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Thursday, May 28 2020 @ 01:25 PM CDT

Three Steps to Recovery? (Part 2)

Age of Reason

IV. NAWAPA Speaks!

There is no reasonable doubt that what was presented as the original design of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), the original prospect for an alliance in water-management among the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico, was no more than an indispensable, proverbial "wedge-end" of the intention for a vast expanse of the trans-Pacific region for the next great development of our planet as a whole.

In translation, that means, most essentially, a grand alliance in development of, most immediately, Russia, China, and the United States, a trio of nations which, by inherent notions of design, means, first above all, the leading role of the entirety of the Pacific-Indian Ocean basin, a role leading into the conquest of the mystical lure of both the Arctic and the Antarctic, and, along the way, the colonization of certain planetary expressions of the Solar system, and beyond.

What has already been noted by some wiser prophets of space-exploration, is the fact of the spread of the colonization of the Solar system's suitable ranges for such allegedly absurd purposes as proposing to reduce the net risk to humanity generally, of foolishly limiting the scope of our species' existence to Earth alone. We must consider the implicitly calculable threat to a human species which failed to reach beyond the habit of a human life confined to planet Earth.

Put the relevant "nay-sayers" such as the worse than silly, and probably deranged Barack Obama, to one side. We will find it useful to concede the point in advance, that such implied forms of undertakings for the future, require a per-capita energy-flux density vastly beyond anything presently known on Earth itself. So did Christopher Columbus's first trans-Atlantic voyage. So, "what of it" as that ugly bastard Bertrand Russell had once said; we are still experiencing a lunatic's virtually mass-suicidal sort of resistance to the indispensable role of established principles of nuclear fission; we are barely touching the vastly greater resources of thermo-nuclear fusion; and, have yet to more than touch the mere prospect of "matter-antimatter" reactions.

The one clear statement which our galaxy has provided for our edification, is that the conquest of a region on the scale of a Solar system, is a relatively junior grade of challenge once we had faced up to what is already the implicit future of mankind's role in this universe. Much of modern scientific practice, so far, has failed to grasp those underlying implications of the third, concluding portion of Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation.

Thus, we know so far, that human creativity begets human super-creativity, and that of still orders of magnitude beyond. We have, in brief, yet to begin to understand mankind's place within the reach of the nearby galaxies of our universe.

What has held mankind backward scientifically, up to the present time? The answer, at least the best answer provided by known scientists to the present date, is that the oligarchical principle, which denounces physical-scientific progress by nations, is a product of that shamelessly Satanic monster known to Aeschylus' account as the Olympian Zeus.

The willful, often British enemy of mankind, that oligarchical Olympian Zeus, has been the enemy from within mankind. The proper name of that present enemy of mankind is what is called, thus, "the oligarchical principle," otherwise best known to us in the trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean regions, still today, as the four ancient through modern, evil empires of ancient imperial Rome, the Byzantine system, the Crusader system, and, presently, the British empire in all of its sundry phases. The British empire of today, is the most monstrously evil of all among the greatest tyrannies which exist on our Earth still to the present day.

Lest you wish to be so silly as to deny what I have just written here on the subject of space-exploration, consider the British monarchy's currently stated proclamation to reduce the population of this planet from the order of as much or more than seven billions persons, to one, or less. Consider the level of stupidity imposed on the human population by the mass-murderous, so-called "green" policy which is premised on a combination of enforced relative bestiality and mass-murder, a current British imperial scheme which is intended to be far worse than that attempted by Adolf Hitler, as that same type of criminality is represented by the present "green" policy of the British imperial monarchy intended to be applied, presently, to the entirety of this planet. No one could deny, truthfully, that the British monarchy and its "green" policy are the most hideous of the leading criminal bands to be presented to all mankind presently.

That policy of an utterly depraved British monarchy and its satellites, is presently the gravest threat of mass-extinction of the peoples of this planet in all known history to the present date. Many millions of Americans, alone, are currently, already in the death-grip of a British monarchy's intention for its current puppet, President Barack Obama, presently. Those facts are clear; it is only the coward's fear among highly placed political figures to tell the truth, a denial of truth which stands in the way of bringing the human species back to safety from such predators as that British monarchy. The British mass-murder through London's policies for Africa, is to be seen by honest speakers, as merely typical of British imperial criminality, a criminality which is, in effect, and remains worse than that of Adolf Hitler's tribe still today.

The power to reverse such evils as those typified by the British monarchy's role as a present-day empire, lies in the power represented by the forces ready to gather around a trans-Pacific alliance among the nations gathered in cooperation around what I have identified, above, as the readiness for a leading role of the United States, Russia, and China, all in opposition to that mass of moral depravity which persists as the British empire presently. The greatest danger to mankind as a whole today, is the lack of the proverbial guts to support the necessary remedies at hand. The danger lies in what has been, so to speak, "traditionally," the question posed by the attempted reliance upon a presumably conventional notion of the meaning of a language suited to, and for science.

V. Decoding the Future of Mankind

Now, since I have brought into consideration the relatively brief notices contained within the two immediately preceding chapters, I return our attention to the original mainstream of this report as a whole.

In the two opening chapters of this report, I had warned that standard sense-perceptions do not represent the actuality of what common opinion still wishes, in the main, to believe are objects; but, they are not the actual objects of the real universe, but, rather, essentially shadows, rather than the substance of reality. I now restate those points which I had emphasized to this effect in Chapter I of this report. I emphasize the lesson to be adduced from two principal sources in the discoveries of the astronomy of a system of universal gravitation as the case was presented most successfully by Johannes Kepler.

