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Wednesday, January 27 2021 @ 07:41 PM CST

Nuclear Attack On Nebraska US Air Force Base Foiled??


By: Sorcha Faal

Russian Space Forces are reporting to Prime Minster Putin today that the United States Air Forces’ Offutt Strategic Command Base located in Nebraska has survived a nuclear cruise missile attack directed against it after it was successfully shot down by one of the Americans particle beam weapons used to protect this most critical of US military bases.

So powerful was the explosion when this attacking AGM-129A cruise missile, armed with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, was destroyed that reports from one of the witnesses, Nebraska State Police Trooper Jerry Chab, was quoted by the Spaceweather.Com News Service as saying about what he believed to be a fireball that “It flashed for approximately 2 seconds and was followed by ground shaking, which prompted many calls by the public to law enforcement in a three county wide area.”

Other reports from Nebraska further confirm Officer Chab’s description of the downing of this nuclear armed cruise missile with the United States Geological Service (USGS) reporting that upon its being destroyed, just before 9:00 PM local time, they registered a 3.5 Magnitude earthquake.

Russian Military Analysts further state in these reports that this attack was not ‘unexpected’ by the Americans who had hours prior to the destruction of this cruise missile activated their missile defense system protecting North America under the guise of testing this system against an Iranian nuclear missile attack, and upon one of their particle beam weapons being fired to destroy it released an ‘unmistakable electronic signature’ recorded by Russian Space Forces satellites monitoring this region of the World.

Note: A particle beam weapon uses an ultra high energy beam of atoms or electrons (eg., a particle beam) to damage a material target by hitting it, and thus disrupting its atomic and molecular structure. A particle beam weapon is a type of directed-energy weapon which directs energy in a particular direction by a means of particle projectiles with mass.

Important to note of this latest attack is that it is the second one of its kind in the past month after the secretive Central Intelligence Agency base located at the Denver International Airport was similarly targeted in last month, and as we had reported on in our November 20th report titled “Nuclear Attack On Denver Fails, US Air Force Explodes Missile In Sky”.

Fueling the increasingly rising tensions between the various power factions in the United States seeking control of their Nation, and leading to this latest attack, these reports say, is President Obama’s ordering the ‘extermination’ of the CIA-Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) backed al Qaeda and Taliban terror organizations these spy agencies have used to plunge our World into war these past 8 years.

Indian officials are further reporting that one of the main ‘rogue’ CIA operatives involved in this plot, named David Coleman Headley, has been captured in the United States by Federal Police Forces (FBI) loyal to Obama, but are refusing to allow India intelligence officers to have access to him.

These US FBI Forces interrogating Headley are, also, now confirming that he has confessed to them that Pakistani Military Officers are working with these terror groups, and which led Pakistan to retaliate by arresting 3 American Embassy officers and issue a warning that the CIA now poses a ‘serious threat’ to their government.

As is always the case in these types of events, the American people are being kept from knowing the truth of these most important of events that are determining their lives by their government and propaganda media organs who seek not to enjoin their own citizens in protecting their Nation, but continue upon a course that will see these peoples become enslaved to their banking and corporate masters.

And not just to these attacks in their own country are the American people being denied information, but also to the expanding of their war into the Middle East, where after the CIA Director Leon E. Panetta’s meeting with Saudi Arabia\'s King Abdallah, on November 15th, US Fighter Jets have continued their attacks in Yemen where reports from rebel forces state over 120 people have been killed.

To all of these events it is not in our knowing as to their final outcome, other than an observation that when people, such as these Americans, continue to allow themselves to be lied to by their government and propaganda media in order for them to maintain an illusion of peace and security, their total destruction nears ever closer to them.

© December 17, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

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