FOX News Watch:
Fox created the
"War on Christmas" story



There was a heated debate on Fox News Watch, between the four panelists and the host. Jane Hall got very upset after she felt like she was being attacked by Pinkerton for her views. (Later on-Neal Gabler called it like it is.)

Jane: Jesus is for tolerance-to have Bill O'Reilly-has made this a huge issue. He's obviously getting a lot of feedback. John Gibson has a book about it, another Fox anchor. I think this is a largely a fundraiser for Jerry Falwell to pick up on some run-amok-PC...

Jim Pinkerton called Jane and Neal "media elites."

Jane: Do you go to church? You don't need to help me Jim, I resent the way you're characterizing this..

Neal: ...I want to talk about the media angle because we have avoided it-it's the elephant in the room. It's Fox News. Come on-It's Bill O'Reilly, it's Sean Hannity, it's Gibson. They're demogogues (A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace) who realized that in Christmas time you can-(garbled)- rouse the masses on this issue. They'll do it every Christmas. They did it last Christmas, they'll do it next Christmas.

Neal: We're at war, there's Darfur, there's an AIDS crisis and you're worried about whether people should say Merry Christmas? What world do you live in?

Pinkerton makes an idiotic statement that the world is changing and Neal doesn't like it. How about common sense Jimbo? Good job Neal. You stated the obvious and didn't shy away from the network you are employed by or their big guns. Since Bill is soooo sensitive to all of his critics, will O'Reilly go after Neal and Jane on his upcoming programs?


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