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Friday, July 03 2020 @ 08:09 AM CDT

The Rule of Natural Law (part 3)

Age of Reason


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

During my most recent return flight from Europe, I employed the leisure time so afforded me, to outline a number of topics which are to be considered as more or less mandatory sequels to my Economic Science, in Short. In this way, more on the subject of the principles of the individual's human creativity came out at the top of that list of either amplified, or added topics.
Now, especially since the downturn which came approximately March 1, 1968, we have come to far worse times than those of my young manhood of the immediate post-war decades. Even during those decades, we heard chatter about shrewd economic schemes; but, virtually none of the leading present managements of recent decades, has shown even what courtesy might prompt me to identify as respectable competence in management of our nation's economy. Most have become little better than swindlers in the likeness of Enron, of far less than some actual use to anyone, even themselves. Virtually no one in a position of financial potency in finance or management of the shredded remains of infrastructure, agriculture, and industry, actually has the slightest conception of how to go about bringing our virtually dead economies of the Americas and Europe back to life.

Today, authority and competence have virtually no common ground in either the enterprises or the financial houses and business management schools of today. Only a handful of economists, whose speciality is a serious grounding in recent centuries of history, are likely, these days, to show any actual competence in attempting to fix up the presently, rapidly disintegrating world economy of today.

Presently, the only remaining hope for our republic, and, also, even the world at large, is that the presently accelerating contempt which the Obama Presidency's performance is bringing down upon itself, will bring a qualitative change in the top-most positions of political and private economic leadership, something akin to the Franklin Roosevelt victory brought about in a rather different way all its own.

In the meantime, what has passed for the economic practices of the U.S. Presidencies since March 1, 1968, has been a tried and tested mastery of the art of awful economic incompetence. That fact is the most crucial knowledge which must be brought to the efforts to rescue the world economy from its presently onrushing plunge into a global new dark age today. That is to say, that most of what passes, in today's popular opinion, leading political circles, or otherwise, for competent principles of economic management of either governments or private enterprises, is, like Goldman-Sachs, worse than sham.

Such has become the spirit of this present age.

"Lemonade, anyone?!"

Beginning November 11, 2004, I proposed to relevant circles of the U.S. Democratic Party that the Party pick itself up from the floor of the incredible re-election-victory of the Bush-Cheney ticket, by preparing to defend Social Security against the campaign of rape intended by the pathetic Bush. My proposal was taken up successfully by the Democratic Party during 2005. During that same year, I launched a companion effort to prepare to rescue the massively imperilled U.S. automobile industry. On the latter account, I proposed to assign the portion of the floor-space and personnel no longer required for automobile production, for high-technology-driven programs of building up basic scientific, infrastructure and advanced industrial programs. This latter effort could have worked, but it was sabotaged by Felix Rohatyn and other swindlers in the international financier wings; in February 2006, the U.S.A. abandoned, and destroyed, the U.S. auto industry, which was thus already doomed to experience, under President Obama, what has happened to it now.

What has happened to our nation and its economy, out of a series of disastrous tours through the Bushes, and, now, the made-in-London Obama reign, has been an era ruled by something tantamount to treason, in transforming us into the wreck of the new century, the manifest destruction of our economy and much else under the direction of circles representing London-centered monetarist agencies which have sought to destroy our republic since its emergence, after February 1763, as a force of resistance to the drugs and slavery interests of the emergent world imperialism of Lord Shelburne's British East India Company.

Later, on July 25, 2007, I forecast that immediate breakdown of the U.S. economy into new world depression, the same still oncoming general, global economic breakdown-crisis under which the entire world is virtually dying today. At that time, I proposed the urgently needed action to rescue the remains of the U.S. chartered banking system through reorganization in bankruptcy, while also placing the entire system of mortgaged resident homeowners under bankruptcy protection from foreclosures. During the following weeks, into mid-September, I completed a set of proposals, all based on what I presented in my July 25, 2007 international webcast address; I proposed actions which would have, if adopted, saved the United States, in particular, from all of the ruin which both the U.S. Congress and both George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama have heaped on the U.S.A. and also most of the world, since that time.

