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Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 02:48 PM CDT

The Crucible

Our Thoughts Today

Had the opportunity to watch the movie "The Crucible" today.
As I watched this movie the parallels of today's absurd Khristian Movement and the Salem witchcraft trials were too obvious to ignore.

If you haven't seen this one in awhile, it's worth a re-watch!

It has it all, and you can place the 'greedy' preachers from the 1700's into the pulpits today, as they steal lands and money from the flocks they fleece.

Fundamentalist, conservative attitudes are prevalent in the twisted legal theories of the 'official' church in 1700 as they are today. Condemnation of innocent people as the fundamentalists try to force their views and dogma on the people at large. Any dissent is lynched as soon as possible, with the brainwashed sheeple cheering on the crimes and atrocities of the church.

Be very careful of today's conservative khristian movement -- they will devolve into performing these crimes against humanity. In fact, they already have! As the preachers of Salem in all their thieving self-righteousness lynched witches, today's fundamentalist preachers are lynching gays and doctors performing abortions.

I find nothing in the New Testament that grants these asshole Khristians the authority or right to condemn anyone.

Of course preachers 'make up' all the doctrines, the Bible be damned!

This Salem mentality is permeating the churches and the ruling elitists in power in D.C.

While the preachers are raping and brain-washing children, supporting harming the 'least' of the little ones, in violation of New Testament teachings - they have the audacity to condemn others! What about that verse that tells them to get the 'log' out of their own eye?

Just a bunch of illiterate hypocrites are these fundamentalist Khristians.

L. Savage

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