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Wednesday, October 21 2020 @ 12:15 AM CDT

The Evolution Of Intelligent Design

Whited Sepulchers

By Dale Hill

Can you believe that, just this week, Great Britain and Ireland are rectifying their political and religious beliefs. So, ... let's teach that to us and to the Muslim Religion.

Crunching The Numbers - Evolution Or Creationism

I know, I know, I will get blasted on this one, but I am going there once again. Disagree with me, leave some chatter, and I guarantee I will read it. I don't even promise that, to my right-wing brother, ... so feel privileged.

So, ... why were the Republican candidates asked for a show of hands on those who believe in evolution? It didn't even come up in the Democratic "d-bait." Of course, we know that the religious "evangelicals," (a misnomer) won't vote for anyone who believes in evolution. Jeez (Jesus), how long are we riding this pony. At some point, that pony should die, but, believe me, the horse will never die as long as there is Christianity and The Bible.

We should believe that humans evolved over the years, and became smarter. Not so, ... it seems. Intelligent design (creationism) and evolution still heats up, but, obviously not to the degree that Bush and Iraq War has. Haven't we been through this a century or so ago, yet, here we are arguing over how man walked the earth?

But what if I said that man developed through, a now dead link mutation and then evolved from that source into where we are today in just a few thousand years. I've been stabbed about this, and I expect the same to happen again. You see, knowledgeable, liberal people simply cannot believe in The Bible as a source for our existence. Actually, a Biblical scholar would have an impossible time of believing either of the TWO creation stories, literally, listed in The Bible. Yes, there are two creation stories. Already over your head, huh? Well, ... let's dig in here and see what all those Republicans who raised their hands when asked if they believed in creationism, believe in. And, ... believe me, such a study, is quite interesting, if you use the Bible.

My dad went to his first and last class, school reunion back in 1990. Strange that he decided to go that year. He graduated from a now defunct school district, which has been consolidated into one school, Granite Public Schools in southwest Oklahoma. Dad died in April, not long after the reunion at 70 years old. Twice in The Old Testament, the writers give us 3 score and ten years to live. (Genesis and Psalms) A bit Lincolnish wouldn't you say? That means, 70 years old, of course, and my bet would be if we averaged up all the deaths in a given year, the median age would be 70 years. And Bill Maher hates The Bible. Remember this.

The King James Committee, commissioned by King James, duh, in the early 1600s, spent a lot of time deciding what books should be used in the project. They threw out several books that Catholics still include. Yes, ... the Catholic Church uses the same book as most protestants, except it includes several more books in The Old Testament. Remember Bill Maher hates The Bible. He thinks The Bible is responsible for millions of dead over the years, and we are seeing the truth in that with George Bush. But, ... no where in The New Testament can Bush find solace in his crime. Fact, most churches preach in modern day english but pray in the King James English. A bit odd, don't you think?

Now, here comes the screaming. Put your fingers in your ears. The King James commission, did their dead-level best to come up with the age of the tomb by adding up all the ages of the Biblical stars and came up with 4004 Before Christ (BC). (CE- Common Error, if you are Jewish.) There is a long and hard distance between 4004 BC and millions of years ago when dinosaurs owned the world. But, ... if you think about it, there is an even more accurate way to come up with the age of Moses, and ... Wickapedia uses it! Let us simply use math to determine the age of man. You simply cannot disagree with numbers.

Let us take the 6.5 billion that we have now on earth, and mathematically, work our way backward to the point that should have been the number of people there was at the beginning ... to say a given century. Now, ... don't back out here. In fact, it is easy to find out, since someone else has done the work for us, ... Wickapedia. It assesses the number of American Indians that lived in the Americas as over a million. Of course, that number quickly dropped as the Spanish and Europeans brought diseases, guns, horses and Christianity over, which wiped out huge numbers of American Indians. Since that time, we have 300 million people in the US, and we can use that number to figure out how long it will take to double our population in years. Population engineers believe that the 300 million will double by 2020.

Now for the 6.5 billion, world wide. Gotta tell ya', science and evolution doesn't hold up mathematically. Wickepedia comes up with 500,000 people in the year 8008 BC. If that is true, we are looking at millions of years ago for the dinosaurs, which doesn't dismiss the fact that mammoths and man existed at the same time. A real live mammoth is not very far down the elephant trunk. Beyond that, ... it would be hard to make a case that man lived along side of dinosaurs.

