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Thursday, May 28 2020 @ 05:41 PM CDT

The Olive Branch was Offered

Our Thoughts Today

Been reading about the incompetent, illiterate Religious Khristian Right GOP Konservatives' attitude towards the President of Iran
President Ahmadinejad offered an olive branch to the American People and the RepubliKKKONs shit in his hand!

Warmongering Khristian fools in the USA deny Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression to a visiting dignitary!

That's the way to show those Persians what 'Freedom' is all about!!!?

Of course all those Iranians that caused the 911 disaster must be the reason for this self-righteous phariseeical indignation? How many were there on that fateful day? How many Iranians helped destroy the World Trade Center? ohhh-- zero - none!

President Ahmadinejad has offered to debate our 'thumb up his ass' president, he offered to meet with Bu$h, and wanted to offer respect and condolences to the victims of 911.

For those threatening actions Iran must be bombed!!!? For those threats he must be silenced. For those threats he must be denied entry to the USA of Hypocrisy!

The Reptilians in the RepubliKKKon party, the DemoKKKrap party, and the Evangelical Wingnuts, have been drooling venom from their fangs since the Democratically elected President of Iran offered the Olive Branch.

I always thought that foreign policy and foreign relations depended on open and honest communications between the nations? I guess I was wrong. Another nation wants to honor the fallen, the victims of terrorism, in a respectful and symbolic gesture and we the 'free' America must pile tons of human excrement on his head to have successful foreign policy.

That's the way to show those funny Islamists how great and how much better the Khri$tian methods are!!?

That's what those founding fathers of America envisioned! War of the World with the USA leading the pack!

Bu$h had this single opportunity to turn his sword into a ploughshare. He frittered away the one opportunity to turn a 'perceived and created' enemy into a friend and ally. He missed his Nixonian moment with China. He missed his Reagonian moment with Russia. He missed his Carter moment with Egypt/Israel.

He was given the last chance to show a single shred of decency during his administration and have some positive legacy to leave history. Bu$hits have been given many of these opportunities during their reign. They have pissed on and pissed away every one.

The USA should be ashamed at the treatment of the one holding out the Olive Branch of Peace. The imbeciles in the GOP and their sheeples have like their Jeezus cursed the tree. His was a fig tree - Bushits have cursed the Olive.

Farewell to the Age of Reason - the Khristian Inquisition has returned.

L. Savage

The handwriting is on the wall for the Emporer of Babylon

Bush has been weighed in the balance and found wanting, and so has Khristianity.
Or For all your money, your riches, I will destroy you in one hour----

Is it not a coincidence that Persia (Parsi) and Pharisee may be the same root source?
Brother against Brother.

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