For our purposes here, I begin this present chapter with references to the discoveries in Kepler's New Astronomy and Harmonices Mundi, the two works which are to be treated as a typical centerpiece of Kepler's treatment. Those subject-matters were treated as astronomical processes, with specifically superior competence by a special team of my associates whose work in this field had reflected some sharp criticisms of the rather typical, reductionists' errors made, a few years back, in, at least, one leading Boston-area university.

That now brings our attention to the matter of a crucial feature of Kepler's uniquely successful effort in founding a modern astronomy, as this is expressed most succinctly in his uniquely successful discovery of the principle of universal gravitation. His work was typified by both his discovery of the principle of gravitation, and by the additionally conclusive argument in this matter which is expressed by Albert Einstein's notion of a finite, but unbounded universe. Einstein's treatment of this matter is most notable, today, in that it has shown that, implicitly, no true principle of the known universe can be simply deduced as if "objectively."

Such is the problem which has been chiefly responsible for the confusion generated against Kepler's work in relevant university circles. In such and similar locations, the problem has been, most significantly, a result of a massive, fraudulent campaign against Kepler and his work which was launched by the same neo-Venetian scoundrel Antonio S. Conti (1677-1749), who was employed in a desperate effort to defame the leading scientist of that time, Gottfried Leibniz. Notably, Conti, a key forerunner of the pro-Satanic Adam Smith, held back his public attack on Leibniz, until Conti had received assurance that Leibniz had just recently died. The joker which Conti et al. used in their crafting of the anti-Leibniz hoax, was a crude British black-magic specialist known as Isaac Newton, the Newton who, as a matter of fact, never actually proved any discovered principle of modern science.

As I had noted in Chapter I of this present report of mine, no standard method based on the notion of sense-perception as such, has ever represented, nor probably comprehended any valid discovery of a principle of nature. Rather, taking the simplest approximation of an attempted definition of an object of experimental knowledge, such as the modesty of merely a few senses, we must consider the attempts to represent an experimental object in terms of a combination of differing kinds of sense-perceptions, such as "the meager five senses," as a serious form of systemic error. Kepler, who was a gifted student of the work of the principal, first founders of modern European physical science, and the only original discoverer of a physical principle of gravitation, derived it from the basis which had been provided based on the work of Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.

Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the principle of gravitation, made the first step toward the discovery of the principle of gravitation by a more adequate, interacting set of physical experiences. What was actually "measured," was a complex of shadow-like, sense-perception-like measures and the like sort of the shadows cast by a complex of observations of the form recognized as, at best, physical experiments. The most typical of Kepler's contributions to a modern physical science resulted in such achievements as Leibniz's uniquely original discovery of the calculus and the treatment of the subject of elliptical functions by the circles associated with Carl F. Gauss.

Certainly, there is nothing actually wrong in employing Kepler's methods. The crucial sort of blunders by Kepler's putative rivals and critics, arise when seemingly elementary deductive methods are presumed to provide direct evidence in support of conclusions which might be drawn from wrongly chosen evidence.

For our purposes in this present report, it is important to emphasize that the modern physical science of Russia's Academician V.I. Vernadsky, apportions subject-matters among three categories of phenomena: the Lithosphere, the Biosphere, and the Noösphere. Each of those three is defined, categorically, by respectively, (first) a principle of non-life, (second) a principle of life as such, and (third) a quality of action which underlies the creative principle of human cognition as such.[19]

Compare that assorting-process with Bernhard Riemann's argument in the concluding section of what I have referenced, earlier in this report, as the third section of Riemann's 1854, Göttingen habilitation dissertation. In short, for those and comparable reasons of evidence, there is no necessity of a direct correlation between the assortments of sense-perception and the efficient role of the work of the human mind's approach to definitions of adducible phenomena. The cases of the need to define "a principle of life," and that of "human creativity," are well used as among the most crucial implications required in defining the solution for the problem of bringing home the task of defining the actual objects of sense-perception, that done in the relatively most simple fashion.

A Riemannian view of the notions of "life" and "creativity" as principles associated with such prominent names as Albert Einstein, solves one type of question. This accomplishment was effected at the price of the obligation to define the meaning of "truth" in terms coherent with an appropriate physical-scientific method, rather than a merely mathematical one. Consider the following points of relevance.

A Matter of Substance

The intrinsic incompetence of mathematical methods respecting physical subject-matters, and also the still higher quality of human mentality, is fairly identified as "psychological," that in the most profound sense of the ontological implications of the use of the term designating the concept of "mind." I explain this crucial principle of a competent modern science as follows.

To introduce this presently, little-understood principle of mind, it is important to emphasize the fact, that two of the most important principles of all scientific method, are the related, but also respectively distinct concepts of "life" per se and "human mind."

Both of those latter phenomena are properly associated with the function of "metaphor": associated with principled characteristics of discovery in both Classical artistic modes and in the practice of physical science respecting the subject of discoveries of principle. The stubborn difficulties which are generally expressed, still today, in respect to both Classical artistic composition and the role of discoveries of physical principles, are of a systemic form of expression. This form of expression is that associated with those reductionist's difficulties which are lodged in the fact, of the incompetence often found among popular scientific and layman's opinions, such as those respecting both the role of physical discovery of principle in science and Classical artistic composition: both are products of a radically reductionist misapprehension of the principles of human creativity. This mental disorder, is typically expressed for diagnosis in the notable cases as to be treated in the cases of Classical artistic composition associated with the aid of competent insight into the roots of physical-scientific discovery.

