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Thursday, May 28 2020 @ 04:05 PM CDT

Both parties are enriched by making sure that THINGS REMAIN THE SAME!

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Those Damned Texians

The failure of U.S. and Texas 'Partyism' is to confuse economic form and theories with government rather than the national well-being of the nation (the people). It connected two things that are entirely different. Forms of the economy, however firm they may seem, are merely theories and are changeable. The nation of Texas is REAL people, not economic theories and ideology. Partyism is protecting the party structure to maintain the status quo and not safeguarding the nation.

Why Are We Texas Nationalists?

We are nationalists because we see the Free and Independent nation of Texas as the only way to bring all the forces, expertise, resources, and intelligence of the nation of Texas together to preserve and improve our existence, the conditions under which we live and to solve the problems currently facing Texans.

The nation is the natural association of a people to protect its life, livelihood, culture, and freedoms. To be a nationalist is to affirm, support, and promote this association in word and acts. To be a nationalist has little, if anything, to do with a form of government a symbol, a party, or political ideology. It is an affirmation of things that are real and substantive, not merely theories and ideologies that are forms. Forms (theories) can change, but their content, i.e. substance, the nation of people remain. If form and content agree, then the nationalist supports both. If they conflict, the nationalist fights for the nation and against the form. One must not put the symbol above the content. If that happens, the battle is on the wrong field and one's strength is lost in attempting to support a form of a failed or failing theory. The real purpose of nationalism, the nation, is lost, and the nation's resources wasted.

This is how things are today in the United States and its subject state of Texas. Patriotism and nationalism are perverted into party loyalties and party defenders are battling air. One says patriotism and means the Republican Party. Another proclaims freedom and means the Democratic Party. Would our situation today be any different if we replaced the Republican power base with a Democratic power base? The banners would have different logos, but by the nature of both parties, things would remain the same, for both serve the same master, the federal government of Washington, D.C.

Indeed, the U.S. Federal Government is a facade that conceals the facts, hides the truth, and spends billions of dollars every year to assure that things remain the same, regardless of how bad they are. The ruling party and government elites are the enemy of the people. The 'real' nation, consists of those who are struggling against economic slavery and fighting for real freedom. The federal and state governments have cloaked themselves in secrecy, even through illegal and despicable acts, while proclaiming 'open records and open government.' This is Orwellian Doublespeak. This is treason against the nation!

Party loyalties are the privilege of an elitist class. These party loyalties are the real reason for the United States and Texas failures and decline. When half are for something and half are against it, things balance out and nothing happens -- THINGS REMAIN THE SAME. It allows no outside entities to grow that might threaten their existence or offer solutions. That is how things are in the U.S. and Texas today. The United States has become the world's Pariah not because we do not have the will and courage to resist, but rather because our entire national energy, national resources, and our money, are wasted in counter-productive power struggling between the right and the left. This is the path to demise and collapse, and today one only has to predict 'when' the U.S. will fall into the abyss.

Texas Nationalists KNOW that Texas need not follow its current master over the cliff, into that abyss. Texas nationalists KNOW that Texas is a nation in every sense and being of the word. Her people are bound into a Texas 'natural' nation by its history and culture, NOT by any government or political party. Texans can succeed in stopping the demise of their nation of Texas by extracting it from systems that CANNOT and WILL NOT CHANGE THEIR COURSE. Nothing more than a piece of paper binds the Nation of Texas to the sinking ship. Tear up that piece of paper and grab the life preserver.

Texas Nationalism is more wide-reaching than just secession or internationalism. It sees things as they are. Only he who respects himself can respect others. If a Texas nationalist loves Texas, how can one hold it against a Mexican nationalist who loves Mexico? Only when national goals conflict between nations can there be a political struggles. Internationalism and U.S. Imperialism (a.k.a. American interests) cannot undo this reality. Its attempts fail completely and wars between the United States and the Balkan states, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, prove this premise and the falsity of the 'party elite theorists'. Even when the facts seem to have some validity or when the people of the world are mind controlled into believing the 'party elite' through government propaganda and/or the major mainstream media, then the blood of our children will be sacrificed and the national will to preserve the life of a nation, (the national struggle for existence on this earth) proves the falsity of U.S. party/government theories and unnecessary wars result.

The failure of U.S. and Texas 'Partyism' is to confuse economic form and theories with government rather than the national well-being of the nation (the people). It connected two things that are entirely different. Forms of the economy, however firm they may seem, are merely theories and are changeable. The nation of Texas is REAL people, not economic theories and ideology. Partyism is protecting the party structure to maintain the status quo and not safeguarding the nation.

