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Thursday, October 29 2020 @ 07:44 PM CDT

Monica's Cultified Brain and The Utopia We Never Knew

Whited Sepulchers

by Nate Smith

This lackey, Monica Goodling, is some piece of work. I am flabergasted that this woman has an advanced degree from any University!!! Are we sure that she does . . . can any one define, “reactionary” for us. Oh wait, nevermind, Monica Goodling, has demonstrated the true definition all on her own.

This lackey, Monica Goodling, is some piece of work. I am flabergasted that this woman has an advanced degree from any University!!! Are we sure that she does . . . can any one define, “reactionary” for us. Oh wait, nevermind, Monica Goodling, has demonstrated the true definition all on her own.

You know, Monica, “what these kids need is a good swift kick in the ass to go out and get some jobs,” that’s what I always say. 14 hours per day in the factory will straighten these errant little bastards right out. Ahh yes, the good old days. When kids talked back you just starved them and sent them to work in a soot filled factory downtown until their precious little ankles swell and begin to throb. Their cute little fingers slice off in mills, grinders and machines of all types. Away from family, home and play all day long! Oh yes, how I long for the good ol’ days. The beginning of last century.

Not to mention, parents out working all day 6 or 7 days per week doesn’t leave much for family time now does it? Oh wait, I forgot, not much has changed in that regard. Like my dearest fellow worker, Linda, from her state job with me to working a grocery store Deli on weekends and evenings. Not much extra time for her 17 daughter. It’s the norm these days. Dad long gone to bars of steel and back out trying again.

What the delusioned crowd of religious utopians like Goodling are constantly blinded to is a little thing called, REALITY! When the children of the poor “white trash,” “wet backs,” and “coloured” types are back to work in child slave labor conditions then we will have our “good ol’ days back.” How do these people think all their extravagant weatlh and privelege was built. I supposed the likes of Robertson and Messiah University teach angels came down from Heaven with blessings of wealth and power for the (self) righteous W.A.S.P (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) society.

The good ol’ days, there was no universal public school. You were either educated by the W.A.S.P. or Catholic Religious establishment for a price of loyalty and first born. Or exclusive elite (W.A.S.P.) private schools, boarding schools, and the like. The children of the mass of the working class get starvation wage slavery.

This is the wonderful society our “reactionary” ultra conservative friends hope to bring back into being. Their evil empire of theft, trickery, deception, greed, white supremacy, violence, murder and ultimately genocide shall not pass the bar of justice.

Working class America as a progressive, generous and giving and hopeful people has done far better for itself than the theocratic tyrants of the religious right will ever acknowledge. We have through our direct struggle of many generations changed our world for a far better today. That today needs more vision for a better day tomorrow. Not going back into the darkness but forward into the light.

Here is a short list of what we have accomplished since Monica’s “good ol’ days” (as working people of all styles and flavors)
1. Abolished Child Labor 1912
2. Instituted Health and Safety standards in meatpacking/food industries. 1906
3. Established Universal Public Education for ALL children - Nearly eliminated illiteracy
4.Won the Eight Hour Day (And Weekends 0ff) Woo Hoo! 1896 - 1917
5. Women the right to Vote 1920
6. The right to organize and have Union representation on the job- 1937
7. Unemployment Benefits, Workers Compensation for injuries, Disabled worker pensions - (Disability Insurance) 1935.

And on goes the list of things that have helped us and our children as we struggle to make a living and have a secure future.

This truly righteous struggle goes on to the present day. For our children’s future, for the planet’s future.

- Women (this includes many low income working mothers, many of whom end up at my office, stranded on temporary welfare payments far below poverty.) This includes many women struggling between McDonald’s fast food and Wal-Mart style retail careers. What a Future! Hey Monica, we’ve come a loooong way down, baby!

We stand together with our mothers, wives and children to say Equal Pay for all. We will take the fight to the employers, the mega multinational corporate conglomerates until we have equal pay and livable wages for all of us.

Our struggle for an end to malicious marketing to our children by socio-pathic mega multinational corporations and conglomerates like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Cartoon Network, Disney, the U.S. Armed Forces (Pentagon / 5 sided Fist-A-Gon) etc. This is the reason our children are out of control. They are doped up on mega agri business high fructose corn syrup from every pore of the environment. Soda machines at school, fast food resturaunts, quickie marts. Then, Monica, they are hypnotized by millions of pervasive and invasive, insidious advertisements that use the best of human behavoir and psychology to control and manipulate our children into believing the lie that they need this product to be OK!

This is why the children have lost it. They have no past . . . it was made tabula rasa by the beast of babylon in whose shadow we live. They have no future, for there is nothing more left to dream. Dreams have been robbed by capitalist-consumer fantasies. All that is left is the present, desperately seeking oneness, peace and well-being but never able to grasp it with these corrupt means of free market capital. Buy anything you want any time any day just doesn’t satisfy does it, Monica?

No all that the children are left with is to “jones” for the next fad, food, celebrity gossip, game, or drug in the chase for that elusive “good life.” But it is not there. Instant gratification has no gratitude and we teach kids a bad attitude of possession, me, I and mine so the swine of capital market empire can climb the spire of worldiness to the precipice. Only to learn that gravity is much more powerful than man and/or in your case, Monica, Woman. I challenge Monica and her ilk, live down on one of my blocks, (from childhoo) for just 30 days. That’s it. I dare you to move to Teaberry Street for 30 days and tell me how your gonna take care of all those malnourished filthy little white trash babies? Tell me what is wrong there, Monica?

Oh wait, let me guess the kids need to believe more in Jesus and America, pray harder and work harder and all your dreams come true, right?

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