Notably, on this account, it is essential to distinguish between what are fairly distinguished, as it is my practice to do this, as, for the one part, from the functional distinction of behavior of the functions of the brain as such (e.g., the "nervous system"), and, for the other part, the human mind. The capacity to define this distinction belies the reductionist misapprehension which presumes that there is a not a distinction of "brain" and "mind," a distinction which could not be effectively defined, except in respect to those functions of behavior which distinguish human creativity (a function of "mind"), from the relatively bestial notion of mere "brain." What is apparently the frequent difficulty in recognizing that distinction in the human individual, is that the two respective, but distinct characteristics are interactive, but that mind is qualitatively of a higher order than mere brain.

At first consideration of the distinction which I have just outlined, the evidence of the paradox is evident; but, the solution for the apparent confusion, needs clarification. I proceed as follows.

The Clarification

The most efficient distinction of the two states, as they interact, with varying degrees of relative "intensity," seems to express evidence to the effect that the difference is to be located as a sort of quarrel between a "creative over-brain" and a bestial (e.g., "literal") "under-brain": both inhabitants of a common, "normal" human individual, as distinct from the beasts. The challenge, is typified for illustration by the conflict between the conceptions of J.S. Bach and so-called "popular musical entertainment" today.

Now, continuing in the same hypothetical vein, take the following considerations into account.

Study the patterns of human behavior which contrast the world-outlook of the qualified Classical musician's performance to that of entertainments according to the post-World War II brutishness of those entertainments which are correlated with the habituating brutishness of the post-World War II "Congress for Cultural Freedom." That hypothesis does appear to typify the functional expressions of the problem.

Now, bring into consideration the role of the spread of the radically "environmentalist" syndrome in "popular" entertainments and related behavior: this apparent factor appears to belong to systemic characteristics of the referenced, degenerated mental type. The study of the tendency toward "menticide" among "de-cultured" adolescent and young-adult youth, provides examples of those whose tendency for "brutish behavior" is that of persons "lacking in cognitive skills:" a relevant subject for "clinical" studies of the relevant syndromes.

Training people to accept conditioning to expressions of existentialist behavior, certainly does tend to transform human individuals' personalities towards bestiality. That has been the long-ranging trend of changes in modalities among the successive generations of American and European populations, and in differentiations in patterns among social "classes" over the course of the recent nearly hundred years since my birth in 1922. The patterns to be recognized in study of patterns of behavior, tend toward a multi-generational decline in the quality and abilities of typically declining patterns of productive and related skills over the span of my own life from birth to the present time. Prevalent patterns of "cultural conditioning" of the populations over the course of successive generations, often do reflect a strong trend toward a rise of what may be fairly identified as "a depravity factor" among sundry social classifications respecting trends toward depravity in sundry classes of "groupings."

That much said on the subject of pathological patterns of behavior; for the present moment, approach the same topic, human, versus socially induced patterns of pro-bestial behavioral trends, for syndromes which I wish to make "more deeply" understood here.

Classical Artistic Composition

Focus intently on the experience of Classical artistic composition and the patterns of expression associated with that name. To push aside the tendency toward ignorant prejudice on this subject, compare scientific and Classical-artistic modalities. For convenience, focus on two periods during which what is to be termed meaningfully as ancient Greek Classical compositions and their modalities developed, and the modern Classical composition in art, science, and correlated general social-behavioral trends since the work of such as Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa.

For this mission, use the standard of rise, or decline, in the functional equivalent of "increase of effective energy-flux density" as since the work of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and their followers in the effective equivalent of rises, and also declines, in energy-flux density for both physical science and Classical artistic modalities. Take into account the role of "long wars" in fostering moral and economic degeneration among nations and cultural strata, as since the time of the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.

Consider the correlated phenomenon of accelerated incomes, and influence of the useless rich, with the decline in relative levels of physical incomes among the actually productive "classes," as typified by the Americas and Europe.

Now, attempt to resolve those types of speculations. For this purpose, examine the implications of the term "metaphor."

Metaphor as the Principle of Science

Earlier, here, I had posed the challenge embodied in the use of the term "metaphor." I had left the deeper meaning of the term aside until such time that I should bring the proper use of that term forward, as I am doing that, in carefully selected changes during the near-term here and now. "Time," as I shall confront you with that matter of meaning now, is essentially a pun (paronomasia).

Among the sundry categories of evidence which bear, more and more, as relevant events proceed, on the matter I am about to put forward for your attention, the pattern on which our attention must be focussed is fairly described, in the rough, so to speak, as follows.

Among the worst of the assumptions which need to be challenged here and now, is sets of widespread more or less popular presumptions which converge on the Laplacean fallacy of "clock time." A number of relevant scientists and the like have recognized that some sort of fallacy inheres in Laplace's argument, but, there is also concern, and outright doubt, but, often, also confusion, when serious scientists react to Laplace's doctrine.

From my vantage-point, the suggested kind of attention needed to this matter points in the direction of an interesting suggestion, as follows.

In living processes, in particular, we meet certain conditions under which biological progress moves as progress in virtual waves of biological development; but, in the same process, a process in its "pioneering" phase, appears to shift somewhat to a lateral development. It appears that in some cases, as in economic progress, for example, development shifts toward development of a form of moving ahead, by developing "sideways," rather than "simply forward." The effect includes compound effects which suggest that the process appears to have shifted, with the effect that the compound process proceeds backward in its time-effect, while the forward movement slows relative to the branches of progress which locate "progressive growth" as being located in a relatively major degree on the growth of the relatively more "primitive" phase as a dominant feature of the process overall. This is notable in physical-economic growth. Witness the process of progressive collapse of such economies as those of Europe and the Americas since the turn which occurred, for example, during the interval of the U.S. 1960s warfare in Indo-China. Since that time, such complex processes have become predominant in the trans-Atlantic sector: progress in the trans-Atlantic region has been increasingly backward in net physical-economic terms, and that increasingly, since the installation of the U.S. Richard Nixon Presidency, and otherwise.

