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UFOs & Allende

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If, like me and Greg, you are a fan of old-time Ufology and that long-gone era when (A) UFOs really were shaped like Flying Saucers; (B) long-haired space-beings with entertainingly-stupid names and from far-off galaxies demanded we disarm our nukes, stole our soil and stopped the engines on our cars; (C) there existed a UFO research group - NICAP - that actually achieved things, beyond the bickering and name-calling that typifies much of today’s scene; and (D) Ufology was actually fun, rather than just deathly serious, pompously self-important, and amusingly ego-driven, then this is a book you are definitely going to want: a very-welcome reprint of a decidedly strange book that has become legendary in ufological circles: The Allende Letters and the VARO Edition of The Case for the UFOs.

For those who may not be aware of the full story (or even part of it), here, below in italics, is the publisher’s burb for the book. I may not have lived through the 50s, but when it comes to Ufology at least, I kind of wish I did. Sometimes. Mind you, if I did I’d either be old or dead by now, so perhaps not…

DID THE PUBLICATION OF THIS RARE MANUSCRIPT CAUSE FAMED ASTRONOMER DR MORRIS K. JESSUP TO ‘COMMIT SUICIDE?” Or was he murdered because of what he knew? Only a handful of copies were originally printed on an office copier by a private government contractor.

NOW AVAILABLE AFTER NEARLY 50 YEARS On the evening of April 20, 1959, an astronomer committed suicide in Dade County Park, FLorida. Inhaling automobile exhaust fumes which he had introduced from the tail pipe through a hose into his station wagon, he died in the same academic obscurity in which he had lived, unheralded and almost unrecognized in his discipline. Ironicallly, the scientists only public recognition had come from lay people, who had read his series of four books about UFOs.

Morris Jessup’s first book, THE CASE FOR THE UFO, had tended to alienate him from his colleagues. It was a paperback edition of this volume published in 1955 that enmeshed Jessup in one of the most bizarre mysteries in UFO history. An annotated reprint of the paperback was laboriously typed out on offset stencils and printed in a very small run by a Garland, Texas manufacturing company with military ties.

Each page was run thrugh the small office duplicator twice, once with blank ink for the regular text of the book, then once again with red ink, the latter reproducing the mysterious annotations by three men, who may have been gypsies, hoaxters or space people living among humankind.

The spiral bound volume contained more than 200 pages ane became known as the Annotated Edition. A reprint quickly became legend. A few civilizan UFO enthusiasts claimed to have seen copies, but there were only known to be seventeen in existence one of which Jessup possessed. . . but which mysteriously disappeared after his death. . . never to be seen again.

This is a once in a lifetime offered reprint of the Case For The UFO with all the rare notes exactly as presented by these “strangers.” The big mystery is why the government would go to so much trouble to reprint a book that had been rejected by the scientific community and further to include mysterious letters to the author and even more bizarre annotations.

This manuscript is the first to hint at the Philadelphia Experiment, Time Travel and other scientifically “oddities.” It is a manuscript which has been long searched for because of its quite peculiar nature and its rarity among “those in the know.”

There are some who say this book is among the weirdest ever published on unidentified flying objects. One copy is known to have been sold for $1200. This reprint is but a fraction of the cost.This edition also contains a rare introduction by Gray Barker.

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