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Tuesday, October 27 2020 @ 05:54 PM CDT

Eternally Keeping Head up Ass Anti-Abortion Groups Shut Down Habitat for Humanity Project

Whited Sepulchers

by Jill Filipovic

Once again, abortion opponents reveal their disregard for life after birth.

I know we’ve said it over and over: “Pro-lifers” don’t seem to care much for “life” once people actually enter the world. They oppose contraception access, which could prevent millions of abortions; their political allies take no steps to assist low-income women; they oppose universal health-care; and they generally stand against any social program that would actually help women and children. In fact, 100% of the worst legislators for children are “pro-life.”

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when anti-choicers oppose programs that help born people secure shelter. And yet, even I was stunned at this:

An anti-abortion group has broken up a deal between Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity by blasting out 10,000 e-mails to Habitat supporters.

Planned Parenthood is building a 23,000-square-foot regional headquarters on Central Avenue, and planned to sell Habitat the land next door for a token $10 to build three below-market-cost houses. The deal benefited Planned Parenthood because the city required the clinic to put up buildings as a buffer between its parking lot and Cohen Way.

“We could have put up any building we wanted,” said Barbara Zdravecky, president of Planned Parenthood. “We wanted to donate the land so Habitat could build more attainable housing.”

So Planned Parenthood sold a large piece of land to Habitat for Humanity for $10 — PP needed buildings to go up in the space, and they figured that they would use the requirement for good. But “pro-life” groups were so outraged that they shut down the project — a project that had nothing to do with abortion, and only meant that there would be more attainable multi-family housing in Sarasota. According to the American Life League, the problem is any “association” with Planned Parenthood. Even when Planned Parenthood is essentially giving them a gift. Even when the “association” has nothing to do with any of Planned Parenthood’s activities, and simply amounts to more housing for low-income families.

Take action to counter anti-choicers’ stranglehold on the “life” issue: Go here to tell national Habitat for Humanity that they shouldn’t let themselves be bullied by anti-choice, anti-life asshats. And go here to donate to Habitat — and let them know that pro-choicers are their base.

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