicator that the prostate may be swollen. A good rule of thumb is to check it every six months.

Prostate disorders do not happen quickly and therefore, regular massage can help to reverse problems. Because it is quite common for men over the age of 50 to experience problems with their prostates, it is something that all men should consider at some point.

For men that experience a chronic condition called prostatitis, prostate massage is highly recommended. It is important to keep in mind that an overly vigorous prostate massage can cause health problems so keeping things genital even if you do not have a prostate condition is a good idea.

Prostate massage is also able to relax the sphincter muscles and has been shown to reduce hemorrhoids and fissures.

Don't Over Do It

To vigorous and intense rubbing and pressure during prostate massage can actually tear sensitive tissue and it is important not to over do it. That is why vibrators are a good idea as they do not require a great deal of friction to stimulate the prostate. Another thing to understand is that tensing the rectum during prostate massage can cause it to be difficult, painful and increase the risk of damage.

Taking hot bath or having a sensual massage beforehand is a great way to relax. Once ready, you can also lightly play with the anal rim and then slowly penetrate. Make sure to use ample lubricant. If you are doing this with a partner make sure to discuss things before hand so that your partner knows when to stop or slow down. Communication is key.

How Often

To see improvement for a swollen prostate many men will see benefits after only three drainages. However, it will depend on the cause of the swelling and how close together they have been done. Men with a healthy prostate can see benefits from doing it once a month, whereas those who have swollen prostates may see increased improvement from 1 -3 times per week.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you do it too frequently, it may cause discomfort as you would be unable to ejaculate and the prostate may become tired and strained. More than once a day may be more than adequate.

Reduction of Sexual Tension As Well

Prostate massage greatly reduces sexual tension and may help decrease sex drive for a couple days due to the intensity that these massages offer. They are truly one of the ultimate sexual experiences a man can experience.

By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sex Expert
CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

Copyright © Holistic Wisdom, Inc.

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