Fact is, the Bible creation stories really don't match up, mathematically to the literal interpretation of the Scriptures, nor does The Bible, itself? If Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, and Cain killed Able, then who the heck did Cain marry? Scriptures won't answer that. And, ... who were the "giants" that the Old Testament scriptures describe. CNN has been running a study of religion on Anderson Cooper's nightly program. It is pretty darn good, if you ask me. And actually, if you really study the Bible, dinosaurs can indeed be justified and even evolution. How is that? Simple.

Psa 90:4 Yes, in your eyes a thousand years are like yesterday that quickly passes, or like one of the divisions of the nighttime.

2 Peter 3:8 "Now, dear friends, do not let this one thing escape your notice, that a single day is like a thousand years with the Lord and a thousand years are like a single day."

Genesis 5: And Mathusala lived an hundred and eighty seven year and begat Lamech: and Mathusala after he had begot Lamech, lived seven hundred and eighty two year, and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Mathusala were nine hundred sixty nine year, and then he died. And Lamech lived an hundred eighty two year and begat a son, and called him Noe saying: This same shall comfort us: as concerning our work and sorrow of our hands which we have about the earth that the LORD hath cursed. (Jewish Scriptures)

Are we talking 70 years as an average age or should we use Mathusala's age? Anyone want to figure the above? But the real thing that one should get from this study is that creationism makes the mistake of thinking literally one creation day is equal to one human day.

So, anyone want to figure out how long it took God to create the world. I shall not answer that here, since time and God in The Old Testament and creationism are a bit out of my league. Now, I expect to get lots of comments from those who believe in The Bible and from those who don't. Remember, The Bible is the number one book sold every year, year in and year out. In fact, ... I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get a flaming email from Bill Maher.

Why do I believe in God? Many things, the least of which are children. Children are wonderful, and I simply cannot believe that children happened through evolution over millions of years, when mathematically, we should have popped up on the earth around 8008 BC. Check that date out again. But also, I simply cannot believe that "pain" just happened. Without pain, humans, animals, fish, and fowl of the air would have been exterminated years ago. A nervous system is a very complex phenomenon, worthy much more than 10,000 years or so; and if anyone is an expert on it, I should be. Severe osteoarthritis of the spine is no fun. That is why I am writing this at 3 AM.

"Sometimes, I think my daughter does not feel pain like other children," the father told me as we talked about his beautiful, somewhat autistic child. "She has come in before with a big scratch on her arm, with blood all over it, yet she wasn't crying?" There is no way that our nervous system could have developed, evolutionarily in 8008 years. No way.

Amazingly, fish have a complex pain system as well. Any idiot who has ever caught a fish and filleted it, would understand that right off - fish feel pain. And, ... while your putting that worm on the hook, it writhes in pain. A simple worm is not simple at all and has a system of pain built into it. And, ... not only that, one can cut off part of a worm and it will grow back the missing part. Now, ... there's a major miracle. Nope. Some how the worm was created with pain, just like us humans, and with the ability to regenerate itself. Anyone ever rung the head off of a chicken? Now that hurts. I wish that our teeth would have "evolved" like sharks' teeth, and I wouldn't be spending tens of thousands to keep my teeth from falling out.

So Bill Maher, you hate religion as you want, but don't try to cram your hate down others throats and be a little more flexible when it comes to religion. And, I defy you to watch Anderson Cooper's program on religion. It is quite good, thank you, and the last person who is interviewed, is much smarter than you are, Mr. Maher; after all, you are just a comedian without a degree in any science area. If so, ... show us your science degree credentials. Thinking your smarter than everyone else, doesn't mean you are. By the way, our foster granddaughter is graduating from college, Saturday, with a Chemistry Degree! But that's another story.

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Authors Bio: Is a 34 year retired educator with a Masters Degree in Counseling - a free-lance writer with articles in Spanish and English Guideposts, Mothering, Oklahoma Observer, Oklahoma Gazette, Westview, Oklahoma Reader, The Lookout, Christian Standard ... . The author has the largest number of published "letters" in the history of Time magazine and NEA Today.

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