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Sunday, January 24 2021 @ 02:37 AM CST
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Posthumous Secrets & Truths

Age of Reason

Layla Anwar

Funny thing Death. It has this amazing power to bring out to the surface long buried secrets and truths with this cunning ability to unmask. As if Death and Reality are flip sides of the same coin.

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An Arab Call to Sever all Relations with the USA

Age of Reason

Iraqi expatriates, Jordanians express disapproval of Saddam's execution

(MENAFN - Jordan Times) AMMAN — Iraqi expatriates in the Kingdom joined thousands of Jordanians expressing their disapproval of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's execution, which took place at dawn on Saturday.

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But It's Thomas Jefferson's Koran!

Age of Reason

Rep-Elect Keith Ellison Will Be Sworn In On Koran Once Owned By Thomas Jefferson...

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts

Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, found himself under attack last month when he announced he'd take his oath of office on the Koran -- especially from Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, who called it a threat to American values.

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From President Saddam Hussein to the People of Iraq (full text)

Age of Reason

Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq and the Chief Commander of the Combatant Armed Forces

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Why is it that the U.S. does not go to war against it's enemies?

Age of Reason

I just watched an interview between David Duke and CNN's Blitzer. While I am no fan of David Duke by any means, Duke outted Blitzer as a Zionist Regime Agent in the interview. Blitzer did not deny the connection. He is paid by AIPAC to push the Zionist theory on the U.S. public. We all sat up and paid attention when we found out the U.S. government was paying for favorable 'news' propaganda. Will we pay attention to Israel's paid propaganda?

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GOP Right WingNUTS think Al-Qaeda has Interplanetary Terrorist Capabilities!

Age of Reason

Bush Admin: We Must Protect Against Space Terrorism...

The Bush administration warned Wednesday against threats by terrorist groups and other nations against U.S. commercial and military satellites, and discounted the need for a treaty aimed at preventing an arms race in space.

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Sheriff Richard Mack says Americans can take back their country

Age of Reason

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Sheriff Richard Mack has been asked to run for President in 2008 by ordinary people who understand what he is about. But to make that happen there may have to be a DRAFT MACK Movement. That may well happen. Given the humor of American today this committed family man may well become the next president.

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They'd rather try to brainwash the masses

Age of Reason

Democrats still lack a solid plan (the GOP failed to produce one in SIX years!)

This headline has reverberated ad nauseum throughout the fear-mongering, nightmarish world of Radical Right Media Pundits. These mind controlling media puppets evidently have no real news or original opinions to comment on, so they rattletrap the RepubliCON campaign talking points, as newsworthy, deserving attention.

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Rethinking the Draft

Age of Reason

Ronald Reagan said it best: "The most fundamental objection to draft registration is moral." The notion of involuntary servitude, in whatever form, is simply incompatible with a free society.

by Rep. Ron Paul

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The Gospel According to the AntiChrist

Age of Reason

"We do not need an Osama bin Laden leading us." --television evangelist Jack Van Impe referring to Marion Gordon (Pat) Robertson

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Forgiveness---from whom?

Age of Reason

This weekend the news media has been filled with the reports coming out of Colorado Springs about the Grand PooPah of a 14,000 member church, all of whom have been duped. Rever-End Ted Haggard was outed as being gay by an admitted male prostitute.

Teddy the Boy Toy will be the butt of many jokes, mine included, for years to cum….

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Hat's off to a Hero

Age of Reason

Yea the progressives won... and we are patting ourselves with glee
and we deserve it -- suffering six years under an illegitimate theocracy...

But let's not overlook one thing....

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Our Election Reflection - Have Real Christians Come Forward?

Age of Reason

One thing NOT being spoken of by analysts, of which there are hundreds of thousands of them, is that this election should wake up both parties to is that the American people are NOT 'all' consumed with the agendas of the Radical Religious Right!

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Family Values - Sanctity of Marriage - Defenders of the Faith

Age of Reason

Be very careful WHO is representing YOUR values!!!

I for one DO NOT want these people representing me or creating a theocracy based on hypocrisy... by criminals.

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There is No Party for us tonight

Age of Reason

Progressives, Freethinkers, Truthseekers are all without a real political voice in the USofA. There is no party that can effectively voice our concerns and views. We leap to the Republican message of conservatism in election cycle, only to discover the GOP doesn't even know what conservatism is. The pond-scum in that party do not even hear their own conservatives crying from the wilderness. Progressives, Freethinkers, Truthseekers will be referred to as 'we' and 'us' in this article of reflection and weeping.

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Are You Next?

Age of Reason

It's been a while since I have written anything to my colleagues and compatriots in the Texas Nationalist Movement to restore the Republic of Texas. The controversy that erupted a couple years ago was hard for me to fathom or swallow.

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Before the Radical Right gets a chance---

Age of Reason

to pervert any message from God into their self-serving and self-profiting interpretations.....

The storms in New York, Mass., New Jersey, are NOT because of gays or Iraqis...

Perhaps the storms are his condemnation of the Radical Right conspiracy to set up a theocrasy where a republican form of government once existed. These storms a condemnation of illegal wars, legitimized torture, failing justice, starving Palestinians ---

His reminder that those people who hear his voice and heed his advice will turn from their wicked ways and restore human compassion, humility, freedom --- that he has said all he is going to say and doesn't need any self-proclaimed pundits like Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, et al to change his words.

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Support Bush and the GOP---

Age of Reason

Why you should vote GOP in 2006

Vote the GOP ticket for ME!


I am the leader of what was once a small revolutionary group created by the CIA to antagonize the USSR in Afghanistan. Before late 2001 our group was almost unknown in the USA, Europe and the Middle East, except in intelligence circles.

I have ties to other CIA operatives and CIA operations. One was Timothy McVeigh who the CIA used as a scapegoat for their failed Reichstag model in Oklahoma City. McVeigh was only a CIA courier. He delivered orders and instructions to myself and other CIA operatives.

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