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Thursday, July 09 2020 @ 01:13 PM CDT

The Promised Land?

Our Thoughts Today

Christian Zionists Claim that the Nation of Israel is the Promised Land, but is it?

Biblically speaking, though no archeological or historical evidence supports it, the present day Nation of Israel is primarily those lands subdued by military conquest under the leader named Joshua.

This same territory, again Biblically speaking without any archeological or historical evidence, became the Kingdom of Israel under Saul, David, and Solomon. Later it divided into two kingdoms - Israel and Judah.

Christian Zionists attempt to enforce this idea that the current State/Nation of Israel is the Promised Land, the Land of Zion. Most Christian dogma teaches that this territory now occupied by Israel is the Promised Land.

Remembering those Bible stories (fables) : Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land to scout out this new land. They came back with tales, testimony, and witness to a land with huge fruits and occupied by a race of giants. These spies even returned with samples of the huge fruits that the land bore.

The story goes on that the Children of Israel were denied entry into the Promised Land due to their fear and doubt. Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, wanted to 'take' the land, but were overruled by the masses.

A few years later, Moses had passed on, Joshua became the leader of the nomadic Hebrew race. Joshua took the Children of Israel across the Jordan River where after massacres, wars, and many atrocities carried out by the Israelites/Hebrews -- they 'took' the land and divided it into the 13 tribal lands, named after Jacob's sons and grandsons.

No where after they occupied the land of Israel was there any mention of this 'huge fruit' in the land, and only a mention of one or two large people they called 'giants.' Where was this huge fruit and where was this race of giants?

This desert land with few resources, with little access to the sea, craggy, mountainous and rocky, was the land that Joshua warred against the inhabitants and took for the children of Israel. Is this the land that the Christians would have us believe is the Promised Land? The land of little promise with none of the benefits described by the 12 spies?

Continuing in the Bible story: After a few years when the children of Israel were settling these stolen lands, which were to become the Kingdom of Israel, one of the spies comes back into the story.

Caleb and Caleb's sons leave this conquered land to 'GO TO THE PROMISED LAND'! stating that they would defeat the giants and take the land promised.

This simple statement makes every Christian teacher and preacher claiming this Israel is the Promised Land an unadulterated LIAR!

Caleb, Joshua, and the Children of Israel KNEW this land they occupied was not the promised land.

Caleb is the English 'mistransliteration' of the Hebrew, Aramaic word Kaleef or Caliph, meaning literally 'dog.'

Many of the proper names in the Bible were also representing the person's career or job title. Like the surname Carpenter came from a family of carpenters or Smiths were some sort of metal workers, as in blacksmith, or goldsmith. Caleb may have been in the business of raising and training sheep dogs. I mention this so you know that it was not intended to be a ridicule of a person by calling him a dog. In many Arab countries sheiks and other persons of honor receive the title of a Caliph!

The Promised Land is the land where Caleb and his sons settled, which is NOT the land of the Nation/Kingdom of Israel.

This brings up a that curious, out of character statement, for the Jesus myths, where the woman begging for healing for her son went to Jesus. He told her he came for the lost Children of Israel and not for the dogs. Could he have been referring to the Children of Caleb, who had already landed in the Promised Land?

Edgar Bronfman of the Bronfman, Lansky, and Capone Mafia Syndicates, became the full owner of a so-called Jewish Organization titled World Jewish Congress (Canadian Jewish Congress). This organization did not have the backing of the Jewish people and the Bronfmans purchased it at bankruptcy prices. It is owned and controlled by Edgar Bronfman.

When Kurt Waldheim became President of Austria, Edgar Bronfman was furious and called President Waldheim a dog and called Austria the land of the dogs. Was he referring again to the Tribe of Caleb that went 'into' the Promised Land? Austria, Northern Italy and that region fit the description of the Promised Land, being such a fertile area. There was recorded, in history, that Northern Italy was once occupied by a race of giants, called the Rasseni.

The Arabs and Persians and all their Caliphs occupy lands of wealth, flowing oil - (milk and honey?) Perhaps the 1st born child of Abraham did receive the promise of the Greater Isreal, while the disobedient 2nd born lineage produced the 'stiff neck' people that got the heart of Greater Israel, but void of the natural wealth.

So if any of this is true, then the irritation in the Middle East is brother against brother, a jealous brother Israel -- envious of the wealth of his older brother Ishmael.

Regardless, of the 'possibilities' of the location of the tribe of Caleb, the Bible itself leaves no one doubt that the Nation/Kingdom of Israel was NOT the PROMISED LAND, and any preacher that says it is -- IS A LIAR!

L. Savage

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