Phenomena of that same general directedness of combined progressive and regressive net effects, are best considered in cases in which forward and regressive developments are occurring simultaneously, as this is prevalent in the trans-Atlantic domain, in particular since the processes of the U.S. prolonged warfare in Indo-China.

The appropriate rough measurement of processes which correspond to that pattern, must be gauged against the fact that, absolutely contrary to the so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics," the biological evidence pertaining to our galaxy, as gauged against the mass kills of about 96% of known species on Earth during the recent term of approximately a half-billions years, shows that holding back on physical-economic progress, from relatively lower, to higher biological standards for continued species-existence, demonstrates that the Nineteenth-century foolishness known as the so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics," and its religious arm known as "environmentalism," has been a fraud played upon the victims, from the outset.

As I shall be stressing that fact from here on, large populations have often been stupid in their mass-behavior, as, for example, in electing and tolerating a virtual disease such as the person of U.S. President Barack Obama. The aspects of mass behavior of peoples, or large rations of them, include the option of even virtually mass-suicidal forms of adopted national policy, with awful, and repeated effects of one sort or another. Only the human species is presently known to us as enjoying the privilege of willful control of its own behavior. Outbreaks of mass popular stupidity, such as that which brought both of the defectives known, respectively, as George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama into the U.S. Presidency, are not astonishing when the facts of that history is taken adequately into account.

The Oligarchical Principle

Most of the known societies from history have been victims of a cultural-mental disease which can be identified as the oligarchical principle. Many political-social movements of cultures and nations are to be recognized as expressions of that same oligarchical principle. For the purpose of our discussion here at this time, the entire trans-Atlantic community has been dominated, more or less plainly, by the oligarchical principle which reduces large masses of subject populations to virtually sick sheep, one generation more frequently more decadent than its predecessor.

The most significant contemporary case is that of the British empire which dominated our planet's system since that 1763 Peace of Paris which established the present-day British Empire in fact, since that time, to the present day. Indeed the only leading European nation which is not a virtually crushed victim of British imperialism today, is Russia under the leadership of such prominent leaders as Putin and Medvedev: the rest, for the most part, are victims of an epidemic form of British imperial dictatorship, a form named "governance."

That brings us merely to the threshold of the great principle to which we must turn our attention now.

VI. Science at Work

During the course of entering the Summer of 2011, I had completed a consideration which passed for the subject of a notion of time, a subject which I had considered over the course of decades of re-thinking of the increasing attention to Bernhard Riemann's work, especially the implications for the notion of physical time, a notion which was already implicit in what I have referenced, earlier, here as the concluding section (Section 3) of Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation.

During the course of time, I had become emboldened to undertake the shaping of a conception of a statement on the subject of physical time, as contrary to merely a linear clock-time. My views on that subject were, intentionally, in sharp contrast to those such as the followers of Laplace; this was an argument which I had taken up afresh in the Spring and early Summer of this present year,[20] a subject which I had resumed for further conclusions in the launching of this present writing, "Three Steps to Recovery," beginning the recent September 12th.

Throughout that previous Summer, until that September 12th, when I actually committed myself to begin this present report, I had written essentially nothing substantially new in my writings on the subject of "time," until I had begun composing this present report, about this recent September 12th. However, it has been evident to me that the subject of time was more perplexing than I had presumed earlier. That subject had now returned to the surface more clearly, and more emphatically, as now viewed in a relatively more advanced stage of a continuing progress than I had wished to assert earlier; I had thus presumed to risk putting these freshened thoughts to paper, as I am doing here.

The result of this continuing genesis has been the report now being presented to you for your study here. It has been a report intended, when completed, to be addressed principally to my young-adult professionals, that done with the intention to add a strongly motivated, if also suitably cautious, marginal emphasis on these more advanced matters which are the subjects of this present report.

In my determination to resume the completion of this report, I had found myself engaged in what I intended should prove to be a successful lurch toward completion in presenting an entire phase of that work on the subject of human creativity, which I have intended to be readied for early publication during this Autumn.

It should be noted in the following pages, that the emphasis of the challenge with which I was confronted in writing this on that account, had found its most convenient choice of antecedent for reference many years earlier, in Albert Einstein's important comment on the implications of Johannes Kepler's great work: the notion of a Solar system which is finite, but not bounded. The content of that adopted challenge, involved implications of the notion of causality, as causality is properly implied in what I have just referenced as what should be recognized as having been Albert Einstein's most notable conclusion on this subject-matter.

The Political Years

Against that background of these earlier parts of modern world history which are to be seen from the vantage-point of the so-called trans-Atlantic "West," the world is currently plunged into what now threatens us with the most menacing crisis in known, modern world history.

That requires a relevant amount of our deep rethinking, respecting the deeper ways in which the mind sometimes actually appears to work. That brings us back to the standpoint which I introduced for continuing consideration in the first Chapter in this report.

Therefore, since I had written the first Chapter of this report, not only Russia, but, lately, most of the world, has experienced a new political revolution.

This was made clear, in the recent joint action of the incumbent current President of Russia and his partner, the current Prime Minister, who are now designated to exchange posts.

