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Thursday, August 22 2019 @ 03:48 AM CDT

Freedom to be Christian

Our Thoughts Today

Giving Christians the Respect they Desire and Deserve

Come on folks, they're people too! Believe it or not!

They deserve the freedom to be Christians.
The obvious fact is that Christians really believe all the stuff they spout as actual truth. Whether you or me think like they do is irrelevant. What's important is that they should live by their truths and have the unfettered right to live by their truths. However, the rest of us should not be forced to suffer under 'their' truths.

Their beliefs are their truths regardless of science, history, facts, common sense, or humaness. Christians have every right to transfigure their beliefs into their truths. It's what they call the transfiguration, based on a myth that started 10s of thousands of years ago. The church transfigured that historical fact into their god Jesus only 2000 years ago. Therefore it is a Christian truth!

Christians 'say' they believe in a very 'literal' interpretation of their godbook (guidebook?) the Bible. At times though, and it is their right, to leave the 'literal' and add a different interpretation. This is yet another of their transfigurated truths. Don't make fun of this, this is their right under the Constitution, and as non-Christians we must make way for them to practice their truths, no matter how absurd or damaging that truth may be. We have to make allowances for this.

One such non-literal truth to them is the Rapture, a word and theory they embrace as truth. It was somehow transfigured from the godbook into dogma, since the godbook never uses that word. They 'know' as truth that in the twinkling of an eye they will disappear from planet earth, taken into the heavens by their god. We should allow them, as their right, to accept this as their truth. Belief in this theory should be taken very seriously by the rest of us. Since this 'scary' scenario is in their truth-list they recognize the danger to the rest of us, we that 'know-not' of a rapture and the backsliders and those of other religions. As such, no Christian, since they believe in this theory as their fact and truth, should be allowed to have a driver's license or drive a car, nor should any Christian allowed to be a pilot of a plane or ship, nor should they be in any position or job where their disappearance might cause harm and danger to others.

Their god told them when he left planet earth 2000 years ago, that he'd be right back to gather them up. I think he said, 'behold I come quickly'. Since this event is right around the corner, so to speak, then no Christian should hold a position of high authority, like the president, or a congressman/woman. That could leave the nation in an emergency upon their rapturous disappearance. The world will continue on after their twinkling eye exit, and to have these positions vacated in such a manner would cause chaos. Remember that even after 2000 years, their god did not lie to them, for behold he cometh quickly in the twinkling of an eye. Odd, he came out of the grave in three days, and hasn't made another appearance in 2000 years, but this little detail is not counted in the Christian truth-list.

The word science starts with an 'S' and is backed up by the 's' sounding 'c'. Ssss is the sound that the serpent makes. The Christian truths say that the serpent is Satan. Since science has that 'Sss' sound it is Satanic to them. The satanic science is one of their evils that in their truths they must avoid. The rest of us must allow them to have this Christian truth too. To abandon this truth would force the Christian to have to admit that the literal godbook is wrong.

The current argument is that public schools are required to teach science and reading, writing, and arithmetic and that Christian children should not have to learn science... it's satanic. It is absurd for the rest of us to force their children into the school systems that teach the sciences. To honor their truth, based on their literal belief system, we must not require or even allow Christian children in the public school system! This system is abhorrent to the Christian and afterall there are Christian schools, where they can learn the Christian truths. We are not required to send our kids to these Christian schools, so they should not send their kids to the public schools. The two systems are at odds with each other as to what is truth, and the Christian truth will not allow them any tolerance towards learning the arts and sciences.

All Christian children should be enrolled in Christian Church Schools, not public schools. Since the Christian cannot tolerate science and arts, and would prefer a non-reading, non-thinking Christian child, then those 'few' allowed to learn to read should only be allowed to read the Bible and an occasional Christian book.

Christians have other truths they get from their godbook, one is called miracles, another is trusting their god for their daily bread (since god takes care of birds, he promised to take care of Christians). These miracle truths eliminate the need for insurance, for health care, even for earning a living. Christian truth is that if they have faith they can move mountains. With their faith-truth they cannot be hungry, ever, nor can they be sick. If they accidently get sick they can pray in a miracle to fix it. With this kind of faith they are all rich beyond our wildest dreams.

