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Friday, June 25 2021 @ 05:58 AM CDT
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New Jerusalem

Our Thoughts Today

Thank those kings, monarchs and the despots for not cutting off our heads, but blame them for the environmental damage and pollution, the forces of "modernization” caused once the “Third Estate” (97% of the east-west population) was liberated and became consumers, and then after World War II, hyper-consumers.

By John Waters

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Hope y'alls had a happy Oyster

Our Thoughts Today

Easter - the ancient pagan celebration and worship of the fertility gods, so say historians.. I had to wonder as millons of Xtians entered their Easter celebrations if they realize they are violating one of the warnings in the New Testament?

They were told by God in the Infallible Word, who is the same yeserday today and forever, NOT to engage in practices that would in effect:

Crucify their Lord and Christ.... all over again

NOTE: This article has words, it has text, even complete sentences.... but we've made it fully illustrated so even Palinites can understand it.. We're far more rogue than the rouged Palinite tongue talkers.

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Missing White Girl- FOX is all over it! Black Nation Destroyed= FOX Missing

Our Thoughts Today

AS we've said before: FOX is NOT a NEWS agency - It is a propaganda machine for the White GOP--

FOX tortured America with the missing white girl story for months, Haiti was merely a mention at the bottom of the screen.


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Fair and Balanced? My Ass!

Our Thoughts Today

Spent the day comparing the media reactions to the devastation and misery the Haitians are suffering from after the earthquake.

People that are poorer than any other nation in the Western Hemisphere are hit with a calamity of unimagined proportions. Thousands laying dead in the street. The government of Haiti crippled, it's President homeless, and helping clean up debris.

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News You Won't Get on Racist FOX for FOOLS Network

Our Thoughts Today

Compare the reaction, the method, the organization, the swiftness of Obama and his administration for the emergency relief and aid to earthquake destroyed Haiti to the incompetence, lack of compassion, lack of relief, lack of preparedness that the Bush GOP administration gave to US Katrina victims.

The difference is comparable to night and day.... or for the racists at FOX, to black and white!

While the people of Haiti are in dire straits, our president organizes IMMEDIATE relief, while FOX airs their illiterate Republicunt, hired to bash Obama. Within 12 hours help was on its way from the Democrat Obama administration.. He was not eating birthday cake with Republicunt's loser McCain, nor hours later was Obama sitting at his ranch playing guitar while Americans were dying and their bodies being washed out to sea.

Obama was not fiddling while Haiti burned, Bush was fiddling, playing, and eating cake when New Orleans burned.

Heck of a job, Brownie?

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The Educated vs. the Ignorant and Illiterate

Our Thoughts Today

Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda

By Chris Hedges

Millions of Americans live in a non-reality-based belief system informed by childish clichés - they can barely differentiate between lies and truth.

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Depression or Recession - Being Ready Better than Being Afraid

Our Thoughts Today

Over the years I have studied and researched the 'effects' of the Great Depression through history, recorded events, and live testimony.

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Freedom to be Christian

Our Thoughts Today

Giving Christians the Respect they Desire and Deserve

Come on folks, they're people too! Believe it or not!

They deserve the freedom to be Christians.

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"Zack's story"

Our Thoughts Today

I am Zack's grandmother. The little boy only 5 years old that told his story about the annunaki 8 years ago is my grandson....

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The Venezuela Elections

Our Thoughts Today

Here at, we have not commented one way or the other about the Venezuela elections and their proposed constitutional changes. There is a reason for this.

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How Much More Can this Impotent Kongress & the NeoKON RepubliKONs Destroy?

Our Thoughts Today

Nixon was more Jesus-like than this Hypocrite faith-spouting warmongering buSHITe administration!

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The Promised Land?

Our Thoughts Today

Christian Zionists Claim that the Nation of Israel is the Promised Land, but is it?

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Banking on a Clinton? Think Again!

Our Thoughts Today

Those that think salvation lies in the Democrat party's 'worst ever' selection of candidates for the presidency, have another disaster in waiting!

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When are the DemiKKKons and RepuKKKONs going to LEARN this is NOT a F**CKING Party!???

Our Thoughts Today

Most of our readers already know that the Repuke party will be out of business in 2008--

However the DemiKKKons better understand that 'real people' in the USA will not put up with their partying, pandering, pork, or pitiful attempts pretending to oppose the Bush Tyranny against the 'Real People' in the USA.

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Sick and Tired of all this BS

Our Thoughts Today

People are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the useless Bush bullshit.

How Long will the People of America and the World Put Up With Bush Threats against Peace?

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The Olive Branch was Offered

Our Thoughts Today

Been reading about the incompetent, illiterate Religious Khristian Right GOP Konservatives' attitude towards the President of Iran

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The Dangerous Book

Our Thoughts Today

I have read this book twice now --

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The Crucible

Our Thoughts Today

Had the opportunity to watch the movie "The Crucible" today.

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