In view of the now rapid sinking of the Obama farce, at last, the fresh chance for new leadership of our republic appears to be a bit better than an early possibility that we will get up from the dirt of a Nero-like arena, for one more chance at becoming ourselves once more. However, there is still much that is very grim.

As a result of that particular history, today, the history of the notable combined effects of the measures actually taken by the U.S. Congress and the Presidency, the result has been that the entire world is now plunging, at an accelerating rate, into a general, global breakdown-crisis. This is a crisis which, unless stopped by measures which I have presented, will mean the death of civilization, and perhaps as many as billions of people as a result of the policies which Britain's Prince Philip of the World Wildlife Fund, together with his foolish son and their lackey, former Vice-President Al Gore have proposed. A proposal which those culprits have made in response to an alleged, but non-existent "Global Warming" crisis. The intended destruction of civilization globally is presently intended to occur, beginning immediately, during the great global breakdown-crisis of the period of history immediately ahead. Adolf Hitler would be drooling in envy, were the British owners of their puppet-President Barack Obama, to have their way in health-care and other pet Obama "reforms."

Thus, if the U.S. economy is actually being destroyed out of the malice represented by puppet-like British instruments such as Barack Obama, say, "Scylla and Charybdis," as it is, presently; the present U.S. government and industry have the ability to destroy the United States through their malice; but, in general, they could not save it, if they would. The only world monetarist systems in which the United States and Europe functioned since March 1, 1968, are immediately doomed beyond hope; but, the reigning opinion has not a shred of intentional competence needed to save the world from a new dark age.

True, President Franklin Roosevelt saved civilization from a plunge into a dark age earlier. Something similar could have been done, as I had proposed in 2007. With what has happened since 2007, especially since the bail-outs of early 2009, only something much more drastic than a return to FDR, could rescue civilization today. Only the replacement of the world's monetary system by an Alexander Hamilton-style American constitutional form of credit-system could save any part, or all parts of global civilization today. This needed rescue needs much more than mere words on paper; it requires appropriate action. It requires the actions in policy-shaping for which I am the leading spokesman now.

Certain Very Hard Facts
The only actually available beginning of a general remedy for the presently accelerating, global, general physical-economic breakdown-crisis of both our republic and the world at large, lies in two mutually indispensable general measures of reform:

Put the U.S. financial system through global reorganization in bankruptcy, writing off the mass of financial trash which has been accumulated under the leaderships of Alan Greenspan, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, and the Obama crew generally, and transferring those assets consistent with the earlier Glass-Steagall standard from the accounts of a Federal Reserve-cued monetary system, into a resuscitation of our Federal constitutional absolute commitment to a credit-system in our patriotic Hamiltonian, constitutional tradition.

That affirmation of our Federal Constitutional commitment to a credit-system, rather than a monetary system, will create the premises for bringing a selection of qualified leading nations of the planet into a pioneering action whose intent will be to bring the U.S.A., Russia, China, India, and certain other keystone-nations of a new global credit-system, into being, to replace the incurably rotten, existing world monetary system. Without writing off most of the pure financial trash encumbering the economies of the entire world today, no physical-economic recovery of the planet from the present, planetary process of collapse into a planetary "new dark age" would be possible.

But, we also need:

The eradication of all international authority over the rule of this planet except that authority represented by a set of perfectly sovereign nation-state republics. The standard used for this purpose must therefore use the precedent of the post-World War II measures which President Franklin D. Roosevelt had intended, had he lived. The legacy of the Truman-Churchill, pro-neo-colonial betrayal of civilization on the occasion of President Franklin Roosevelt's death must be eradicated from the institutions of international cooperation among sovereign republics.

