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Thursday, August 22 2019 @ 03:48 AM CDT

Campaign Fraud Criminals Lobbying For Campaign Reform?

Texas Topics

This is like putting the Pedophile Preacher in Charge of the Kindergarten!

GottaLaff: Ya think Tom DeLay, that darling of the Republican fraud sector has his hot-tub-shriveled fingerprints all over this one?
A Republican voter fraud initiative in Texas is actually a partisan scheme to retain power. How? By suppressing voter turnout of those who don't fall in line with Republicans.

Ya think Tom DeLay, that darling of the Republican fraud sector has his hot-tub-shriveled fingerprints all over this one?

At the same time, former Tom DeLay aide and current Tom Craddick ally, John Colyandro, who remains under felony indictment for money laundering and other charges, has formed a "think tank" that is already using faulty data and illogical statistics to justify vote suppression tactics.

But voter fraud does not exist. Tom's bff Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick says so. What? That's not true? I'm shocked.

These most recent Texas Republican efforts to suppress voter turnout are consistent with Texas AG Greg Abbott's taxpayer funded phony voter fraud enforcement unit that the Lone Star Project has exposed and reported on extensively here.

Why do Tom Craddick and other Texas Republican leaders want to spend taxpayer resources to examine a problem that doesn't exist? Clearly Craddick, Abbott and others are attempting to justify dramatic changes in Texas law and election practices, including voter photo ID requirements, senior mail ballot restrictions and voter roll purges, that will reduce overall voter turnout as demographic changes take place in Texas that are increasing the influence of minorities in Texas elections.

There's a thorough fact check on this that's well worth a look. Go here.

Then go pull your hair out. Then, after you've achieved baldness, go donate to your favorite Dem.

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