Therefore, on this occasion, we must pause to rethink the strategic situation. Let us, therefore, rethink through the grand surprise which Russia's political leadership has just recently employed to outwit and outflank what has been Russia's and the United States' rather ancient and foremost enemy, the British Empire, as follows.

Russia's presently leading figures, the contemporary political leaders Putin and Medvedev, have not yet finally secured Russia's next re-election; but, they had become, quite suddenly, impressively near to their crucial, present strategic objective of great progress. Our own traditionally British imperial adversary is now mightily perturbed on account of Russia's recent progress. This relative achievement by Russia's leadership, as by those two candidates for re-election, has come forth at a time when what has been seemingly most of the U.S.A.'s leading "party" machines, have been, busily, sending themselves and their admirers down to a monstrously bad political defeat, even toward Hell itself, that as now shown in the launching of an intended, 2012 election-campaign of President Barack Obama and his appendages.

As Plato might have written, were he alive today, Titanic changes in the course of current world history have just now come to the surface again, this time in Russia, and among other important nations of the world, too.

This change of the political weather eastward of Russia's European border, means that the core of the potentially winning forces of the U.S.A. electorate, should now become aware, that nothing actually good is to be expected from the presently incumbent reigning Obama political leadership of the U.S.A., or from what had been until most recently, the present, downward-plunging trends of qualities and inclinations among the political leaderships of western Europe. Hopefully, there seems to be a bit of improvement on that account.

Inside the U.S.A. presently, relying on the mistakenly presumed quality of existing party leaderships until most recently, would be the fast track toward extinction under the present state of mind of the present trends in the U.S.A.'s Democratic and Republican leaderships. We in the United States, in particular, are being impelled to seek to overturn what had been the recent pattern of disgusting moral, economic and political failures which our Democratic and Republican "bosses" have provided since President "Bill" Clinton left the office of the Presidency nearly eleven years ago. Nonetheless, despite this, we do enjoy a small, if precious minority of those who are to be found among the ranks of current nominal Democratic or Republican parties' actually trustworthy membership of either of those two political parties. Nonetheless, the majority of the voters of both parties have come to reject their parties' leaderships, while tending, more and more, toward "independent" postures.

So, the trend has become, that party leaders find themselves surrounded by increasingly dissident masses in the nominal base of voters' support. The presently onrushing economic breakdown of general collapse of the trans-Atlantic region of the world's economy, has produced a significant ferment of impulses for fresh innovation in our social-political processes.

During that time, our republic has been impelled, as throughout the entire trans-Atlantic world, into the British-directed, steeply declining, and presently hyper-inflationary phase of the worst general breakdown collapse in what is customarily identified as modern, "Western" history. This trend has been, so far, the effect of utterly, shamelessly pro- British-imperial-dominated years under what are now nearly a dozen ruinous years under the reign of the succession of the mentally blemished President George W. Bush, Jr. who was already bad enough, and, the worst of them all, an ostensibly, visibly deranged virtual carbon copy of the Emperor Nero, Barack Obama.

The Financiers & Their Folly

The root of the present, systemic political crisis in the United States, actually began with the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and the incumbency of the virtual Wall Street/London puppet, Harry S Truman. Two terms under President Dwight Eisenhower reversed the worst strategic effects of the Truman Administration, but London and Wall Street continued to increase their power over the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy of a President John F. Kennedy had turned the U.S. economy and related policies back into the tradition of President Franklin Roosevelt; but, the assassination of President Kennedy, and also the assassination of his brother Robert Kennedy, sent the U.S. careening into the opposite direction downward, into which the U.S.A. was plunged, in net effect, over the entire period since the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy.

Under the effects of a continued mis-leadership of the trans-Atlantic world, that under the present tyranny of the present British monarchy, there would be, presently, no hope for rescuing the United States, from a presently onrushing, general breakdown-crisis of the planetary economic-political system in its entirety and perhaps even the planet as a whole.[21] The first actual sign of hope for a better outcome, was launched, as a very painfully shocking surprise, a sudden ruin of the strategy behind British imperial hopes, a serious setback caused by the sudden surprise delivered to the British and their lackeys, as represented by the decisions rendered by the joint action of Russia's President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin at the just recently concluded meeting of their party's convention.

Now, I emphasize the point, that western and central Europe themselves, had entered beyond the brink of the presently terminal phase of the worst general, hyper-inflationary breakdown-crisis in modern trans-Atlantic history. The principal expression of this crisis thus far, lies in the fact that unless that British royal lackey, U.S. President Barack Obama, were now ejected from that office in the United States, there had been virtually no chance proffered during and following the installation of the Blair Prime Ministry, in particular; it had seemed to be impossible to prevent a virtually immediately economic and physical breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic region of the world, an early crisis of a kind, which, if continued, the remainder of the planet could not outlive for long.

Fortunately, the recent actions led by Russia's leaders Putin and Medvedev, in their own successive terms in the office of Russia's Presidency, have brought forth the factor of a revolutionary moment in world history, a moment which has now demonstrated a great potential for initiating what were now presented publicly as otherwise deep-threatened changes not only for the benefit of Russia, China, India, and other East and Central Asia nations, despite the presently very advanced process of the threat of an oncoming collapse of the nominally leading political currents presently in office, but also great potential for a popular revival of the U.S. legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, now to be recognized as a true world leader from our past. Russia's recent action, together with its present partners, proffers the only present hope for escape from the presently onrushing, hyper-inflationary mass of human extinctions of the greater part of the trans-Atlantic and other regions—unless President Barack Obama were removed almost immediately during the very short time immediately ahead.

