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Thursday, October 29 2020 @ 08:43 PM CDT

Church of the Pedophiles Sues to Delay California Same Sex Marriages

Whited Sepulchers

Virginia-based Liberty Counsel is making a last ditch effort to stop same sex marriages in California.

by Alex Blaze

{Californians Need to tell these Virginian ILLEGALS to stay out of California's business!}
The Liberty Counsel is suing to have same-sex marriages in California delayed:

The Virginia-based Liberty Counsel, in a petition with the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, argued that the wording of the California Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriages allows the lower court to set the terms and schedule for implementing the decision.

Liberty Counsel argued that the high court's May 15 ruling put dozens of state laws addressing marriage into conflict and that the Legislature needs time to address those issues.

They don't care about putting it off. That's not the end game here.

What they do care about is the long-term in California, and they know that the more same-sex marriages that happen there before November, the more people are going to realize that their "sky is falling" message doesn't hold water. It's what happened, massively, in Massachusetts.

Oh, and when they start complaining about the out-of-state money and volunteers going into California, lets remember that this lawsuit is being argued by a Virginia-based fundie group and that a third of their money so far has come from non-Californians, with a quarter million coming from an international Catholic organization.

This is what being dragged kicking and screaming looks like. But they're still being dragged.

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