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What & Where Is Your Mind? (Part 2)

Thursday, September 15 2011 @ 12:44 AM CDT

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Mankind, as I have emphasized repeatedly over years, is, essentially, an immortal species, that by its intended design. That is the innate potential of our species.

The only significant system which is not dominated by the legacy of the Romanist empires, still today, was that launched intentionally by the original system of the Massachusetts Bay Colony under the leadership of the Winthrops and Mathers, the colony which escaped, to become our U.S.A., from the imperialist rule by the New Venetian Party known as the British imperial system which dominates the trans-Atlantic and closely related regions now.

In fact, since the formation of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, as under the economic principles associated with the designs of a national credit-system-based economy, explicitly Hamiltonian principles have been embedded in the crafting and founding of that original Constitution.[13] Those who conformed in opposition to the likes of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, were honored by the devotees of British Liberalism; it was our nation which has suffered the consequent ruin, as since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and since the assassinations of John F. and Robert Kennedy.

The constitutional obligation which the foolish or corrupted admirers of Adam Smith had rejected, was nonetheless established as a tradition by the anti-"Tory" opponents of Adam Smith who rallied for the Massachusetts Bay Colony's Seventeenth-century leadership., most notably under the role of the Pinetree Shilling established under the Winthrops and Mathers, a role which had been continued until that government was crushed through the rape of Massachusetts by the New Venetian Party's Paolo Sarpi follower, William of Orange.[14]

Look back to the entry, at a later time, of the traitors Aaron Burr and such sometime Burr lackeys in the U.S. Presidency as Andrew Jackson and his one-time financial patron and successor in the U.S. Presidency, Wall Street's Martin van Buren, the latter the putative author of the Panic of 1837. From that time, until the U.S. republic's victory over the British empire and its slaveholder lackeys, a victory by President Abraham Lincoln's United States, the U.S.A. had been largely isolated and weakened by the rapacious British empire and its lackeys. Under Lincoln and President Ulysses Grant, that U.S.A. had surged to emerge as leading physical-economic power in the world at large. However, the assassination of President Lincoln by British channels, was a killing brought about through treasonous (chiefly Wall Street) scoundrels operating as lackeys of British imperial monetarist agencies. Under such circumstances, despite the struggle of our patriots against a treasonous pack of British financier lackeys in our midst, as under President Back Obama today, the wicked tools of London had delivered their dirty service to the British imperial cause.

Under an Oligarchical System

All relatively well-known and dominant models of modern economy, are broadly divided among two principal kinds of systems and their respective allies, and also British lackeys. The one is the essentially predatory model, such as the British oligarchical model today, and the other, the republican model of Benjamin Franklin, President George Washington, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and such others as Presidents John Quincy Adams, the assassinated Abraham Lincoln, the assassinated President William McKinley, President Franklin Roosevelt, and the assassinated President John F. Kennedy and his brother, all typical as figures hated by the British imperial monarchy, all the latter associated with the legacy of such as the Pythagoreans. That said, now, consider the folly of adopting the notion of the role of money as a political reality, rather than as a system of political credit uttered in assistance of fostering growth in support of a physical-economic reality.

That is political-economic reality in science.

III. The Future of Mankind, Now

It is possible to infer a future, possibly higher state of the human mind when man has willingly left behind the "baby talk" of such practices as contemporary mathematics. That end of the practice of a monetarist's virtual baby-talk, will come when that termination of childish myths of money per se was done in order to enter a higher state of intellectual life, a higher state in which the folly of present academic habits of reductionism has been abandoned. By that reference, I signify a physical space-time conceived as a domain of cosmic radiation, a domain which is adopted in its recognized use as a revolution in the notion of the function which brings speech closer to a universality of a higher system presently implied in its presently Classical system of harmonics in composition in the schools of Johann Sebastian Bach, and in such among his devoted heirs as those named Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Verdi, and Brahms.

We must no longer abuse ourselves and our neighbors by mistaking the categories of the five primitive sense-experiences, for intelligible "meanings." Nor shall we tolerate the debasement of humanity by alleged entertainments such as the animal sounds of the alleged "popular" musical entertainments of today. It will be a time when "grunt" means "grunt," rather than intending to convey something of a human quality of cognitive experience.