While the worst influences seemed to be in charge of recent world history, especially throughout the trans-Atlantic region, other processes have been in motion, apparently under the surface of what have been presumed to be reigning trends.

These feature notably, the presently continued acceleration of a form of trans-Atlantic hyperinflation which is already far beyond anything experienced in the 1923 Weimar "hyperinflation"; the trans-Atlantic economic collapse is already far worse, respecting its global magnitude, than any earlier financial crises of the post-World War II period.

Ah! But, there have been less noticed processes under way, as if under the surface.

The great Asia nations could not long outlive the after-shocks of the trans-Atlantic hyper-inflationary "bubble" overripe for a total-breakdown form of financial-monetarist collapse. Only the immediate retirement of President Barack Obama from office, could avoid the sudden extinction of as many as hundreds of millions of lives in even North America, Europe, Africa, and beyond, through effects of massive and accelerating famine and disease alone. Not only must Obama go peacefully, but, there is apparently no alternative to his going. Also, the likely fact is, that an assassination of Obama would uncork a nightmare perhaps as ominous, or worse, as his continuation in office during the approximate month ahead. He must be placed in secured, protective retirement immediately. It would be virtually an act of treason not to bring him safely out of office immediately; but, he must be out immediately.

There are two options for a needed, de facto, immediate removal of Obama from office. One option is impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, of which he is to be judged fully culpable, already. The alternative option is provided under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment's Section 4. At the likely minimum, as the case of a Section 4 action implies, the suspension of his powers in office for such reasons, would be the preferred immediate form of action to be considered. Any violent mass-action, by, or against the implicitly treasonous, or simply insane Obama administration would threaten a nightmare comparable to an Adolf Hitler, or Dick Cheney-led, bloody mass purge.

The Matter of a Recovery

The present level of destruction of the present economic system in place, when combined with the accelerating rates and existing magnitude of the trans-Atlantic rates of monetarist hyper-inflation, has now generated virtually skyrocketing levels and insurging rates of threatened changes, such that even an immediate halt to the hyperinflation, through a Glass-Steagall mode, could not, by itself, solve the problem of the levels of bankruptcy now being reached.

Yes, that is the apparent state of affairs. However, before that point were reached, Glass-Steagall must have been put into effect. Without that, no immediate and irreversible breakdown-crisis of a type leading into early waves of mass deaths, could be avoided. Unfortunately, the net residue of viable physical-economic assets has been diminished to such a degree that only the accompaniment of Glass-Steagall by a shift to a Federal credit-system, as was already implied under the initial U.S. Constitutional formation of a credit system could provide even a temporary rescue. The application of a credit-system, as a replacement for the present money system, or, for a worse kind of economic sickness, a monetarist system, must be promptly installed.

An exposition on the matter of policy must be presented, before continuing with the discussion entered immediately above.

'The Old Adam'

The likely objection we might expect from the more sophisticated, but still monetarist sources, would still put the U.S.A. (and other nations) under the same old ("The Old Adam") policy which has been the principal expression of the ultimate evils which now threaten the very existence of any civilization.

In brief, the amount and rate of monetary expansion which were needed to provide a net margin of actual recovery, would become hyper-inflationary under the trans-Atlantic world's present needs if any sort of "free trade" or kindred reform were attempted. To say the same thing in other words, a Federal Credit System steered into very high rates of "injections" of high-energy-flux density is now urgently required. Heightened capital-intensity of U.S. Federally backed programs related to a maximal rate of development of an extended version of the NAWAPA system, must be placed into motion, immediately, and at the maximum scientifically feasible rate.

Furthermore, the NAWAPA design must be extended to the scope of a Pacific Basin scale reaching deeply into regions such as Russia and China as also the U.S.A. and Canada. The characteristic features of such a credit-based Federal system, and their international systems of cooperation of what would be considered today as very high-energy-flux-density platforms for the agro-industrial foundations of the nations which are urgently needed for bringing even the bare recovery needed for the next two generations of mankind, require means of very high capital-intensity of power and net physical output.

Some Aids to Survival

Productive employment on a vast scale, is urgently needed now, even more than under the early years of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency. There must be relatively very high levels of energy-flux density, especially in very highly productive rates of investment in basic economy in the understructure on which essential marketable services and production of directly consumable agricultural and manufacturing output depend.

Fortunately, the recovery of the U.S. economy under President Franklin Roosevelt made an otherwise unattainable victory over a potential Adolf Hitler possible. As a result of the Franklin Roosevelt recovery of a U.S. under the conditions of World War II, we equipped our forces with tons where the Nazis were compelled to rely on merely pounds—as the relevant German leaders complained at that time. We must and can assume the model of the Franklin Roosevelt recovery again, now, and that with the greatest imaginable haste and vigor. That would work; nothing less could.

In brief, we must produce at such rates of increase of relative energy-flux density in productivity, that the increase of the net physical output of growth of the U.S. economy accelerates in such a fashion as to greatly outpace the debt generated by investment in expanded and increasingly productive rates of growth per capita and per square kilometer. As early colonist Captain John Smith is said to have said, "To eat, you must first work." Not only physical work, but high-technology physical-output in a capital-intensive mode.

In short, we must return to those capital policies of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton which rescued our republic from the onrushing jaws of monetarism, threats which have threatened the efforts for another American victory over our same old enemy, the British imperial monarchy, still today.

The Two Crucial Motives

There are two distinct qualities of action to be considered, respecting the urgency of removing the rabidly incompetent President Barack Obama to appropriate supervision, Federal protection, and legal action. These are not only urgent but mandatory: sudden removal for his immediately orderly and prompt suspension and personal security out from public office.

