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Afghan 'Time Well' Killed Elite US Navy Seals

Wednesday, August 10 2011 @ 02:19 PM CDT

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By: Sorcha Faal

A shocking Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that nearly 50 American military troops and technicians have been “obliterated” after the “activation” of the “Time Well” holding an ancient “Vimana” flying craft discovered late last year and believed to be over 5,000 years old.

In our 21 December 2010 report World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered we first detailed this incredible discovery and as we can, in part, read:

“What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimana” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimana measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its 'blazing missiles', The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular 'reflector'. When switched on, it produced a 'shaft of light' which, when focused on any target, immediately 'consumed it with its power'.

To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimana, this report continues, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943, like the events occurring in Afghanistan today, likewise, caused the sudden “disappearance” of US Soldiers.

The seemingly “perpetual” power source to this mysterious “Time Well”, this SVR report says, appears to be based on the technology of Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have discovered the “Secret Knowledge of the Ancients” and from 1923-1951 “single-handedly and secretly” carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock by an unknown process that created one of the World's most mysterious accomplishments known as the Coral Castle.

Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimana has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism.”

This new SVR report states that on 31 July, 3 US Marine Corps Special Operations Command Forces soldiers, and their specially-trained German Shepherd dog able to alert them to sudden changes in electromagnetic fields, were “incinerated” when the “Time Well” holding the “Vimana” activated without notice due to what is believed to have been a “reaction” from a powerful solar-blast that hit our Earth’s ionosphere. The US Department of Defense in announcing the tragic deaths of these soldiers only acknowledged that these US Marines and their dog had been killed in a “non-combat related” incident related to fire.

Following this 31 July incident, this SVR report continues, the “Time Well” holding the “Vimana” was in the process of its being moved from its original location in Herat Province, Afghanistan, to Wardak Province where it was intended to be flown back from Kabul to the United States for further examination and study.

The method chosen for the transporting of the “Time Well” holding the “Vimana” was by airlifting it with a US Army CH-47F Chinook helicopter and protected it with an elite team of US Navy Seals flying separately in 4 of their super-secret stealthy Blackhawk-type helicopters first known to exist after one of them crashed [3rd photo left] in Pakistan during the 2 May American raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

Upon nearing Kabul, however, this SVR report says this mysterious “Time Well” was once again suddenly “activated” on 5 August causing an electromagnetic shockwave to “obliterate” everything in the air near it and “incinerating” all of the helicopters in this air-convoy killing nearly 40 more US troops and technicians along with another of their specially trained German Shepherd dogs.

The US government and their propaganda media enablers have, of course, denied the truth of this catastrophic incident opting instead to spin one of their fairy tales, and which in this case says that the deaths of these American soldiers was due to their being shot-down by a rocket propelled grenade while they were all travelling together in a US Army CH-47F Chinook helicopter.

This SVR report, however, contradicts these American claims by noting that is against all US military rules to ever allow their Special Forces troops (especially their elite Navy Seals) to either fly together in such numbers or to fly into combat in anything other than their own stealth aircraft. The reason this is so, the SVR says, is exactly to keep from happening what the US is saying did happen, namely a mass loss of life of the most highly-trained forces in the American military arsenal and as we can, in part, read:

“Normally, JSOC commandos ride in tricked-out helicopters — including stealth models — belonging to the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. But this weekend the SEALs hitched a ride in what was apparently a run-of-the-mill Army National Guard chopper.”

Late yesterday the US Special Operations Command also stated that “multiple investigations” into this incident were now underway as no certain cause for this tragic incident has yet been officially indentified, but with some experts floating the “new story” that a new type of Taliban weapon may have been involved.

Even more curious about the American cover-up of this tragedy was Pentagon spokesman Marine Colonel David Lapan telling reporters during an off camera briefing that “no identifiable remains” of these US servicemen and the Chief of the secretive US Special Operations Command began lobbying against the release of names of those elite American commandos killed, though many have been indentified through their death notices in local hometown newspapers.

President Obama, who in 2009 lifted the media ban imposed by the Bush regime on the photographing of returning US war dead, suddenly reversed himself yesterday by ordering the Pentagon not to allow any media coverage of the heroic war dead returning from Afghanistan; though he did attend their return personally in what this SVR report says was his attempt to “plead” with returning survivors of this tragedy not to ever allow the truth of what really happened to be known.

To the likelihood of the American people ever accepting the truth of what really happened, instead of the lies they are being told, it appears unlikely as scientists from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have long found that if just 10 percent of the population believes something, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

© August 10, 2011 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.


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Afghan 'Time Well' Killed Elite US Navy Seals

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