The immediate adoption of the use of a new international credit-system, represented by perfectly sovereign nation-state republic, and the cancellation of measures of so-called "globalization," according to the principles of peace adopted according to the legacy of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, the principles of the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. The sovereign nation-state must be restored to its rightful place as the true agent of representation of its people and their tradition. and all marches in the direction of a new, London-steered "Tower of Babel" must be cancelled without exception. A system of protectionist measures in aid of this policy must be established by treaty agreements among perfect sovereigns.

The sovereign nation-state republics of the planet must be engaged in an approximately fifty-year program of mobilization of national credit-systems for cooperation in urgently needed projects of basic economic infrastructure and development of industrial and agricultural productivity. The emphasis, from the start, must be large-scale, largely capital-intensive investments in basic-economic infrastructure throughout the planet, under a fixed-exchange-rate system of credit for the world as a whole. To achieve the intended goal, borrowing costs of between 1.5-2.0% simple interest shall be the standard for such investments in recapitalization of the greatly increased productive powers of labor per capita and per square kilometer throughout the world.


[1] LaRouche LPAC webcast, April 11, 2009.

[2] Essentially, Leibniz's dynamics (Specimen Dynamicum, 1695) echoes the dynamis of the Pythagoreans and Plato, and also anticipates the conception of the physical principle of the tensor, as by the leading work of Bernard Riemann, Albert Einstein, and Academician V.I. Vernadsky. For the significance of dynamics in social processes, as for Shelley, see relevant references below.

[3] I do not include the "Adam and Eve story" in this characterization; rather, I attribute that to a hostile, Mesopotamian genesis. It is also notable, that the actual universe is neither "completed" in any way, nor can it be completed. The actual universe is anti-entropic, and, as Albert Einstein emphasized, never completed, or completable in any prevalent sense of the term "completed," today. The notion of "completed" is an expression of an a-priorism which is merely typified by the fraudulent assumptions of Euclid, as also similar varieties of reductionist a-priorism.

[4] As I have emphasized elsewhere, creativity does exist within the Biosphere, as this is expressed by the emergence of successively higher orders of living plant and animal. Creativity expressed by the human will, which is my point here, occurs among no known living species other than mankind.

[5] This is not to speak of the more obscene systems of belief and practice familiar to the earlier Middle East.

[6] As Bernhard Riemann emphasized in his 1854 habilitation dissertation, it is the ironical changes from all customary notions of sense-perception, as these are encountered in the very large or very small, which present us with the relatively most crucial ideas respecting the general laws of the universe.

[7] De Docta Ignorantia (1440 A.D.).

[8] It is important to reference the correspondence of Carl F. Gauss with such as Farkas and Janos Bolyai, and with others, on the ruckus stirred up by Gauss' warnings to Jonas Bolyai on the subject of Jonas' claim to have discovered a principle of non-Euclidean geometry. The same criticism is extended to the claims for a Lobatchevskian geometry. The implied method expressed by Gauss's discovery of the Ceres orbit indicates the truth of the matter. The Nineteenth-century history of the subject of a "non-Euclidean" geometry was posed by the most famous of the teachers of Gauss, Abraham Kästner. Gauss, in his letters to the Jonas and Farkas Bolyai, and to others, on this matter, emphasizes that he had discovered a non-Euclidean geometry (premised on provocations in the work of his teacher, Kästner) during his studies of the middle through late 1790s. The application of the relevant tensor approach to Gauss's solution for the orbit of Ceres, shows that Gauss was actually using such an anti-Euclidean geometry in that discovery.

[9] The notion of a physical geometry which underlies Leibniz's notion of dynamics, is traced in modern European science to the role of the catenary (the "funicular" form of physical curve) employed by Filippo Brunelleschi for the construction of the cupola of Florence's Santa Maria del Fiore, and the development of the pairing of the catenary and tractrix relationship by Leonardo da Vinci.

[10] All of those Eighteenth and early Nineteenth centuries' Leibniz-haters among the followers of Paolo Sarpi's cult of empiricism commit a fraud kindred to that of such Nineteenth-century cases as Laplace and his three-body problem, Laplace's protégé Cauchy, and the hoaxsters Rudolf Clausius and Hermann Grassmann. The fraud against the work of Wilhelm Weber by Clausius and Grassmann, is typical.