First, and foremost, for as long as he remains in office, not only is the United States almost certainly doomed; but, second, without a certain form of alliance among the United States, Russia, China, and certain leading other nations, especially of the Pacific-centered domain, that doom will be carried beyond the collapse of the immediately threatened trans-Atlantic regions, but, subsequently, throughout the planet as a whole.

The Galactic Threat

We must also consider the implications of a certain galactic-weather threat, as follows.

The most obvious of such threats to human existence, is presently onrushing threat of general physical-economic breakdown-crisis of most of the planet, especially the combination of the trans-Atlantic region, and, following that, the planet as a whole. The sudden and rapid opening of a general, physical economic breakdown of the planet, especially beginning within the Trans-Atlantic region, now, would probably mean a nightmare on the scale of a rapid collapse of the human population, a depopulation consistent with the current British monarchy's announced determination to collapse the human population to the level of no more than a billion persons.

The second level of threat comes from our galaxy. If, as is indicated, that the human population on this planet began at a time as early as a few millions of years ago, then it were possible that the human species might be expected to disappear in the way of the dinosaurs. It would be foolish in the extreme not to consider the possibility of such a challenge. In the latter circumstances, under expected changes expected by the shifts within Earth's position in our galaxy, human existence would apparently depend upon the development of technologies of far greater "energy-flux densities" beyond anything which could be possible at the relatively low-energy-flux densities of employed power associated with the presently impassioned primitive technological levels permitted by the British-monarchy-led, so-called "environmentalists" of today.

The root of that, factually, pro-genocidal policy of the British monarchy since the close of the Eighteenth Century, is the central feature of the global threat to the continued existence of the human species looming before humanity as a whole: the so-called "environmentalist movement," the oligarchical program of fostering of genocide threatening the continued future of human existence at the present time.

VII. Charlemagne's Legacy

Briefly, shift the subject to a timely theme:

In the English translation of President and General Charles de Gaulle's uncompleted Memoirs of Hope, he began as follows:

"France has emerged from the depths of the past. She is a living entity. She responds to the call of the centuries. Yet, she remains herself through time. ...."

That opening statement by President de Gaulle, is not precisely true.

In that matter, we must never forget Charlemagne's France, a France then comprised, in Charlemagne's time, of the essential territory of what is known today, to a large degree, as the separate nations of France and Germany, a France of that Charlemagne who was the partner in anti-imperialist alliance of another great sovereign, that of the Baghdad of Charlemagne's time, Haroun al-Raschid. When these two leaderships had died and their reigns shattered, Europe had degenerated rapidly into what became the perpetual religious warfare which concluded in the so-called chivalry of that reign of the great wave of deaths which was the Fourteenth-century New Dark Age.

The error in President de Gaulle's assumptions in his time, was his failure to take into account the crucial historical importance of the failure of European civilization, as contrasted with the historic role of our United States, the same error he made in underestimating the crucial role of the American Revolution in world history up to the present moment.

Charlemagne Had Been Crucial

With the great economic system, the true civilization, and great internal hydraulic systems of central Europe (i.e., what are presently known as the separate nations of France and Germany at that time), when Charlemagne died European civilization had been collapsed. Continental Europe collapsed into the effects of a bestiality which became the decline into the Crusader system. A Crusader system which led into the succession of a "Black Death" could be prophetic if the "green" option were to prevail.

Next there came, decades later, a gradually accelerating recovery from about the time of the early decades leading into the Great Ecumenical Council of Florence, out of the emergence of the centuries-delayed revival of some elements of Charlemagne's distant memory. This renaissance led into the rise of the great statesman of a reborn France under the memory of the great Jeanne d'Arc, her heir, the Louis XI who emerged as a great, briefly reigning political-economic instrument of an emergent modern civilization.

But, then came the resurgence of the House of Habsburg's invasion of the royal bedrooms of the Iberian Peninsula and the great religious warfare throughout Europe over the 1492-1648 interval. Warfare between France and Germany, aggravated by England's Henry VIII, became a crucial part of the means by which the legacy of the ancient Roman Empire has been maintained as an imperialist trick of division of Europe, by means of which what had been one form or another of the Roman empire, were perpetuated to rule and ruin the nations of Europe and beyond.

Then came the rise to power in Britain of the New Venetian Party whose power was centered in the financier center of the Netherlands where the lying scoundrel Rene Descartes and his successor William of Orange established his new empire through the sheer silliness of France's Louis XIV and XV, and William's invasion of the British Isles. By the 1763 Peace of Paris, the British empire had become established as the heritage of the new, world Roman Empire, the British Empire of the heirs of Lord Shelburne, up to the present days of ruin of the trans-Atlantic world.

With modern history now to be read against that summarized historical background, the following must be considered.

The American Option

Nicholas of Cusa's design had established the roots of a modern civilization at a relatively safe distance from "old Europe," exactly as Nicholas of Cusa was the first to recognize the failure inherent in an "Old Europe" far too close to the legacy of the succession of Roman empires. That problem has persisted up to the present time; it is the influence of "Old Europe," that hand of decadence which has cursed Europe and also the Americas to the present day.

So, the criticism to be made of President de Gaulle's vision of France's true roots of nationhood, was justified prior to the maturity of his Fifth Republic mission, more less, in some degree, as the implications of a true history of European civilization. He had, however briefly, rightly sought and desired the quality of a Europe which he shared as a bold and noble intention with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The intention of the de Gaulle of the Fifth Republic and Konrad Adenauer was betrayed by the British imperial influence. There were British lackeys in the mold of France's President Mitterrand. There were British interests who gained power over the United States through the work of the assassins of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and John's brother Robert.