The United States has mixed the nation and the economic theories into a single unit and the nation will necessarily collapse when the economy collapses. This is the real cause for the collapse of liberal society and the conservative government structure. It is rooted not in the nation of people, but in economic theories. Today, the failing economic theories, supporting runaway and unregulated corporatism is only an excuse for a system that brings economic doom. You have seen how the 'system' has recently claimed to 'help' people from losing their homes to a largely unregulated mortgage banking system (based on an economic theory). However, when you read the 'fine' print, there is little to NO help for the homeowners, but the 'system' instead has supported and subsidized the same economic theory, the same bankers, that caused the misery for the people in the first place. Once again Orwellian Doublespeak.

Neither party has addressed the problem. Both parties are enriched by making sure that THINGS REMAIN THE SAME!

From this information and knowledge, (i.e. the truth) we gain understanding and from which the Texas nationalists formulate their visions and demands. Faith in the Texas nation is a matter for the true Texan,--- not a group, not a class, not a party, not an economic clique, nor a ruling elite. The eternal will of the Texas nation must be distinguished from that which is doomed to failure and death. Maintaining a rotten economic system (that has nothing to do with patriotism or nationalism) is national suicide. Texas must extract itself from the rotten system of economics of the United States, and must extract itself from the governments of the U.S. and Austin that have committed treason against the very constitutions that allow them to exist. One rotten apple ruins the bushel, and we need to get our apple out of the barrel of 50 apples as soon as possible.

The economic theories and the economic practices of both parties are designed to exploit ALL the people of all classes, except the very, very wealthy. Only by secession from these systems of economic depression can there be hope for our people in Texas.

We are nationalists because as real and true Texans, we love Texas. Because we love Texas, we want to remove it from all systems that will destroy it. We cannot build a better future for Texas, nor can we have hope while enslaved to any system that is designed and bound to REMAIN THE SAME. How can you solve a problem, if you can't change anything you do? It would be like trying to stop smoking while being required to buy cigarettes.

Texas nationalists react with common sense regarding issues that come up. Texas nationalists know that religion and government do not mix! Organized religions have self serving reasons to attempt to make sure that THINGS REMAIN THE SAME! Religions have opinions and goals that NO government system can or should address. The intent of government is not to pander to religions, but to govern as defined and demanded by the constitution. NO government of any nation could possibly make every religion happy or a priority of government. Many government functions are by nature opposite to the tenets or dogmas of religions.

ANYONE in Texas who is against Texas Nationalism has self serving interests that are best served by a system that REMAINS THE SAME, even if that eventually results in doom for Texas. Party loyalists are self served by a system that remains the same for it keeps them in power while Texas goes to hell in a hand basket. Government leaders and bureaucracy employees and appointees are self-served by making sure THINGS REMAIN THE SAME! Mainstream media is self served by protecting the status quo and announce or print only things that will lend its support to assure that THINGS REMAIN THE SAME.

Our forefathers, Texas Nationalists, were not afraid of change. They seceded the Nation of Texas not only once from Mexico, but again from the United States. Our wise forefathers knew that change from the status quo was healthy for the Nation of Texas. They knew that decisions made for Texas thousands of miles away in D.C. were not the best for Texas, but were decisions for making sure that THINGS REMAINED THE SAME for Washington, D.C. While not perfect, our forefathers were not afraid to think outside the box, not afraid to address change, challenge the status quo and venture out into the world bravely.

Texas nationalists are not afraid of change, not afraid to extract their nation and their well being from systems that are designed to control both, keeping them on economic merry go rounds.

Anytime a government official, elected, appointed, or employed, makes decisions based on party loyalties and party/religious ideologies, overlooking the demands and stipends of the constitution, they have committed treason, and have supported the demise and doom planned for Texas. Anytime you have a government official or candidate that favors 'democracy' you have a person supporting treason against Texas and the constitution! Democracy was and is a failed theory, proven by its failure in Ancient Greece! It is mob rule and vigilante justice parading under immoral legitimacy.

Texas Nationalists support the 'republican form' of government of the constitution, that places minority opinions before government on an equal footing. It is the only 'democratic' form that, when observed and obeyed, makes all men equal under the law. When obeyed it provides a conservative government with liberal personal freedom! When the left and the right join hands you achieve the admirable humanitarian aspects that socialism performs.

Texas Nationalists love Texas and hold out hope for all people in the nation of Texas They know that Texas independence is not for a geographical location on the planet, but for the people that occupy that geography. If Texas is still a slave to the United States, then it's demise will also be the demise of Texas. 'That' nation of Texas is not the geography but the Texas people. It is this 'real' nation of Texas who will suffer.

BE A TEXAS NATIONALIST! Save your Texas from the U.S. Titanic! Tell the 'party elites' that the 'party's' over.

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