[11] A conclusion I had reached through study of construction in progress as Boston's Charlestown U.S. Navy Yard prior to that time.

[12] While the act of a discovery of anything approaching a discovery of a true universal principle is an act by an individual person, it would be a serious mistake in method to imagine that a valid discovery of principle by a person means that the development and outcome of that discovery is an isolable, individual action. Here, the principle of dynamics (or, the ancient concept of dynamis) must be taken into account. The development of knowledge of true principles is an ongoing process of development of each idea, which occurs through the participating role of contributors to such a process of discovery. History is not a sequence of events, but a process of the self-development of the minds of the successive persons and generations which, in effect, transforms the characteristics of the mental life of successive generations.

[13] Locke died in A.D. 1704, but his influence permeated the British imperialist dogma to the present day inside the U.S.A.

[14] Dynamic is used in the sense of Gottfried Leibniz, and of the concluding paragraph of Percy Bysshe Shelley's 1819 A Defence of Poetry.

[15] The issue of which choice of English translation of the title of this work by Kepler, hangs upon emphasizing, on the one hand, the use of "world" in the sense of the universe as a single object, and, the more practical implication, of "harmonies of the worlds" which reflects the process by which the role of emphasizing harmonics in defining the discovery of universal gravitation in the organization of the worlds. The latter option is the more meaningful one, scientifically.

[16] Sky Shields' crafting of his revealing portrait of the method, based on the concept of the tensor, which Gauss had actually employed for his discovery of a series of asteroid orbits, is used as a typical point of reference comparisons, throughout this present report.

[17] The reference to the failings among even today's "leading scientists," reflects the accelerated down-shift of the ratio of actually productive members of the potentially total labor-force, in Europe as in North America, this as a consequence of the collapse of net levels of basic economic infrastructure in the U.S.A., in particular, since 1967-68, as this has been combined with a related decline in the ration of farmers, industrial operatives, (actual) scientific workers, and engineering and related labor, within the labor-force. The employed members of the labor-force had been, increasingly, persons employed in "make-work" of doubtful physical-economic and related value. Thus, the base-line role of actual science in employment, has declined, at the same time that pseudo-scientific personnel have been counted as part of the labor-force. Thus, there has been the loss of a science-driver mission, even merely technical competence, within the population generally.

[18] The same point is illustrated by the Pythagoreans' emphasis on the importance of the principal forerunner of European science, Sphaerics, as is shown by the emphasis on the concept of the "comma."

[19] Let no one who is not morally corrupted be so silly as to suggest that foolish Sir Isaac Newton ever actually discovered a calculus, or the principle of gravitation. The very fact, that Eighteenth-century acolytes of defenders of foolish and fraudulent Rene Descartes, such as Abbe Antonio Conti and the absolutely disgusting Voltaire, that the Leibniz infinitesimal pertained to merely imaginary numbers, as the foolish Abraham de Moivre and D'Alembert did, or as the more witting hoaxster Leonhard Euler frankly lied outrightly, opportunistically, on this matter, is that without the actual infinitesimal, there is no actual calculus, but only the simple-minded infinite series taught to Newton by his puppet-masters. The evidence is a matter of rather simple facts. My conclusion is that Euler, like many "politically conscious" opportunists of science today, was, as different evidence shows, too intelligent to believe a single word he said on the subject of the Leibniz infinitesimal, but too career-conscious to tell the truth at that, or even a later time.

[20] Hence, my expressed anger at hearing Lotte Lehmann's artistically slovenly coaching of the tenor performing Florestan's dungeon aria-monologue under her direction. Beethoven's intention in bringing the unfolding of the musical drama to that point was degraded to the purpose of transforming a sublime turning point in that opera into a disgusting moment, as a form of an existentialist travesty. The relationship between secular actualities and the immortality of the soul within a simultaneity of eternity which is the reference point of all Classical artistic work, is the domain of true artistic and related human creativity, as the Apostle Paul's I Corinthians 13 is to be referenced on this account.