For such reasons, as long as President Kennedy had lived, the cooperation between de Gaulle's France and Adenauer had been a blessed moment, but, unfortunately, that was to give way to victory of the British empire over the continent of Europe with the assassination of President Kennedy, which wrecked De Gaulle's intention, and which, in turn destroyed the fixed-exchange-rate which had been established by President Franklin Roosevelt. So, precious, blessed moments had come and passed, until today's hope of a return to the Franklin Roosevelt legacy for which the world is still waiting, now.

France's long failure, earlier, since the death of Louis XI, to recognize the legacy of Charlemagne's peace of the region which Charlemagne had erected against the evil tradition of the Second Roman empire, has been key to a competent understanding France's failures to continue to realize what President de Gaulle of the Fifth Republic would seek to bring about, thus to bring about the goal intrinsic to Charlemagne's effort to destroy the evil tradition of the Roman Empire.

On this account, France's failure since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is to be blamed on, principally two factors. One fault is to be blamed on the successful British interest's success in exploiting the assassination of President Kennedy. The other, has been France's own failure since the assassination of President Kennedy, the failure to recognize the way in which the British empire has maintained the role of the Roman empire of "divide and conquer," the development which is key to understanding the assassination of President Kennedy, and also the assassination of a Robert Kennedy about to become the new U.S. President.

Thus, what might have been considered, mistakenly, as de Gaulle's failure, might be fairly said prior to President de Gaulle's role under the Fifth Republic, but not as the de Gaulle of the Fifth Republic until President Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The fault of a France prior to the Fifth Republic had been its softness toward the British and Habsburg versions of the Roman imperial tradition. France's frequent failure earlier than the Fifth Republic was its failure to understand the evil of the sundry expressions of the Roman empire up to the present date, especially France's folly in allying with the British form of manifestation of the Roman imperial tradition, and with the British use of conflicts between France and Germany for the advantage of the British imperial menace to them both.

The principle to be emphasized here, was France's frequently earlier failure, prior to the Fifth Republic and with the rise of the British asset Mitterrand, to recognize that the worst of the experience of France had always been the legacy of the Roman Empire's continuing to play that old role as under Rome's reincarnation as the old Venetian tyranny of monetarism, as the monetarism of the New Venetian Empire which marched into Britain and Ireland under the banner of William of Orange.

Europe's Curse

At the bottom, the failures of France itself, and that of Germany, too, must be attributed chiefly to the failure to recognize two cardinal facts of ancient through modern history. First, was the inherent evil of the method of the oligarchical system, as expressed by the existence of the oligarchical system typified by the Roman Empire and its successors; secondly, the failure of France and Germany to recognize, that it has been in more recent centuries, the folly of both of France and Germany to fail to understand their respective frequent betrayals of the legacy of Charlemagne.

The tragic failure of both France and Germany, among others, has been the failure to realize that the terrible mistake of both, has been their failure to recognize the meaning of Charlemagne's great reform, the reform of the notion of the sovereign nation-state which had been built, so brilliantly, on the foundation of the great design for a peace of the Mediterranean region, which Charlemagne and Haroun al-Raschid had crafted as their intention for as long as they had lived.

The truth about modern Europe, and its more honorable intentions, has often, thus, been buried under the crushing of the great ecumenical Council of Florence under the evil which was the legacy of a succession of Roman empires, from the likeness of Caesar Augustus, through the loss of western and central Europe's crushing of its former sovereignty under the brutish heel of the legacy of the succession of Roman Empires, from Caesar through the present British empire of the present moment under Elizabeth II. It must be remembered, that it was the "divide and conquer" of the system of Roman imperialist divide-and-rule under the almost global British imperial outgrowth of the ancient Roman empire and the legacy of the oligarchical principle, which crushed the intention of that President Charles de Gaulle to unite the common intention against the British imperial adversary of virtually all continental Europe.

Despite the systemic failure of France prior to the Fifth Republic, President de Gaulle had come to epitomize an intended practice which had become, in a significant respect, an appropriate modern successor of the principles of statecraft which the genius of Charlemagne had represented in an earlier time. Admittedly, those specific connections to Charlemagne had been lost, once again, with his death, and lost again, and again, in the rubble of what was to become Europe's Fourteenth-century, "old Venetian" New Dark Age. However, it was a folly also expressed even after the greatness of Louis XI, all these failures the expression of a continued Venetian depravity to be reborn once more as the "New Venetian Party" of both William of Orange, and, once more, the depravity of Leibniz's personally living enemy, Leibniz's bitter adversary, Abbe Antonio S. Conti, together with Conti's British "stand-in," the utterly degenerate Isaac Newton.

The special significance of the role of President de Gaulle for the purposes of this present report, is that western and central Europe have been, to a large degree, still largely the puppets of the British echo of the original Roman Empire, ever since the ouster of Germany's "dropped pilot," Chancellor Bismarck. For a virtual moment in Europe's history, until the assassination of the United States' President John F. Kennedy, France's President Charles de Gaulle had come close to being a participant in the role once exemplified by Charlemagne. With the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy, and, then, of his brother, prospective U.S. President Robert Kennedy, France had lost control of its own true sovereignty, to the reign of such British assets as that echo of Napoleon III, François Mitterrand.

That much said on the those indicative points of political history, now return to the subjects of science introduced in this report's opening two chapters.

Part One Here

Part Three Here

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