They have no need for any of our money or any of the government's money. Due to their truths they also have no need for any job, vocation or careers. They live in the lap of luxury thanks to their god and his promises in the godbook. Poverty cannot exist in the Christian truth system, for they would just pray away the poor, and call up a miracle truth. With this in mind we should send as many Christians as possible to areas of the world suffering famines, so they can pray away the famines, feed the people, and teach them how to pray away their sufferings. We don't have to send them with tons of food, all they need are 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread per 5000 people.

Christians should not be allowed in any store to buy anything. They don't need anything according to their godbook, for their god supplies all their needs. If a Christian enters a store to buy anything they are backsliding and in danger of going to hell.

Since they can move mountains they can erect buildings as fast as their god will come back, in the twinkling of an eye. They should not be allowed to 'buy' and mortgage homes like the rest of us, since they have the truth-faith-miracle thing working for them. No Christian should ever be licensed to be a doctor or practice medicine in any form, since that flies in the face of their truths.

The Christian's god in their godbook, condemned lawyers. Their god said 'Woe to you lawyers.' This is their truth from their godbook. So no Christian should be allowed to take a bar exam, hang a lawyer shingle, or practice law. Violation of any of these truths will send the Christian to another one of their truths, and that is eternal damnation in hell. To be a Christian lawyer in their truths would be an immediate ticket to the place of fire. On top of that if you had a Christian lawyer in the middle of a trial, he or she might just disappear in front of your eyes - and you'd have to go hire another one.

Their god said to eat human flesh and drink human blood to remember him and all his promises. We should allow the Christians to honor and remember their god and let them sacrifice one or more Christians on the altar once a month at every church to satisfy their god. This is their truth, and the rest of us have kind of forced them to give up the practice and eat crackers and drink grape juice instead. Our view should not be forced upon the Christian! They have the right to their truths and their literal godbook. If they don't eat the human flesh and drink the blood then they have disobeyed their god, and we non-christians should not be a rock in their path.

Another Christian truth we have denied them is the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth philosophy of life. Right now the Christian president has started a religious war in the Middle East, and the enemy uses suicide bombers to thwart the Christian president's goal to establish his Christian godbook and truths over there. As many Christians as can be gathered up should immediately be trained to be suicide bombers and sent to the Middle East to perform this needed service and fulfill their eye for an eye truth. This allows the Christians to live by their eye for an eye truth. To deny Christian the right to be suicide bombers, to satsify this eye for an eye thing is unconstitutional for it also denies the Christian their pursuit of happiness, to live by their truths.

The Christian should not be allowed near any orchard or any fruit bearing tree. Their god curses trees that do not put on fruit out of season and kills that tree. To protect the food supply for the rest of us, and at the same time allow the Christian truth to exist, no Christian should be allowed to farm, own any kind of farm, or be within cursing distance of a farm.

Never ever should we help a Christian, for it is their truth in their godbook, they must help the rest of us. They can do this with the faith and miracle truth. A poor person claiming to be a Christian must be declared a heretic by the Christian truth-system, since with their truth there is no excuse for a poor Christian.

The Christian godbook gives the Christian 10 laws that are very damning to disobey and about 1000 more after the main 10. One is that no Christian should make any image of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below. Christians cannot own cameras or be on camera or they have broken one of their truths. Stores, churches, court houses, must immediately destroy any religious statue, any representation or picture of their god, their 10 commandments, any cross, all stained glass windows. Historical religious paintings must be hidden or covered up so that the Christian is not forced to violate his truths. No Christian can be on TV! No Christian can own a television or see a movie of any kind! Even recorded music or radio is a violation of this commandment. The internet should be banned for Christians, there so many images on that thing, the Christian could be damned to that place of fire. Anytime we notice a Christian violating his godbook, we could be very nice and remind them that they are backsliding.

With the Christian truth, and remember they say they really believe their god and his godbook, then we should ask them to call on their god to end global warming. With the Christian's inside track to god, and their miracle-faith-truth, the ability to move mountains, then a couple of degrees or three shouldn't be too much to ask of them, since we are bending over backwards to allow them to live what they preach.

Don't make fun of the Christians or their god. He is a very scary looking god. Their godbook says he is an very white albino negroid with a sword stuck in his mouth. The literalness truth of Christians, makes this description of their god a Christian Fact!

L. Savage
Copyleft with link above

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