[21] For this insight into the Opus 132, among the late Beethoven package of late string quartets and their by-products, from Opus 127 through 135, I must acknowledge the marvelous contribution to my insights by the celebrated primarius, Norbert Brainin, of the Amadeus Quartet. Our association began during the late 1970s, when he reacted to a Paris distribution of my public protest against the horrifyingly Romantic misinterpretation, under Lotte Lehmann's direction, of Beethoven's Florestan aria opening the second act of Fidelio. We met as a result, and soon became fast friends and collaborators. Later, when the Amadeus Quartet was to perform in honor of my 1987, sixty-fifth birthday, the sudden death of the violist Peter Shidlof, not only cancelled that appearance by the quartet, but, most notably, prompted the termination of the contract for the recording and intended pressing, of the new, then on-going series of performances of the complete Beethoven quartet cycle. Beethoven's intent in that composition is, typically, crafted from the standpoint of the real passions of human existence, which lie in the dream-like domain of the soul, seeking to impart a sense of the meaning of those shadows which the soul's reality casts upon the sensory domain. The emblematic fact about this termination of the intended publication of the new series, is that we lost the fresh view of the performance of the Opus 132 which, from my own discussions with Norbert Brainin, would have been a revolutionary advance in depth of insight over all extant performances of that work to the present day. Maestro Brainin's later death was a great loss to humanity, even on this account alone.

[22] Contrary to liars such as the United Kingdom's Prince Philip, and his flunky and former U.S. Vice-President Albert Gore, there is no present "global warming" syndrome, except in the wicked delusions of the dupes who believe in the pro-genocidal lies of the World Wildlife Fund. The world has already entered an intermediate phase of clearly defined "little ice-age," global cooling.

[23] Or the comparable argument of Friedrich Schiller.

[24] Elementarily physical bio-chemical evidence, such as that associated with the work of William Draper Harkins, V.I. Vernadsky, et al.

[25] On the basis of such conclusive experimental evidence, there is no doubt that Gauss was entirely correct in informing Jonas Bolyai et al., that Gauss had already discovered a proof of a true anti-Euclidean physical principle, already during the 1790s, contrary to the weak, failed effort of so-called "non-Euclidean" geometry of Lobatchevsky, et al. Gauss had obviously been prompted by the rejection of Euclid by Gauss's teacher, the great Abraham Kästner, but had gone a step further than presently available records of Kästner's work show. The reconstruction of Gauss's discovery of the Ceres orbit, leaves no further doubt of the relevant connections.

[26] Clearly, those who challenge Euclidean geometry only from the inside, are being either intellectually cowardly, or simply incompetent. They, like Lobatchevsky, have employed themselves, at least ostensibly so, in the hopeless quest of challenging their systemically presumed universe, from within the bounds of its own systemically incompetent presumptions. Once we have liberated science from such follies, as Riemann's habilitation dissertation did, we are obliged to rely on crucial-experimental discovery of universal physical principles, as Einstein and Vernadsky have done, rather than hoaxes such as the Aristotle-Euclid concoctions or the followers of the sophist Bertrand Russell in the so-called "Copenhagen School."

[27] E.g. Hermann Minkowski's celebrated, 1907 declaration of the end of "time by itself, and space by itself."

[28] H. Graham Lowry, How the Nation Was Won Vol. I (Washington, D.C.: EIR, 1987) Graham's second volume was suppressed in the making by, chiefly, two scoundrels, one Fernando Quijano and Quijano's lackey, the opportunist Webster Tarpley. Author (of Treason in America) Anton Chaitkin's protest against the fraud by Quijano and Tarpley, then, during 1990-1998, is relevant in this matter.

[29] In the case of Anton Chaitkin's work, the title of his principal work, Treason in America, defines, rather exactly, a kind of phase-space demanding further attention by Classical historians.

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