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Thursday, May 28 2020 @ 05:28 PM CDT

Meet Your Controllers

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Meet the ones that have taken mastership over your freedom and independence

Meet the destroyers and enemies of your freedom.

Meet the ones that have devastated your economy for over 150 years, time and time again.
Meet the ones that have endorsed USURY, perpetuities, and monopolies, all enemies of a free people and the genius of a free nation.

Meet the ones that created corporations, then gave them power over the people.

Meet the ones that presume to have a right to your hard earned wages, for any nefarious, illegal, unconstitutional goal they design.

Meet the ones that have sold out to the lobbys, the special interests, the corporations, wall street, banksters..... and who have sold YOU down the river to them.

Meet the ones that created non-human people that can rape you, break you, and bankrupt you, sue you, and these are not Humans that created the constitutions...

Meet the ones that presume moral authority over you, make laws legislating morals, legislating hate, legislating sex, legislating marriage -- without ANY lawful authority to do so.

Meet the ones that have reduced your God-given rights and importance on this earth to mere human resources, cattle to be herded, imprisoned, doped up, and mind controlled.

Meet the ones that have perverted the free press into political brainwashing operations, and the same ones that hide the truths of their illegal doings from you.

Meet the ones that have stolen your children from you, turned them into property, and hold the title on them.

Meet the ones that send your children off to illegal, unconstitutional wars, while their own are safely buried deep inside the government controlled universities.

Meet the ones that when under a terrorist threat from foreign sources, that refuse to safeguard our borders, put up token fences as if that will do anything at all, send all our troops to fight two wars in two nations that had NOT ONE of their citizens involved in a terrorist act against us....

Meet the ones that are so incompetent, they destroy the financial systems, then presume to tell our schools what they should teach the children?

Meet the ones that designed the system to over-school and under-educate our children.

Meet the ones that place high school sports higher in priority and funding than reading, riting, and rithmatic.

Meet the ones that presume you are guilty until you prove the negative! That you are not guilty.

Meet the ones that turn a blind eye to the Madoffs, Abramoffs, Alan Stanfords, Enron, Exxon, etc.... but imprison you for having even one joint of a plant that God Himself created and placed here for man to use and have dominion over.

Meet the ones that spend YOUR money on bridges to nowhere, while the infrastructure crumbles around us.

Meet the ones that tell YOU how to live, what morals to observe, what religion to belong to, what is right and wrong, while they themselves are involved in every form of perversity known to mankind and pretend to be holier than thou.

Meet the ones that give away YOUR money freely to almost every nation on the planet but refuse to bailout a state in financial straits, when THEY caused the financial disaster the states are facing.

Here are the Criminals:

Now meet your national salvation,

your political redemption,

your path back to freedom and independence.

Join now for only $20.00 a year as an associate of freedom



Seven letters that carry enough power to topple empires and make tyrants shake with fear.

Independence. The often silent partner of freedom that is the only guarantee for freedom.

What are these worth to you?

For the men in the Alamo, they were worth the ultimate sacrifice. For me it means the same. I have personally dedicated the last 13 years of my life to these two words. It has cost me friends, family relationships, business relationships and much more.

In the times in which we live, our opportunity to perfectly achieve these stands on the razor\'s edge. If more stand up and grasp the opportunity given then we will guarantee a future of freedom and independence like we have never seen. If more do not stand up then we will lose what freedom and independence that we have left.

In October, the Texas Nationalist Movement introduced an Associate Membership for those who wanted to support our efforts to secure freedom and independence in our lifetime. Many have taken the opportunity to stand with me. Many have not.

So if you haven\'t already I want to extend this opportunity for you. I\'m not asking you to work. I\'m not asking you to sacrifice. I\'m not asking you to hold off an army of thousands in a crumbling adobe mission. All that I am asking is for you to stand up and be counted with us.

For only $20 for an entire year this is the least that you can and should do for freedom and independence. Not just for you and not just for me. But for future generations that will never know freedom and independence if you don\'t act.

Is freedom worth it? If so then go to and make it happen.

Daniel Miller
Texas Nationalist Movement

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