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This site is maintained and operated for the benefit of persons using consumer type browsers, such as Maxthon, IE, Safari, Firefox, and a host of others.

Spidering, crawling, indexing, collecting, spoofing, phishing, hacking, spamming, mass downloading or any other back door technology (i.e. stealth) is strictly forbidden.

At this writing only two search engines have conditional permission to index this site for their search engines. All others are forbidden.

This site is our 'home' on the net, in a 'gated' neighborhood, and we welcome visitors, users, and guests only at our FRONT door. Spiders, crawlers, etc are illegal on this site because they break into our home through the back door.

Anyone breaking into our home on the net, is a criminal. They have violated our right to privacy and violated our civil rights. These criminals have stolen bandwidth, material, and other services from us.

Anyone, any business, any corporation, found using any method to access this site via any back door agrees to pay for such services, that we deem illegally obtained. By accessing this site through any back door stealth type, non-browser method, you agree to the terms and costs set forth in this legal notice for your illegal activities.

Attempts to gain access through back doors or to this site's registered areas by fraud, identity theft, spoofing, or any means other than a 'real' live person is deemed trafficking in illegal activities.

The identity hiding regstrars and/or the server hosts of the criminals will be billed at $1000 per page, link, software, or image accessed illegally, in that they are providing services that are enabling these criminals to operate and are accessories of their crimes. The federal authorities have already deemed the hosts of these criminals responsible for their activities, via the Patriot Acts. Federal authorities demand records from these entities, holding them responsible for content and providing services for such content. We are adopting and applying the same precedent.

It is with tacit agreement that anyone using or providing services that enable stealth and illegal means to access this site may have their identity advertised as internet criminals on any of our servers and/or websites. These criminals will be turned over to state and federal authorities with a copy of this notice.

Anyone installing anything or accessing this site through back door means to write anything on this site will be billed, along with their server hosts and/or identity-hiding registrars, at $5,000 per item plus $5,000 per hour for removing or repairing this site plus any additional costs due to these illegal acts.

Anyone attempting to 'investigate' this site, other than a Texas or federal authority that has been established by law for such purposes by Congress or the Texas Legislature is nothing but a common criminal. These criminals, i.e. faux authorities, operating illegally, and using illegal means to access this site are subject to and agree to the same payment of assessments as other criminals breaking in through our back doors. While they claim to be private investigators, they are little more than pond scum. Any private investigator breaking into our brick and mortar home would be shot as any other thief, and the same applies to our home on the internet.

Pretending to have authority to break into our home on the net is pretending to have authority under color of law, but without lawful authority from Congress or the Texas Legislature. This is a CRIME! It is the same as impersonating a police officer.

Reporting FALSE or FALSIFIED information about this site or its owners will be prosecuted under libel, slander, or fraud laws.

All back door criminals, as described above, agree to Texas jurisdiction in all these matters.

Anyone that THINKS they need information from this site that is not available through the front door, where our guests are welcomed, must contact our attorney and make their request.

NOTICE: To any entity using any back-door, stealth technology or any other non-browser means to gain access to this site, you have been forewarned.

L. Savage

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