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Do the Dead Have Something to Say to Us?

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This excellent and controversial new book by Ross Hemsworth is a distillation of many years of dogged research into the fraught and contentious topic of paranormal phenomena and it covers just about every aspect of the subject.

Ross Hemsworth -Orbs & EVPs
Investigator and radio host Ross Hemsworth will discuss his latest explorations of orbs and EVPs, as well as how parallel dimensions could be the answer to the mystery of many paranormal activities.

Ross Hemsworth will be the guest speaker on Coast to Coast with George Noory this next
Wednesday October 24th, 2007


This excellent and controversial new book by Ross Hemsworth is a distillation of many years of dogged research into the fraught and contentious topic of paranormal phenomena and it covers just about every aspect of the subject.

In effect the work, which is generously illustrated, is a tour de force rollercoaster ride that is part biography and part ghost-finders manual leavened by a generous sprinkling of first hand accounts of investigations carried out by Ross and his team. The individual subjects covered range from NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) to EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena), poltergeists, materialisations and séances; it even strays into the minefield that is the subject of the Knights Templar, their aims and origins. Ross offers a unique interpretation of what their title may have originally meant and judging by the diversity of opinion surrounding this enigmatic organisation he may just have a point; hopefully this is a line of investigation that Ross will pursue in the future.

Although the narrative describes a series of phenomena that are frequently alarming and border on the unbelievable, and there is also an implicit spiritual quest for gnosis, it never loses sight of the simple fact that there are also ‘nuts and bolts’ practicalities and sheer, hard headed pragmatism involved. Paranormal research requires a number of parameters including dedication, like-minded colleagues and finance and although the enterprising loner is the exception rather than the rule, the whole thing functions much better when these individuals join forces. The group co-founded by Ross, ‘The Phantom or Fraud Project’, was originally comprised like-minded individuals who realised the benefits of mutual aid especially in terms of finance. Although these groups are not fundamentally designed for profit, if they do manage to achieve this it helps ease the strain on the pockets of its membership. Ross also gives an insight into how the social dynamic within such a group functions and how personality clashes and differences can ultimately lead to bad feelings, schisms and ultimately fragmentation of the group.

This is something that all would be ghost hunters should keep in mind; there is more to endeavours like this than expensive equipment, transport and in particular, time. While items of test equipment are desirable in terms of evidence, they are not a fundamental requirement and it is doubtful whether many of the people who buy the electromagnetic field meters and infrared viewers know how to use them to best effect, or for that matter what the readings actually mean. The only asset vital in making research groups like these function is people, and unless the group has access to a good quality psychic on their investigations then the test equipment only serves as window dressing and the readings taken are meaningless.

One thing that quickly becomes clear is that Ross has a great deal of experience in dealing with ‘Orbs’, perhaps one of the most inscrutable of all the phenomena regularly captured on digital pictures. He successfully demonstrates that these objects appear to counter the claims of sceptics and debunkers who assure us that they are nothing more than light reflected from motes of dust or tiny globules of moisture in the atmosphere and shows that they seem to have both intelligence and purpose. Unfortunately, like many before him (including me), he cannot adequately explain precisely what they are and where they come from; but there is little doubt that given the time and money he will.

However, one of the most contentious subjects raised by Ross is the proposition that séances involving ‘physical mediumship,’ where the medium claims to act as a bridge literally bringing the dead back to this realm in a solid form where they can be touched and spoken to. Ross suggests that we use cutting edge ‘black light’ technology, (an updated version of infrared vision), to illuminate the materialised form and the act of materialisation itself. This is of course exactly what is required to provide proof that these materialisation can and do take place; however, even if this does take place there will still be the deniers and debunkers who will no doubt claim that it is achieved using CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) and 3D modelling techniques. While some mediums are amenable to such innovations, equally, others are not, claiming that ‘spirit’ will not co-operate in such scientific endeavours. They claim that the presence of such lights inhibit materialisation due to the frequencies at which the lights operate. This of course opens up the issue of the nature of the afterlife and the simple fact that we are all creatures of frequency, whether here of earth on in the otherworld.

In conclusion, if there is any criticism to be levelled at the book it is this: such is the fascinating nature of the information it contains that it leaves the reader thirsty for more, which of course is no bad thing. All in all, this book is a valuable and totally honest contribution to the body of work already in existence about the paranormal and I have no hesitation in recommending it as an addition to the library of any serious student of this most elusive and ephemeral subject.

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