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Thursday, August 22 2019 @ 03:49 AM CDT

Sick and Tired of all this BS

Our Thoughts Today

People are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the useless Bush bullshit.

How Long will the People of America and the World Put Up With Bush Threats against Peace?
On 9-11 there was no more a terrorist threat than there was when Bin Laden and his companion McVeigh plotted to take down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Both gentlemen were CIA trained 'company' operatives.

Bin Laden and his CIA trained terrorists then unsuccessfully attempted to take out the World Trade Center, though much underground damage was done to the building.

Bin Laden and his CIA trained jihadists then took down an Embassy of the US.

Bush, the CIA, the FBI were well aware of this level of terrorist threats and activity on 9-11. Some evidence points to complicity of the BUSH people, the CIA and FBI in 'allowing' if not aiding the jihadist attack on 9-11.

As with the Murrah Building attack, evidence proves there had to be inside help to accomplish such total destruction of such massive structures. Fertilizer is not going to destroy a building like the Murrah Building without inside detonators and bombs, set to blow and coincide with the fertilizer fire cracker outside.

I 'saw' on television - ONCE and ONE TIME ONLY - men carrying out one bomb from the Murrah Building on a stretcher.

Jet fuel is not going to melt the internal steel structure of any building when the fuel tanks hit the outside of the building. Many welders and metallurgists will tell you straight out the temperature of jet fuel burning is not hot enough to melt or weaken the steel. There had to be 'inside' help, along with complicity of all US security agencies and the military for any of these atrocities to happen. If not then the US must have the most incompetent military and security ever designed.

The hit on the Pentagon, a couple hours after the World Trade Center attack was ALLOWED. Why was this plane NOT taken out by the military forces?

You have to be a total unthinking moron to think that one crazy religious nut in Afghanistan was able to outwit all the security forces, all the intelligence agencies, and all the military expertise of the USA! This could not have been accomplished without inside help and complicity.

So the terrorist level was the same on 9-11 as it was for a decade! The US and the White House knew what the level of threat was!

The threat level is elevated because Bush and his GOP wingnuts catapulted a weak religious unorganized militant Islamic cult into fame and fortune. Bush and the Wingnuts GAVE Al-Quada what they could not achieve on their own. Bush made them famous and gave all disgruntled Moslems a 'hero' figure and organization to admire.

Bush and his WingNuts wanted WAR - and they GOT their wars with the ignorant and illiterate nuts of the media and Khristianity. Bush has lost both wars, even though the US military won and wins the battles. If that doesn't show and prove Bush's incompetence as Commando in Chief then what will?

Bush is the author and perpetrator, as Commander in Chief, of so many war krimes that any comparision to Hitler is absurd. Hitler was a saint in comparison. Hitler had his thousands and Bush his ten thousands, to compare them with Saul and David.

The current regime of Israel is a terrorist organization but no more than the Bush Regime. This statement does not absolve the Palestinians of their terrorist acts nor does it absolve Al-Quada of thiers. All of them are Terrorists.

The most ignorant act of the USA and the BUSH Khristians was to think that you could go to war to defeat the terrorists! Russia has been defeating terrorists for decades without total warfare. They know that the military options were not organized or set up to fight this kind of battle. This is not a function for a well organized and trained military!

Terrorists lurk in every nation on Earth and in every State of the USA! Religious Nutcases (Religious Terrorists) are running free in the USA and most are not Moslem! They are Khristians.

Do you go to war against the whole world to fight terrorists? It's absurd, and it's insane to think you can win against terrorism this way.

Think about it.. all the acts of the Israeli forces to defeat terrorist acts of Palestinian dissidents for decades has solved nothing, and stopped nothing. All it has accomplished is to turn the Israeli military into another terrorist organization. The same is true of the US military - they have become terrorists - not liberators - not victorious soldiers.

The only way to defeat groups of terrorists is the way that Israel handled the Raid on Entebbe, or the way Ross Perot got his men safely away from terrorists in Iran. Single, small strikes, against single small groups. Bush should have paid Mossad, since the US intelligence agencies are so inept and complicit, to find and behead Bin Laden - if and only if there was incontrovertable evidence that he did indeed orchestrate the 9-11 attacks. Such evidence must come from provable foreign sources - not from the inept US sources.

Bush is evidently toooo stupid to realize that such terrorists are the enemies of all governments, including Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan -- These nations could have been allies in defeating militant Islamic cults and terrorists -- instead Bush has turned the entire world against the USA, except for a few puppet nations that don't have a clue what the USA has really done.

I am sick and tired of Bush's incompetence and ignorance. I am sick and tired of the ignorant untrained nutcases that surround him. I am sick and tired of this puppet Kongress that bows to kiss Bush's ass everytime he farts.

You can read this tiredness in all the op-eds of writers speaking truth to power, writers speaking out for peace. Yet these tired, sick and tired writers keep up the good work, daily.

The GOP, the pervert party, has labeled all these writers as 'leftists', as 'liberals' when many are truly conservative or just common sense authors. I am basically a conservative in ideological perceptions, but proud to be labeled a liberal by today's conservative traitors to the US Constitution and to conservatism itself.

I am so conservative that I want Washington DC limited to the ten miles squared taking care of business for the USA, and leave the rest of the world alone, unless they ask for our NON-MILITARY help. The USA cannot be big brother to the world - it can't even fix potholes in the roadways.

If the current situation continues unabated, the US will be bankrupt, bringing on another worldwide depression. All we really export is War, Chaos and Armaments.

A sad tale for a nation envisioned over 200 years ago to be the model of peace and tolerance.

L. Savage.

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