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Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 03:41 PM CDT

Banking on a Clinton? Think Again!

Our Thoughts Today

Those that think salvation lies in the Democrat party's 'worst ever' selection of candidates for the presidency, have another disaster in waiting!
Hillary Clinton is the front runner! Obama coming in second...

Let's say here what you've NOT heard from the RepubliKKKON opposition
Let's say here what you've not heard from Democratic opposition to Hillary Clinton!

Remember Hillary's famous words as she and Bill were hiding evidence from the KKKongress?

'WE are the PRESIDENT'!

I can remember Alexander Haig being demonized for far less, as he stepped up to the plate when Reagan was shot.

We the President did what?

The Clintons LIED to get elected running on an anti-NAFTA platform and only a couple months into office Clinton signed that albatross into law. A law desinged by BUSH that not only destroys the American workforce, but as we are now finding out is destroying the workers of Latin and South America. It is merely a platform benefitting ONLY corporations.

The Clintons with their BEAST from HELL, Janet Reno, murdered, massacred, men, woman and children at Waco (Mt. Carmel) Texas. They militarily destroyed a church without an arrest warrant on a 'suspicion' -- NO EVIDENCE. Then not finding any evidence and not being able to prove up a lawfully executed warrant prior to the attack they burned, razed and destroyed every bit of evidence or lack thereof. Then in a purely Kangaroo trial they sent the few survivors to prison after 'hiding' all the evidence that exonerated these victims of the Clinton Massacre. Remember too, the Clintons ordered up military equipment to massacre the men, women and children.

They BURNED children alive to stop child abuse!

Should we bring up Whitewater? or Vince Foster? or Mena, Arkansas?
Mena, Arkansas was quickly brushed under the rug by Bush. It was the Bush CIA airport for distributing drugs, under the auspices of then Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton.

On their watch as we are the president, the United States was attacked within and from without in Oklahoma City with the bombing of the Murrah Building, where again all evidence was destroyed and buried.

On their watch the World Trade Center was attacked from within and without in the parking garage.

Within and without meaning that agencies in the USA and organizations outside the US were involved in the bombings or the destruction of evidence, or the coverup.

She has the track record of destroying evidence! WHITEWATER!

On their watch a US Embassy was attacked and virtually destroyed by Bin Laden and his CIA trained terrorists.

Don't forget that We the President also bombed innocent people in Sudan and Somalia on fake, falsified information of 'nuclear' or 'chemical' weapons plants.

Nor how We the President also forced the US into an illegal, unconstitutional attack on the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia, utterly destroying that nation and government. What's left is still a quagmire, left unresolved, at the UN and NATO.

Hillary wrapped in the flag voted FOR the illegal attack on Iraq under BUSH!

She is bought and paid for by AIPAC and other Israeli interest groups. She has gone outside the USA to gather campaign funds. (This is similar to what Tom Delay is under indictment for in Texas, since this is illegal in Texas). She is a corporate puppet, already taking in millions of dollars from corporate interests.

Don't think these 'donations' are truly donations - there are strings attached.! While being the media whore she is, she vowed ethics changes for the congress members, but she herself is guilty of the ethic changes demanded by the people in the USA.

Why have we not HEARD these history reminders from the RepubliKKONs or the DemocRATS? We are being manipulated! She is not only not the best choice, but could be the worse choice!

She stands to represent Israeli interests! She stands to continue warring or interefering in the Middle East. She stands against ethics and 'for' K-Street bribery operations. She stands to continue Federalizing any and all free institutions left after Bu$h.

There's not a razor blade thickness of difference between her and the insane Bu$h!

She was a coward when the nation needed leadership, correction, and redirections. She was missing in action when we needed statesmen/women the most. She has not and will not author impeachment against the madmen Bu$h or Chainsaw Chainey.

Rather than peace, she barks in tune with the RepubliKKKOns and other DemocRats against Iran, and others without any solid proof. She has not called Bu$h on the carpet for his LIES to seduce America into war.

She will be more of the same.. or worse.

Obama too is on the take from AIPAC, so America's best interests have been sold to the highest bidder!

Yes I hate Bu$h and all his incompetent, ignorant fools that follow him around as their god. But the major players in the line up from both parties to run for president are woefully lacking in integrity - honesty - statesmanship. They have foreign interests at heart, not the interests of the American People.

I will not run to the polls to JUST vote for a demonRat because its not a republicKON. Hillary is more of the same tyranny and travesty.. She and her hubby have the track record to prove this.

Ask Vince Foster (oh you can't)!

L. Savage

Hillary for President

See also: The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

We are the President Burned Alive Men Women and Children to Stop Child Abuse!

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