That is the future; but, happily, there are already some of more melodious disposition who are actually exploring that domain of a qualitatively higher, future habit of syntax. That is to suggest: "Speak of the future?

" You, brother, have still, clearly, a long way to go."

A few hints respecting the product of that future will help to make the general notion of this future a bit clearer, as follows.

This would not be an empty diversion; many today would be able to recognize some practical hints as to what that future development would represent. If we are intent on actually entering the human culture of man's future, there are some practical steps available, if we were determined to begin to sense what such a projected development would mean. Admittedly, what I shall have written here, points to only a few cases which might be explored. However, for the case immediately at hand, a few indications will have to suffice for the moment.

The first steps to be taken, must, of necessity, be, primarily, negative examples. The most significant of the "baby steps" into the linguistics of future science, are, thus, also, necessarily, of a negative portent: what's wrong with the way in which you speakā€”and, more important, think?

Tones Are Everywhere

Crude human speech, and syntax, too, is signified, in crudest expression, by the belief in a so-called "five senses." Therefore, reduce that set of five senses to the mere names of their respective sets of frequencies. Now, try out singing of those relative tones, with the intent of creating, thus, a chosen five-tone scale.

Now repeat that exercise for about twenty such points on the scale. Now, ask oneself: "What is the number of such notes which seems to correspond to a meaningful assignment of about twenty such notes?" What, assuming that you have chosen a relevant set and number of such notes, is the extendable relationship between that choice of a scale, and the allegedly real objects of action by means of which you have implicitly created a "language" which is chosen by you to represent some actually physical process.

You have now established some form of the real irony of the attempt to make an arrangement of sounds, defined in such a way, which attempts to convey a specific notion of some process corresponding to, for example, some chemical process. In other words, we are thus addressing the subject of symbolic relationships.

For the sake of a highly desirable approach to convergence between the two arrays, of symbol and a real process, we have gained a virtual leap to the obvious choice: of Classical musical composition and its actual performance. We have thus established at least three "parallel" cases (e.g., "channels") of sounded representation in the abstract, of "music composition as such," and, of the series corresponding to the physical intention of the formal series. We may have not succeeded in transmitting the object itself; nonetheless, we will have moved the content of the action from the fantasy-place of the present name of the object and its location to an at least closely positioned address in the proximity of the preferred target: in short, the mailman is in the relatively immediate vicinity of a civilized one.

That, however, is only a beginning.

By the time the development of intra-solar traffic has become fairly describable as regular, or nearly regular, production on the site of imports to, and from, nearby planetary locations will have been established to a significant degree. A certain degree of regular traffic among, and between planets will have begun. That traffic will be of products and imports from and between Moon-site (relatively more significant then), but also interplanetary traffic. The traffic will be promoted less by trade (during early times), than scientific and security measures mustered on behalf of security among the bodies of the Solar system, and also security measures taken on behalf of the interior of the Solar system. The accelerated rate of expansion of security measures will be in defense against the new threats which altered "weather climates" within both the Solar system and the changing galactic developments will offer.

The general shift of emphasis on the physical security of Earth, as within the Solar system, and regions of the galaxy, will be motivated by what may be classed as natural security. Threats from "natural sources," rather than human adversaries, will play an increasing role. The nakedness of man's lack of means for assessing and meeting the challenge of "natural" threats to mankind from within the Solar system and also the galaxy will be increasingly obvious as being natural threats to the security of mankind. The currently accelerated increase of security threats which must be broadly classified as "natural climatic disasters" is already becoming an accelerating source of grave strategic menaces to Earth-dwelling targets, chiefly what are to be classed as "natural" present and new types of "deadly" weather-conditions on Earth itself.

The general requirement will be accelerating demands for accelerating rates of energy-flux densities in technologies and the related capital-intensities. The urgent role of development of global systems of very high relative energy-flux density, as led by projects such as an extended role and capital intensity of systems such as an extended role of NAWAPA, linked, increasingly, to global development systems tying the continents of the planet to trans-oceanic and continental systems of increasingly higher energy-flux density and rising capital-intensity, will be rapidly extended, and with a rapid increase of the intra-planetary development.

Despite the rapid rates of increase of global-intensity of developments, the effective intensity of developments within and beyond the Solar System will soon begin to accelerate, rather than deter the rates of the mass of development across the widening distances and energy-flux densities required by the development of the planetary system.

