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Thursday, August 06 2020 @ 11:00 AM CDT

Pedophiles are empowered by the Xtian Church

Whited Sepulchers

Nancy Grace asks, What kind of a world do we live in that a 14 year old girl can disappear walking to school. Today pedophiles and other sexual predators appear to be empowered. One reason for this growing epidemic is, I believe, that criminals saw for at least the past 50 years the Catholic Church - which you’d expect to be a moral leader - harboring serial pedophiles and covering their felonies. Believe me other pedophiles saw what was going on in the Catholic Church, saw the bishops continue to let priests get away with sex crimes against children, and the pedophiles became empowered.

by Kay Ebeling
Most people hypothesize that bishops covered up pedophile priest sex crimes to protect the church’s reputation or assets.

Whatever the motivation, a residual effect of the church’s aiding and abetting pedophiles is that -

Pedophiles have grown in numbers and extent of deviance in our nation
Many are likely victims of pedophile priests themselves.

When you have priests raping children, not only do you create thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people who grow up to become adults with sex problems, but a number of those pedophile priest crime victims could end up being sexual predators themselves.

(NOTE: A reader was very adamant in pointing out to me, that most of the crime victims of pedophile priests are actually the opposite of a sexual predator, many end up devoting their lives to preventing this abuse for other children. These victims become the strongest advocates for the safety of children and for the punishment of predators.)
So take the five thousand (5000) priests identified so far at Bishop Accountability Dot Org ( and say each one had 10 victims average, that is 50 thousand victims there, a rough estimate. Each of those victims affected the lives in some way of another 10 victims, the results multiply exponentially.

So it is not too far out to say a large part of the responsibility for what we have today in America - an epidemic of brutal sex crimes against children - can be put on the Catholic Church in the USA, indeed the church could be the cause of these crimes, because the bishops demonstrated to the world that in the church, protecting assets is more important than prosecuting pedophiles.

And the Church sets the moral tone for the nation so it’s said…

The Catholic Church continues to buy its way out of prosecution

Next week in L.A. there will be yet another hearing where the Church is fighting the plaintiffs over release of files from the July 2007 settlement. That's right July 2007. The Church has been evading release of files they agreed to release as part of that settlement more than 18 months ago. The hearing this Thursday hopefully will be the last, and the process of sending files to a mediating judge for review will proceed.

Yes, you heard right, the Church, acting more like an organized crime cell - is fighting release of files even to a mediating judge for in camera review, meaning no one but that one judge would see the files, and then decide if they should be released as part of the settlement. The July 2007 settlement.

The Church has a bottomless wallet full of cash that it uses to prevent anyone from finding out the true extent of its crimes.

We will be reporting here next week the outcome of the March 5 hearing in front of Judge Emilie Elias re release of personnel files of LA perpetrator priests.

Remember, it was release of personnel files in Boston that unleashed the 2002 barrage of shocking news about sex crimes of priests in Massachusetts.

We have in this country an epidemic of sex crimes committed against children that has grown exponentially in the past 50 years, both in the number of crimes and the extent of their violence. Is it any wonder? With Catholic priests getting away with sex crimes on children all across the country, that pedophiles have indeed become empowered all over the country?

Believe me the other pedophiles saw the aiding and abetting of felons in the church, and became empowered.

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