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Wednesday, October 21 2020 @ 02:37 AM CDT

This is a Christian I can admire!!

Whited Sepulchers

Ellisville man admits to beating pastor

An Ellisville man has been arrested on aggravated assault charges for beating his former pastor with an air hose in the church parking lot just before Bible study Wednesday night.

The suspect refused to turn himself in without the local media being present. Seven on your Side's Ontario Richardson was granted an exclusive interview with the man who laid hands on the pastor just before worship.

Michael Clark admits to assaulting pastor Steve Nixon of Calvary Baptist Church. Clark accused the preacher of text messaging Clark's wife. Clark said Nixon has sent what he called "inappropriate text messages" to other parisoners' wives as well, and he wanted to stop any communications before it got out of hand.

"I was not going to take the chance of letting that happen to me and my family," said Clark. "My wife called me about 3:30, 4 o'clock, after she got out of school and tells me the preacher from Calvary has texted her, and told me what the text message said -'Call me when you get a chance.'"

Clark said his family left the church earlier this year.

"My family and I have been gone from Calvary for about 3 months; therefore he had no reasons to text my wife. I pull up and I meet the pastor face to face, and I start whipping him with an air hose."

Clark added, "That not Christ-like. I told him that he should not be text messaging my wife. He didn't have a chance to say much; I worked on him with a air hose."

Following the interview, Clark went straight to the Ellisville Police Department and turned himself in.

Seven on your Side was told Nixon suffered several bruises from the attack. We spoke with Nixon by phone Thursday, and he admitted to text messaging Clark's wife. He refused an on-camera interview but added, "As pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, there have been false accusations against me. I will continue to give God the glory. Calvary is where Christ makes the difference."

Clark was released from jail Thrusday afternoon on $10,000 dollars bond. Also arrested were two of Clark's accomplices, Paul Graves and James Walters, both of whom are charged with the disturbance of worship.

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