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Monday, September 21 2020 @ 12:44 AM CDT

My Guilty Pleasure: Watching Pat Robertson's '700 Club'

Whited Sepulchers

By Robert Paul Reyes

We all have our guilty pleasures, mine is watching the histrionics and hissy fits of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. When I have writer’s block I tune in to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, and sure enough the Rev. provides me with material for an essay.
Pat Robertson has a very annoying tic, he giggles at the most inopportune times: “The Lord has just given me a word of knowledge, He’s going to smite the sodomites (giggle, giggle) in San Francisco with a devastating earthquake.

The only time he doesn’t giggle is when he is begging for more money; Robertson is dead serious about fleecing his flock.

The Episcopal Church has elected a new Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts-Schori, the first woman in centuries of chief Bishops. “Appalled is too weak a work to describe this thing,” giggles the misogynist evangelist.

Appalling is the hypocrisy of Ted Haggard, condemning homosexuality from his pulpit and then engaging in sex with a male prostitute. Appalling is the conduct of Republican Congressman Mark Foley, sponsoring bills punishing Internet predators and then sending lurid emails to male pages. Appalling is the nervous giggle of Robertson as he makes yet another idiotic statement. Appalling is the homophobic rantings of Jerry Falwell that inspires some of his followers to kill gays.

The problem, he says, is not that she’s a woman, but that she does not exclude gays from any services and because she believes that Jesus Christ is not the only path to God.

Whether Robertson chooses to acknowledge it or not, there are already gays attending services even in the most fundamentalist churches. The only problem is that they are in the closet – just ask the Rev. Haggard. If only evangelicals would welcome gays so that they would be free to be themselves.

The Christian church needs a lot more ministers like Katharine Jefferts-Schori and a lot less like Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard.

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