Mankind's density obliges us to change, now, and that increasingly, that in every direction, in every challenge, and in every effect.

These challenges will become more an increase of mankind's power to exist, than a drain upon what might appear to many, presently, a limited prospect of our future.

[1] It is not the individual specimen which is biologically immortal; it is the only species which demonstrates, in itself, this species-characteristic potential.

[2] The likely problem of the reader at this point in the account, is to be the infamous paradox of Laplace, respecting the notion of time. That is a matter which shall be addressed at more suitable, later point in this present report.

[3] I.e., "pagan-religious" as used here, signifies "oligarchical systemic."

[4] Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte Mathematische Werke und Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass, Heinrich Weber, published by B.G. Teubner, Stuttgart, 1902; pp. 273-287.

[5] "The Application to Space."

[6] I shall return to that question in later chapters.

[7] This is an example of what some might identity as "pure LaRouche." This means that the ideas with which spoken, or written messages are associated, is not the actual form, quality, or content of the idea as known to the real universe, but, is, rather, a virtual shadow of the actually efficient expression of the idea. Human communication as such, as in the ordinary meaning attributed to "communication," must be judged as we distinguish the utterance of the idea's communication as a kind of analog of a "Morse Code rendition" of a political address, as transmitted as if from "East Oshkosh," of an address uttered, viva voce, from St. Petersburg.

[8] My own discovery in this matter is complemented by a kindred examination of the same issue of modern physics being addressed currently by my colleague Jason Ross. Jason Ross' approach is referenced to the still debated issues arising in the efforts to reconcile the approach to the notion of Abelian functions by Abel and certain others with that associated with the discoveries of Lejeune Dirichlet and Bernhard Riemann. My own approach to the matter is presented, summarily, in this present location.

[9] Consider the systemic error of Archimedes' notion of a quadrature of the circle. The correction of Archimedes on this account, was introduced to modern science by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, a correction which reflects Cusa's treatments in his De Docta Ignorantia.

[10] The failure to denounce the so-called "principles of sense-perception," is a prime example of such fraudulent oversights. The fraud of Euclidean geometry's a-priori "principles" is a case in point.

[11] Cf. The Laxenberg, Austria, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

[12] Perhaps the most notable precedent for Nicholas of Cusa's seminal De Docta Ignorantia, was implicit in Filippo Brunelleschi's contribution to the cupola of the Cathedral of Florence. There, Brunelleschi introduced the physical principle of the catenary (e.g., funicular) curve as a physical principle of physical construction. The further development of the notion of this curve was echoed by the extended notion of the combined catenary and tractrix by Cusa's follower Leonardo da Vinci, and as implied in aspects of the work of Johannes Kepler. Note the relevance of a certain error, which was exposed by Cusa, as Archimedes's erroneous effort to define the generation of the circular curve according to a merely formal geometry (such as Euclid's). Otherwise, Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia is the most crucial founding work for a modern physical science.

[13] Any government of the United States is obliged to fulfill the intention expressed by the Preamble of the U.S. Federal Constitution. This includes the intention of establishing and maintenance of a credit system, rather than utilizing the option of a typically European model of a mere monetarist system.

[14] As a result of the disintegration of the authority of the Habsburg-led Council of Trent, the original Venetian interest was divided into the Habsburg-associated faction which became known as "the Catholic party," in its opposition to the New Venetian Party of Paolo Sarpi. This division led into a revived wave of religious warfare. The decline of France's Louis XIV, and the rise of the Anglo-Dutch party associated with the followers of Paolo Sarpi, most emphatically since the "Seven Years War," led into the 1763 Treaty of Paris, through which the Protestant Party of William of Orange and the establishment of the newly minted British Kingdom created the conditions associated with the rise to power of Lord Shelburne in post-1763 developments leading into his 1782 accession to the Ministry. Shelburne's organization separated oppositional elements through respective British treaties among the United States, France, and Spain, and by creating the British Foreign Office. The Office has served as the actual ruler of the British Empire over most of the world, as over virtual British puppets, including numerous terms of the U.S. Presidency, as under George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jr., and British Royal puppet Barack Obama, since that time, to the present date.


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What & Where Is Your Mind? (Part 2)

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